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End of the road, heads high!

The perfect Brown White Suicide yesterday evening at the Stadion an Der Alten Försterei, two top class blunders turned victory to defeat and signaled the end of a course in the Pokal that some of us hadn’t witnessed while we are around. This is football, this is life, mistakes cost, let’s keep the lessons learnt and move on 😎



Alright, title is not ours, it’s the reaction of Knolle (take it easy, calls himself like that at least a decade before Knoll 😁), an old pal from the Athens Club. Of course, draw seems a little dreadful (if you ask me, Union would be the last opponent that I would pick) but in this year of Brown White Madness, danger is a word that we don’t know. Suicidal Commando mission to the Alten Försterei then, to clear the path in view of our second and final visit 👊🏾☠️



source:, ©️ dpa

You reach the end of the game, being somehow 2-0 ahead. You then concede 2 goals in less than 2′ (85″!) but you still manage to win the game with a penalty on 94′. Monday evening stories of football madness someone could say. No my friend, at least no when you are an FCSP fan 😄



…and not because  Avevor was not in the starting eleven (not even in the bench). This was supposed to be the day everyone would see why I’m writing what I’m writing and why I am not so fond of him (Not the man himself of course…). Seeing the result and taking into account the previous, victorious matchdays, someone would easily assume that his absence defined our loss. So sorry to disappoint you fellas but NO. 40’ of an exquisite first half proved that wrong. All it took to get us to this shameful day was a criminally stupid 4 minute, team fuck up and a bad call from our coach. Read below…


Scottish Shower!


I guess it is not up to us yet to visit Hamburg and have the fun of both winning the game and spending quality time with friends. No doubts for the second. A trip to Hamburg is a guaranteed win situation man. Good friends, tons of alcohol and the proper atmosphere is what you need in your expeditions. Now as for the first, we can hope but never be sure, especially with the face our beloved Sankt Pauli shows in the field lately.



Saturday Matchday is combined with super fast running after work to the subway, hoping to make it to  the first train with no delay, aiming for a quick change on the second train and then running all the way from the station til Soridon where everyone awaits for the first whistle of the game hoping for the three points after two ties (Noooot!).