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Getting hungry 🙂

Well, well… The Boys in Brown stood their ground at Rewirpower-Stadion, staying at 1-1 with VfL Bochum after a really pleasant to watch game, passed with limited casualties probably the most difficult turn of the 1st round (this and Freiburg), made up for the ground lost vs Sandhausen and Union and now they are looking good quite good, having established their position in the group that is chasing promotion. OK Greg, this joke about staying focused towards the 40pts and securing the league has to end at some point – Ewald’s squad is made for more 🙂



Fabulous FCSP, almost there!

Of course there’s no serious philosophy when talking about the thinness of the line between Heaven and Hell but the experience of walking the line yourself is always a different thing, the same way your personal Hell seems always, for reasons that have to do with the way we grow up as human beings, much more Red and Hot comparing to the cauldron that the guy next to you is boiling into…As Sankt Pauli fans, we lived yesterday our own personal Inferno for a while, before the the Boys in Brown make an incredible comeback and sky rocket the entire Millerntor along with thousands of FCSP fans watching all around the globe, holding their breath throughout the game. Just one thing before we start shouting chants of redemption and joy – it’s not over yet…


So, there is life on Mars 🙂


Finally (some say that this is already happening from last week but we have a slight disagreement here 🙂 ), some signs of life from the brown/white squad! Gutsy appearance by FCSP at the Rewirpower Stadion, with 3 goals and 3 times at the lead vs VfL Bochum! Unfortunately, these 3 goals were not enough to secure us the so-hardly-wanted 3 points, leaving us with a draw that doesn’t look really good in combination with the other results but if we keep on fighting this way (and stop of course, collecting 3 goals per match!), there’s probably light at the end of the tunnel 😉


The Duet from Hell!

Thanks to an incredible performance by this little devil Marc Rzatkowski (playing against the club that he belonged to until 47 days ago!), 2 goals by Dutch commando John Verhoek and 15 mins that reminded older and glorious seasons, FCSP escaped with a draw from Bochum, getting actually slightly more than we deserved vs local VfL (Booo!) 🙂


The return of the DOM Defense…

(The saga continues!)

Another quite spicy title for the report could be “having fun with the Jackass Scum Admin” since the above words of wisdom are coming straight from the conclusion of last week’s match report titled: Job Done! Liga 2 secured! Happy Scummy People!” (Yes!!!). The, usually wiser than the Scum, reader could easily say “Fuck off lads, squad has better things to do than performing group therapies, reading your weekly match reports!”. Fair enough, the only problem is that some of these guys didn’t miss only the Scum report but they failed to take a quick look to the Liga 2 table or even listening when coach Frontzeck was talking (was he?) about their next opponent… It’s the only way to explain the fact that this young, talented and promising squad (talented not only in the field but, some of them proven, more than once during this season, extremely skilled in the use of social media as well), went and collected 3 goals from a squad that had scored before yesterday’s game only at 11 out of 29 league games and have every (sick like us!) FCSP fan nailed tomorrow in front of a TV, radio or computer, hoping that Energie Cottbus will do against Dynamo Dresden what they failed to do last week against VfL Bochum… Welcome to the magic of the (new) FC Sankt Pauli…



Shit! (source:

There’s a Greek proverb saying “το έξυπνο  πουλί από τη μύτη πιάνεται”… Literaly this is translated as “You can always grab the smart bird from the nose” but this doesn’t seem to make any fucking sense 🙂 The actual meaning (more or less) is that when you feel over-confident about yourself  in certain situations, you ‘ll probably end up screwed up. This seems quite the case regarding yesterday’s mini-blunder vs VfL Bochum, a supposed 3-pointer that ended up as a slightly painful draw… The Scum says “no problem” – this squad learned somehow to play football – getting smart in the field is the next step – sooner or later we’ll get there 🙂