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Killer Instinct!

Inside Paderborn baby. Yeah!!! This is how we rock damn it. Not an easy match at all though. Paderborn was tough and threatened on many occasions. The winner attitude of FCSP though couldn’t not miss these three points. The Boys in Brown proved all the U-Turn chit-chat we were talking bout in the previous match game, to be true.





‘’We are Sankt Pauli damn it’’…’’Nothing can bring us down’’. These phrases kept on going mostly during the match. And this means one thing. Sankt Pauli sucked. Sucked big time. From the time we saw today’s line up, we felt that this wouldn’t go well. It felt so weird to see Choi up front and the team back in this 4 players in one line on defense. Assumptions about what Lienen wanted to achieve and blabbering about this and that (proved to be a last minute solution as Verhoek was injured and Thy was ill) but,…not even the most creative mind could foretell the measure of today’s disaster


Still Looking Good!!

The clouded weather and the moody-somehow it is going to rain- atmosphere outside, worked perfectly for our projector (at least for the first half). It was mid day (supposed to be sunny which kind of blurs the view, but nooooo sir) and we had a view of Benteler Arena as if the game was held during the night. With the proper big-choco (gigantic croissant) at hand, and the lust for SP spewing through the teeth between the big chunks I was bringing to it, I joined forces with Uncle Zouzounos and Saint John at Soridon for another typical Sankt Pauli mid day.




Disaster at Paderborn… FCSP was submitted to the superior (from every point of view) SC Paderborn 07, executed (as usual) by Mahir Saglik (yeah, the one that was not good enough for Schubert – this clown was there yesterday…analyzing the game) lost 3-0 EASY and, considering the league remaining schedule, put a premature end (unless Paderborn commits suicide) to the super-ambitious plan of promotion to Bundesliga… YSP are right. About time to get rid of the promotion stress, just support our squad and appreciate maybe the steps forward that have been made this season 😉


Fair and square…

Lucky streak is over. SC Paderborn 07 came, played simple football and with two well organized (and similar…a similar game actually) counter attacks managed to do what they failed to do last year, beating us on our own ground and putting us more or less back to a more “normal” place on the table. Unfortunately, Tschauner couldn’t provide the last moment solution this time and the match ended the way that probably should end last season: 1-2…


“Phi-lipp Tscha-uner Fuß-ball Gott!!!” (and some other kinky stuff from the Viertel!)

Being at Hamburg for FCSP always means excitement. But being at the Südkurve watching Tschauner scoring on 90′ to save the day for FCSP against SC Paderborn 07 and chilling out at the Jolly watching Bayern München EVAPORATING H$V in a single weekend is really more than the Scum bargained for 🙂


Squad Status: Online


Eventhough FCSP “failed” to leave with the 3-pointer from Paderborn, the first Frontzeck-era test should be considered as a success. Yesterday, we watched FCSP being finally a proper team in  the field against an opponent that for sure would kick our ass in majestic way 2 weeks ago and claiming the victory instead of trying to steal it. Yes, the overall result is good – we deserved win here – even beloved Deniz Naki’s equalizer will be kept as a sweet and (very) sentimantal moment to remember…