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Partizan Minsk on tour

Posted: February 25, 2013 by St. John in Other...
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Friends on tour

Partizan minsk main

From 15 through 23 March, Partizan Minsk (Squad, Club management and fans) will be in Germany for some friendly matches against German teams including FC St. Pauli in order to introduce themselves. Here is the original tour promo taken from their blog in both English and Greek language…


Athens Ultras proudly exhibiting a captured flag of the enemy BEFORE final defeat 🙂

Oh yeah! Despite the merciless Sun Attack and a few other football related activities going on, all interested parties were there! Two of the most unique teams of the country, the loyal hardcode fan base  from both sides sitting side by side (or mixed in certain occasions), people generally interested in real football (among them a few fans from abroad), more or less all the ingredients for something good were in place and the 3-4 hours spent in Alepotrypa justified the expactations for good. This WAS indeed one of the BIG games of the season 🙂


Seems that June will be a HOT football month! And if, when thinking football in June, you think Euro 2012, you are comletely off topic! Screw EURO 2012 and the commercial nationalistic bullshit that goes along! We have the real thing going on this month…

Fortunately, it will take place in our neigborhood 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s only a single day event…