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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

Mediocre but still better than shit…

And of course no one expected anything more. After a barrage of bad results and the team literally looking like shit, Kauczinski was sacked and Luhukay took over. New coach only 6 games before the season finale. Some say it was a dum move, others said that it was about time, but most (myself included) still believe that there’s a lot more behind it than what we actually know. Anyway, the team had a home game this Sunday so we all gathered under a cloudy Spring Sunday midday more curious than ever to see how this would evolve.

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Kauczinski & Stöver OUT – Luhukay & Rettig “IN”

Bomb exploded at the neighborhood this morning with Kauczinski/Stöver being “released” and Luhukay/Rettig (?) filling up for them until the end of the season. Nobody expected a move of such magnitude, remains only to be seen if this will be proven beneficiary for the Club or not, discussion just starting and will be around for a long time.

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Runnin’ outta gas…

Nope! This is definitely not the team we knew before the H$V game. We were supposed to be making a U-turn to the series of bad results getting us back in track.  The game with Duisburg should have been the one but after the disappointing tie, everyone believed this one would make a difference. Didn’t happen. In fact this one proved, we’re even bigger circus than what we thought we were! Looks like the little black spots we’ve spotted really early in the season, now make their presence known.

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“Nothing” CAN be alright sometimes

Pale 0-0 in Millerntor against a team that still sits under relegation zone. Sounds really bad but only considering the teams’ positions in the table (we’ll probably remain 4th after the end of matchday, MSV 17th, beyond the relegation zone) and…any promotion aspirations that source out of these (get serious, if happens we’ll first have Union  to thank). When the toxicity that created atmospheric alerts in the area around Millerntor gets into the equation, the actual outcome can be different…

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Houston, we have a problem…

In fact, we have two of them: a) a squad, that a couple of weeks ago was supposedly hunting for promotion, getting humiliated and eventually spared by a squad that is currently fighting for survival and b) people in the brown white block whistling and throwing beer to the squad after full time… Aye, not to forget, you also have suddenly good numbers of people (at least in the SM) asking for…Kauczinski to be sacked… Sad times, if you ask me…

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This is the aftertaste of such a trip. On one hand you have the friends, the shots, the beers and all the atmosphere you get when visiting Sankt Pauli and on the other you have all the shit that took place in the field being a big black stain to the entire trip.

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Killer Instinct!

Inside Paderborn baby. Yeah!!! This is how we rock damn it. Not an easy match at all though. Paderborn was tough and threatened on many occasions. The winner attitude of FCSP though couldn’t not miss these three points. The Boys in Brown proved all the U-Turn chit-chat we were talking bout in the previous match game, to be true.

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The Boys Are Back in Town

We so much needed this damn it. Not only to keep us high in the ranks, but also to bring our moral back to where it was right before the winter break. The latest results where bad enough for us and this game against Ingolstadt (two former FCSP players on basic 11) was an opportunity for a big U-turn.

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