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OK, this must have been a kick-ass weekend all around, St. Paulinista tournament by FC St. Pauli Fanclub Catalunya in Barcelona, Antira 2019 by Yorkshire St. Pauli in Leeds, Sankt Pauli Athens Club 12th anniversary gig in Athens. OK, we can’t be everywhere but we managed to be in the two latter ones, let’s see what’s happened, starting by the YSP Antira 😎🏴‍☠️


…and they lived happily ever after 🙂

Important note: the following had been already completed in terms of text before today’s news break out, has been intentionally left in its original form, too complex to rewrite the end, let it be a witness of our yesterday’s agonies about “tomorrow” 😀

End of the road in real style for both squad and fanbase 🙂 Big performance inside, big party with more than 4.500 brown white wackos participating on the terraces, insanity at its best 😀 Absolutely deserved ending for one of the most soul exhausting seasons that we have lived the past years, comparable only with the 2014-15 drama and a weekend to remember smiling in the years to come. For anybody interested in numbers, we won 1-3 🙂


The Rookie feeling

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you ;-) )

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you 😉 )

Dreamlike season closing for FCSP in an afternoon full of football, feelings, vindication and farewell with the Boys in Brown thanking with actions the sold out Millerntor for the season support by winning big time FCK and keeping the crowd for sometime after the end of the match applausing them for a decent and hard working season. Dreamlike weekend also for the Scum ambassador in HH for the game (my sorry ass) who, despite having already by now a quite satisfactory amount of Hamburg flying hours (not talking planes here) in his record, felt again in a few occasions the magic feeling that only someone who arrives for the first time in Sankt Pauli and realises exactly where he has come to can experience 🙂


Interviews: Meet Yorkshire St. Pauli!

Posted: January 20, 2014 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Interviews
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YSP logo

Winterbreak, time has come once more for the “traditional” interview with another FCSP Fan Club around the globe. This time we’re back with a “special” issue! Why “special”? Because Yorkshire St. Pauli IS a special Fan Club. A club, almost coeval with the lazy Scum bastards, which managed, in less than 3 years, to become one of the more unique (in terms of attitude, away from any type of club “stereotypes”), active, massive and respected (to those “involved”) Fan Club. We, as Scum, know it just fine, we already have our YSP membership 🙂 In case you don’t, have a look at the following interview (kindly and patiently answered by Scott – thanks mate!) to find out for yourselves!