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Millerntor bash!

After a successful march against H$V scum (didn’t lose and in the end we could’ve scored), the next on the list would be poor Sandhausen. The team has showed great improvement and the coach finally seemed to be finding a solid base from which he could work his rotation every once on a while without destroying its core. We are finally finding secure steps in the field and at last, we are witnessing our beloved Sankt Pauli creating opportunities….Daaaamn…It feels good!!




Another game of utter mediocrity. Or that’s how we saw it at least. Sankt Pauli facing Sandhausen this time failed to step up and gain the three points despite our early opener. Better in most of the game but still unable to create offensively, despite some bright moments here and there. The lost penalty kick is no excuse. The problem is much bigger. Read below.


The kids are alright

source: © Witters

A decimated FCSP got the away draw on Monday night after a game that we deserved to get more of it. Alright, maybe an away draw is below our season standards but, considering our injury list and the flow of the game, it’s not bad, not bad at all. Providing that our injury jinx will not last match longer (hmmm…), seems at the moment that this squad is probably not able to hunt for promotion (something that we actually don’t really care about as Scum) but can guarantee to the fans a “relaxed” season (this sounds more significant ^^), away from the agony of 2014-15 and 2016-17 😉


Sooo painful…

When you play at home, against an opponent within your abilities, your opponent is left down to 10 men after only 10′ of play and you’re failing not only to score but even to be just a little creative for the biggest part of the remaining match, then I suppose that you don’t have the right to complain in case you have to pay the price for it along the way. This is the story of yesterday’s match in a few words, more details below…




The heavy fuckin rain that burst all of a sudden in Athens was a really bad omen for the game that was about to follow. Reaching Soridon I find Zouz outside smoking. After a short talk about his recent raid in Hamburg and a little of this and that, the game started. No one dared to predict the outcome and of course, everyone would be happy with a draw. The way the game unfurled though, wasn’t even listed upon our worst case scenarios.


The Boyz are back in Town!

Ok this is what I love about this team. Despite the whole ideology thing, which of course comes first, when it comes to the field, one who watches for long knows he can see the best and the worst. The best was about to find us this Saturday. After two matchdays of pure pain, it was time Sankt Pauli turned the page. Poor Sandhausen was the receiver of SP’s wrath. Dirty job but someone had to do it don’t you think?


South End Scum at Millerntor. The Game – The Trip!


This matchday was fuckin special for just one reason. The Scum went upstate. And by sayin upstate we mean Hamburg baby. Planned this for so long and really couldn’t wait for it. So this match report won’t be the usual style cos’ we got a lot to talk about. Things about the match but a lot more stuff besides the game. Take a deep breath and here we go…


Football is back!!!

Wir glauben an euch_e

Of course we’re talking about football in general and the chance to see again FCSP playing because what we watched yesterday, in terms of quality, simply wasn’t a triumph of football 🙂 A fair and square clean sheet draw, leaving both teams dissatisfied, after a match that was interesting only in it’s opening and closing quarters. OK, it’s really good to be back but fasten your seat belts because looks like there’s a hell of a ride coming up…