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Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – Grasshoppers Zürich 1-1

Posted: January 28, 2012 by Zouz in 2012

Last test in a cold and empty Millerntor…

Under a frozen sky (-8 degrees!) and in front of an unusually small crowd (6453 tickets), FC Sankt Pauli hosted Grasshoppers Zürich for a game that finally ended in a 1-1 draw…


Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – 1899 Hoffenheim 1-2

Posted: January 15, 2012 by Zouz in 2012

The return of Stani… and Zabrano!

Foto: WITTERS/Witters Sport-Presse-Fotos

In front of 14000 fans (13856 tickets) Coach Stanislawski returned in Millerntor for the first friendly of the year between FC Sankt Pauli and SAP AG…eeeh…1899 Hoffenheim (sorry about that!). Final score 1-2 in a match which we cannot say much about since, due to the lack of TV coverage, the only information we have comes from a live ticker…

More or less we were a better team during the first half until we got behind on 36′ due to an unlucky penalty (Salihovic). Managed to equalize though on 43′ with Schindler. The match was more or less fucked up in the second half due to the massive substitutions until 86′ when, at a point that no one expected, Babel killed Bene (seriously couldn’t do anything!)  and ended the match…

Stani’s returned was not the only one though… Our Peruvian Super Defender Carlos Zambrano was today at the starting eleven for the first time since December 2010, recovering from an injury so serious it almost ended his career. Can’t say much about how good he played but we think that nobody cares. What really matters is that the guy is back, as strong as before (we hope) in a period that he will be very needed. Let’s also hope that he will also make the difference in our defense during the promotion race to come… Welcome back man!

OFF THE PRESS 17/1: Thanks to Zaungäste we have highlights in adventurous amateur format – enjoy 🙂