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A little more than we deserved 😉 (REVISITED)

Hell yeah! Another tricky escape, this time from Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena, thanks to an Allagui header (!), a minute or so after his entrance in the pitch 🙂 Surreal situation in the table, with FCSP having climbed to the outrageous 3rd place and already voices (ffs, get serious people 😂) about promotion being heard. Scum suggests composure and reminds that the distance until the magic number 40 has been reduced to 21 😎



A Bitter/Sweet Season Finale

Season finale at last. Started as super cool, somewhere in the middle we turned to kinda worried but still looking good, a little before the end we started counting points for the relegation zone sweatin’ our pants off and now in this final game we could lay our asses back at our couch and enjoy our beer while watching our beloved Sankt Pauli fuck up once again but this time without any sweat after having secured the stay in the second league, one matchday before.


Above all……Attitude

Debut game for Markus Kauczinski sitting on the Sankt Pauli bench. Our beloved Soridon was up for renovations (a freakin’ barbecue facility at last, right Greg??…Hahahahahahahahahaha). So anyway our joint was busy, so we visited our fellow comrades in the Athens Club , downtown, to watch the game together. Have to admit I’ve never been to their joint since a long time. Their new place in Locomotiva (moved upstairs before a huge flat screen TV)  is really exquisite I have to say. Not precisely what I’d say about the game though. Not good, not bad, it’s just that the attitude of some players seems a bit out of the team for a reason. Let me explain.


Job Done!

When a matchday happens to take place on Monday, the excitement has one more reason to be there loud. The game takes place on 21:15 which means that after a hard day’s work, I get to chill out with buddies drinking beers’n’stuff while our beloved SP crushes the hell out of the poor bastards who walked in Millerntor just like that thinking they could leave unscarred. Noooooo sir! The Scum gathered and what a pleasant view on our projector. Pitch black outside and so the bugger got to unleash its full color and quality. All looked great. An element missing to make the night a true success was a three pointer from SP. Of Course the boys in brown would not disappoint us.


Cough, cough, vrooom, vrooom, vrooooooooommmm!!!

Mission accomplished! Squad may experienced a few injection problems during the first half but as soon as the machine started running in the second, match turned into a Horror Show for MSV Duisburg and into one of the coolest season FCSP afternoons for us 🙂