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Antira_GalleryA HOT weekend coming up at the neigborhood with two spectacular events taking place concurrently! To begin with, we have the 8th Antira Tournament,  organized by Fanladen St. Pauli, with more than 35 fan groups from 18 countries (including Greece) this year. And, if this is not enough for you, there’s also the 4th Millerntor Gallery, coorganized by Viva Con Aqua and FCSP with 3 days of art, workshops and fun, all of them for the noble cause of clean water. Seems that season is not over yet 🙂


A train full of FCSP magic 🙂


After being an entire month in Hamburg on February/March and following FCSP everywhere the brown white squad travelled (a lifetime experience overall) I was quite sure that I had already seen what was there for me to be seen this season and my first ever Sonderzug was looking more like a way to somehow recall this incredible month and say goodbye to all good friends for this season. Couldn’t be more wrong (why not surprised?) here… the 15-wagon dinosaur proved to be one of the finest experiences I ever had with FCSP and all these days in general an invaluable entry in the FCSP memory book 🙂 About the game? We should limit as long as possible references to match and football here – it would really spoil a good report…