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About fuckin time… It took two match days for Luhukay to make the team working. Looks like he found the end of the rope and started working backwards. Stronger mid line and a fierce front line breaking any defense. Defense still needs working but nothing equal to the circus we’ve been watching for so long now…




Sunday match day against Regensburg. I’d say Sankt Pauli has gotten us a bit spoiled lately. And why not right? We’ve proven to be worthy of the high positions in the ranks. The winning attitude’n’all, so the least we’d expect out of such a game would be to see Sankt Pauli having the upper hand  and why not? Take the three points out of it. Got close enough to the second but seems that our inner demons won’t let us catch a break.


Somebody WAKE THEM UP!

Remember all the bullshit talk of the previous matchday about this game? Remember how we said that from now and on every game is a final for us and that we have to face every team with the appropriate heaviness? Remember how we said that if we won today we could leave relegation zone behind? Well all that was true and indeed IF we won this match day against Regensburg we would jump 10th with 40 points, right below Union. But noooo sir. Fuck all that. Sankt Pauli managed not only to fuck up, but also to deliver one of the most humiliating losses so far. Just read below!


Bitter Sweet


FCSP paid the simply indescribable entry to the game and ended up with a home 2-2 draw vs Jahn Regensburg, in a match that could end in better way but could aso have gone a lot worse. A full weekend, a full of emotions match but, as the picture above suggests in a metaphoric way, something is missing from the Millerntor… Read on one way or another, a lot of stuff in there this time 😉


To Hell and back in 2 minutes!

Well, well,well 🙂 Second straight at 90′, this time at home – FCSP prevailed over Jahn Regensburg after a staggering, towards the end, game and already feels quite comfortable, 8 pts over the relegation play-outs zone. Thinking that yesterday’s win was one of the rare times that after the final whistle blows, you feel the need to bow in front of the undisputed magic of the sport called football equally strong as the need to scream and shout for your victorious colors…but then again I think “Bullshit – if you were at the downside of the story, instead of talking crap about magic and stuff probably by now, you would have already cursed enough to make even the “holy” portraits at your nearby church (some 1km from here) fall from the walls”…but, let’s take things from the beginning 🙂


Unspeakable Horror!!!

“Look at them! They’re wearing FCSP t-shirts…but they’re looking weird…the way they move, the way they look… must be at least eleven of them and they are coming our way… wait a minute! These guys are not the FCSP squad – they actually look DEAD… and THEY’RE COMING FOR US!!! OH MY GOD!!! NOOOOO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”(chomp sounds follow…)