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FCSP amateur departments: Chess

Posted: February 22, 2017 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Interviews, Chess
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Scum FCSP amateur department tour is back with a vengeance! This time strength, speed and stamina make space for other virtues like analytical thinking and the ability to play mind games while the usually noisy atmosphere of the pitch surroundings give its place to the (deadly sometimes ^^) silence of the Clubheim. However, in case any of you thinks that excitement and passion don’t live here, you should better think again and think about it good. Ladies and gentlemen, your warmest applause please for the boys and girls of FCSP Chess 😉

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Our Game!

Yeh! That’s right. Our fuckin game. From the beginning to the end it was Sankt Pauli all the way.  I guess though that in such games , the law of football is strict even for the ones who deserve 3 points 100%. Miss the obvious and thy shall receive. That’s how it goes. Arminia was nowhere in the field and yet they got one point. Bollocks.   Soridon once again after two weeks of my sorry ass not being able to make it.  Game started!

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6 Jahre Derbysieger, Hamburg Belongs To Me!!!

Posted: February 16, 2017 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in All the rest..., Scum funny / jerky stuff, Scum Sounds

This is our humble (bollocks, we think that kicks ass 😀 ) contribution to the Derbysieger anniversary. You are advised to play it loud and play it until the very end. Have fun, enjoy the anniversary and never forget that FC Sankt Pauli is much much more, even when it comes to moments like this 🙂

Happy Derbysieger Anniversary!

Sincerely Yours

The South End Scum Crew, 16/2/17

The Boys Are Back!

OK, the title of this initially supposed to be ” Up Yours Dresden!” or something like this to make a good follow up to last week’s “Up Yours EBS!” post but couldn’t find an equally pathetic picture with guys in yellow this week, so this comeback thing sounds really good and actually fits just fine to the Boys in Brown who managed to have…an easy afternoon (ffs! 🙂 ) vs Dynamo, blew them easily away with 2-0 and let everybody know that nothing is over until it’s over and we’re back for business here 🙂

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Up yours EBS!!!


Just look at their sorry asses! This is how defeat looks like! Of course somone could aptly observe that this look reminds us the look of the Boys in Brown after full time during the majority of the season so far but this is not the issue here 😀 The issue here is that the (already considered doomed by almost anybody except us, the fans) Boys in Brown made a first class funeral for the ambitious and always disgusting Braunschweig, precipitating these bastards from the top and taking the breath of air that we were so hardly gasping for! Priceless victory, priceless trip, remains only to be seen if squad has more like this in store 🙂

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Pfff…Yeh right!

Sunday the 29th and here we are again for the first match after the break. Lot of talking had been going all this time along and we all entered Soridon hoping to see at least one point in our pocket .  Not an easy job of course against Stuttgart but Sankt Pauli needs these points so much that makes us believe it.  After all, we’re the ones who went against odds a couple of years ago and managed to stay alive in the season when everyone considered us dead right? The killer of giants right???  All of a sudden I got the weird feeling that we couldn’t even kill a bug on our shoulder.

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The squad is totally alive! This has been seen in recent games. We believe in ourselves and will do our utmost to leave behind at least two teams behind us. I’m sure we’ll play a much better round than the first round. How much better it will be, we will see it then…

Sören Gonther 17/12/16

Of course, it would be much better if the statement above had been certified with the, so hardly needed yesterday, victory, squad’s attitude during these 3 weeks of December is nevertheless enough proof that (finally) the Boys in Brown have started sharing the common (at least here) belief that, yes, we’re much better than the shit extravaganza that we have managed to present during almost the entire 1st round…

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Big Balls bro…Big Balls!!

The Coach waving his keys for luck in a corner kick (source:

The Coach waving his keys for luck in a corner kick (source:

The day looked promising. Something in the air I don’t know. But the fact is that getting out of home this Sunday morning it kind of felt like victory. Arriving at Soridon it was good enough to see that beside the usual Scum suspects we would have two friends from the Athens club, watching the game with us. The aura was getting bigger and it got even more big with the Scum Hoodies we brought to the joint. The aura, the laughs and the memories this game brought  in mind (in the same field, with the same team, back in 2010 which was the year we earned our promotion up to Bundesliga, we crushed those bastards  with four goals from Naki, Ebbers,Takyi and Hennings) , plus…the situation we are in, made our perspective to the game pretty simple. Three points or no one leaves this place!

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