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Sooo painful…

When you play at home, against an opponent within your abilities, your opponent is left down to 10 men after only 10′ of play and you’re failing not only to score but even to be just a little creative for the biggest part of the remaining match, then I suppose that you don’t have the right to complain in case you have to pay the price for it along the way. This is the story of yesterday’s match in a few words, more details below…



Cuckoo! Cuckoo!


Hmmm… Even though it has been a habbit referring to brown and white when discuss FCSP, this week’s dominant color looks to be red… But it’s not the artistic red stripes on the jersey we’re talking about, it’s the red color that our scruffs and ears have taken from the consecutive slaps since the beginning of the season. Somebody of course could (fairly) argue that as FCSP fans we’re used to get occasionally slapped but seems that too many of them are falling lately (it’s actually rainning ^^) and the situation seems to start getting out of hand…


Azzouzi out, Meggle Sports Director, Ewald Lienen in!


Sudden development tsunami in Hamburg! Yes, you heard right: Rachid Azzouzi has been released from his duties, Thomas Meggle has been promoted to Sports Director and…Ewald Lienen is the new Head Coach of FCSP! This not just a surprise, this is like the entire Sankt Pauli Cosmos is turning upside down! The only thing sure is that we have a brand new ball game and looks like that there are no intermediate scenarios this time, this is Death or Glory…


Squad Status: Online


Eventhough FCSP “failed” to leave with the 3-pointer from Paderborn, the first Frontzeck-era test should be considered as a success. Yesterday, we watched FCSP being finally a proper team in  the field against an opponent that for sure would kick our ass in majestic way 2 weeks ago and claiming the victory instead of trying to steal it. Yes, the overall result is good – we deserved win here – even beloved Deniz Naki’s equalizer will be kept as a sweet and (very) sentimantal moment to remember…