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Aaaaaarrrghhh!!! (Howls are over, welcome to human integration Homo Sapiens 😀 ) An excellent FC Sankt Pauli prevailed over Red Bull, putting an end to their winning streak (6 in a row, unbeatable since last November and until yesterday undefeated away from home), managing to stay in close distance from FCN and offering to all enemies of corporate football ( 😀 ) an evening to remember…


What the F… is going on???


 Yeah…So…what’s up there? All good? Yeah …thought so…Cos you know here things suck a bit. Well actually things suck a lot. Yes I know. We are Sankt Pauli maaan. We don’t give a fuck about results maaan. SP means a lot more than football maaan. Well fuck me bros…I know all that. We all know that. So I think I’ll skip the part where I brag about how we don’t care about shit and star from the part where we say that THIS MATCHDAY SUCKED!!!! WE SUCKED!!! It is not the fact that we lost. Losing is one thing. But this???? Come on man. This??? Hands down, pants down and going in with our asses exposed and waiting? No no no…No sir. This won’t go easy!