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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

Finally…some football!!!

Ok, that was quick! Remember the circus we saw two weeks ago? The SGF game? Or even one week ago in the DFB-Pokal against the bozos of Lübeck. Nothing like that here. 180 degrees route change I tell ya! Serious in defense and aggressive. Following game plan and strategies. The game was literally lost in tiny details we need to work on!

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Scum views: AM 29.08, (M)EIN VEREIN – our humble contribution…

Posted: August 15, 2019 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Other stuff
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This one, scheduled for August 29th, comes to deal with the biggest, at least the way we see it, problem of “modern” FCSP, where exactly we draw the commercial line in order to be compatible with the values that define the Club that all of us identify with. Desire to participate here is huge but a) we don’t have the ability to do the trip in such a short notice and b) even if we had it, none of us is fluent at a level of being able not only to observe but to participate as well in such a conversation. However our need to have our say on this, even if nobody listens, is such that we decided to write down a few lines, explaining in brief how we see this from our point of view, publish them and make our Fanladen aware of them, this is the best that our really small reach allows us to do…

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In the end…it was simply Lübeck!!!

Exactly what the title says. It was just lousy Lübeck man. Having to endure xtra 30 minutes and penalty shootout to overcome the BEAST (Ooooohahahahaha) called VfB Lübeck??? No no no…Something is going horribly wrong here! The Greuther Fürth game was not good. Heavy loss in Millerntor that brought forth really early in the season problems to our team that shouldn’t be there, considering the fact that we had a whole summer break to be prepared for it. The first DFB Pokal round was against the hated Lübeck Scum and was a really good opportunity to gain lost ground in self-confidence and moral. Seeing the result and taking under consideration that these bastards are a Regionalliga Nord team….I dunno how much ground we covered…

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Do your job (and fast) or fuck off

The raised fist of the Captain, on his way to the hospital (broken fibula, torn ligaments, this is fuckin’ serious) while applauded by the entire Millerntor, is the message that each one of us should clearly listen in view of the new season. Stay strong and support the squad, through thick or thin. All the rest, including a justification for the title, follow below – read on…

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A tie for starters – Not Bad!

It has begun yo! The bets are on. Speculations’n’all  coming and going but mostly, this excitement before every match day, was sooo missed. The heavy clouds surrounding the game after our head coach’s recent statements (we’ll get to that later) kind of crippled the fun of it all as it got us thinking. We managed though to make it work especially after the good result (c’mon man…a tie for the opening game is considered good!) and the cake that followed. Read below!

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FCSP amateur departments: Rugby

Posted: July 4, 2019 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Interviews, Rugby
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It’s been some time but, if anyone thinks that we quit, is seriously mistaken 😉 Scum Amateur department tour is back, this time with one of our oldest (and actually most successful) departments, going back to 1933. We wanted to do this for sometime, tried a few years back but something died (not sure what) along the process, 2nd time was more successful, we’re delighted to (finally) present to you FCSP Rugby 😎

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Shite but who cares?

The small treats of late June, a few days before my sorry ass gets back in Greece to see the crew for Summer and do some strategic planning for the forthcoming season (🥃🍻🦎), nothing happening in breezy (comparing to the rest of Europe including UK) Leeds and suddenly there you have it. Test vs FC Teutonia 05 live on the Club website, this could be interesting 😎

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