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Club, first thing Monday morning, announced the end of cooperation with Jos Luhukay. Time to slowly start regrouping but this is not going to happen, unless we get rid of this sick-for-success attitude that has led us not only to the struggle for survival instead of the “promised land” but occasionaly negates what we are (or at least, what we’re supposed to be) as a Club as well. In other news, we closed the season by conceding 5 goals from Wiesbaden, who had their farewell party, with us as guests of honor, before returning back to Liga 3…


Kauczinski & Stöver OUT – Luhukay & Rettig “IN”

Bomb exploded at the neighborhood this morning with Kauczinski/Stöver being “released” and Luhukay/Rettig (?) filling up for them until the end of the season. Nobody expected a move of such magnitude, remains only to be seen if this will be proven beneficiary for the Club or not, discussion just starting and will be around for a long time.