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Pfff…Yeh right!

Sunday the 29th and here we are again for the first match after the break. Lot of talking had been going all this time along and we all entered Soridon hoping to see at least one point in our pocket .  Not an easy job of course against Stuttgart but Sankt Pauli needs these points so much that makes us believe it.  After all, we’re the ones who went against odds a couple of years ago and managed to stay alive in the season when everyone considered us dead right? The killer of giants right???  All of a sudden I got the weird feeling that we couldn’t even kill a bug on our shoulder.



Strong Body – Bitter Aftertaste

First game of the season. Yep. Expectations were high enough even from day 1. Team had shown a really good face in the friendlies and we saw many players adapt to the team and perform well. VfB was a direct jump in the deep. Nothing can scare us of course cos we’re lions aren’t we? Stuttgart hey? Fuck , yeah. Bring it! A good gathering for this first matchday to our joint and all we had to do was wait for the first whistle of the game…


Fans can do a lot but (unfortunately) can’t do it all…

Hmmm… we may encounter a “slight” problem with this 🙂 (source:

Yeps… the USP along with all the other FCSP allied fan forces had a quite easy evening yesterday at the Mercedes Benz Arena. About 3000 people were sounding, all along the game, louder than the entire VfB Stuttgart curve, we enjoyed the whole repertoire of FCSP Glorious chants loud and clear, we even had some spectacular highlights like the pyro above (which is expected though to create some “minor headaches”).  To make it even better, the boys were dressed in the lucky ( 🙂 ) and Glorious 2005-6 outfit! Well, seems that all this additional help was not enough against a really serious opponent that is at least one level above us anyway… VfB Stuttgart kicked our asses Bundesliga-style in the first half, ran on “maintenance mode” during the second and ended the match with a comfortable 3-0 that easily could be worse. However, that wasn’t in any case problem for the fans that didn’t stop partying even on the way home… Well, fans can’t do it all but with a crowd like this and a LITTLE help from the team, the season can be easily secured 🙂