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Aaaaaarrrghhh!!! (Howls are over, welcome to human integration Homo Sapiens 😀 ) An excellent FC Sankt Pauli prevailed over Red Bull, putting an end to their winning streak (6 in a row, unbeatable since last November and until yesterday undefeated away from home), managing to stay in close distance from FCN and offering to all enemies of corporate football ( 😀 ) an evening to remember…


Drink this!


Yes, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Seems that the energy shit that our yesterday’s guests are named after and exist because of it isn’t much better than the respective “energy” liquid we were advertising last year. HUGE victory for the Boys in Brown, practically depriving Red “Modern Football” Bull from their primary target this season and (the most important) keeping us alive in the extermination race that’s currently going on and is expected to continue with undiminished intensity until the very last day of the season. The word “tough” is quite lenient in order to describe what expects us in the last 3 matchdays but with such commitment and passion we can go on hoping and play for all or nothing until the sweet or bitter end…