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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

Almost there baby!

Typical Saturday match day for Sankt Pauli. Standards are high now and we expected nothing less than what we saw. Maybe some of us had higher expectations than a tie but then again…with a first half of complete Sankt Pauli domination and a second one of shared opportunities and goals, we’d say that everyone got satisfied in the end. One point is better than none and we’re still high In the ranks.

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This is how it’s done!

I feeeeeeeeeeel good!!!!! That’s what James Brown said and actually this is how this last matchday felt. Having settled in the first three ranks in die Zweite Liga and flirting with the first place kind of makes it happily awkward as by this time the previous seasons it was quite the opposite. An undoubted victory against Arminia which of course couldn’t be left stainless as freakin’ cops held back 250 of our fans for 6 hours (we’ll get to that later). Anyway, our beloved Sankt Pauli is first in the league (the Köln-H$V game hasn’t yet take place) and it all looks sooo nice.

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Just a tiny scratch!

OK, at the end of the day…nobody died. Great game man. Despite the result which could be considered a bad moment and a bad call, first half was ours and the second was split between the two teams with the luckiest eventually winning the three points. About time we witnessed some football from Sankt Pauli. Ball to the ground and direct passes creating opportunities through the entire game. With a bit more luck the result could be much, much different. As Uncle Zouz stated though, in our after game Skype-chat: “I’d rather lose 3 points now , being 4th in the ranks rather than in relegation zone”

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A little more than we deserved 😉 (REVISITED)

Hell yeah! Another tricky escape, this time from Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena, thanks to an Allagui header (!), a minute or so after his entrance in the pitch 🙂 Surreal situation in the table, with FCSP having climbed to the outrageous 3rd place and already voices (ffs, get serious people 😂) about promotion being heard. Scum suggests composure and reminds that the distance until the magic number 40 has been reduced to 21 😎

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Millerntor bash!

After a successful march against H$V scum (didn’t lose and in the end we could’ve scored), the next on the list would be poor Sandhausen. The team has showed great improvement and the coach finally seemed to be finding a solid base from which he could work his rotation every once on a while without destroying its core. We are finally finding secure steps in the field and at last, we are witnessing our beloved Sankt Pauli creating opportunities….Daaaamn…It feels good!!

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Still the City Boss

…and in case somebody has any doubts, a look at their faces after full time whistle tells the whole story. FCSP got a draw and had the chances even to win the match in the end, in a game clearly less intense than the last one in there. Yeah, numbers say 72-28 possession for H$V but this superiority not only didn’t convert to real stress for us but we almost robbed the house in the end. Once more undefeated, once more clean sheet at Volksparkstadion, now you big (Dino) birds come over to Millerntor ^^

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A little more than we deserved 😉

Hmmm, this one was repeated last week, seems that we have a new victory dance ritual in place. In this sense, let’s hope that we’ll have to chance to post a 3rd copy of it, somewhere in the middle of next week 😉 Another last moment victory for the Boys in Brown against really dangerous SC Paderborn, this time with a little dose of luck admittedly. The perfect boost in view of the BIG one, coming up on Sunday, let’s have a look at what happened yesterday evening…

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Football fairytales… A bollocks game for 70′, then you have into the pitch the unluckiest guy that I can remember in the modern history of the Club. This guy, having not made an official appearance since May 31st 2017, scores out of the blue the winner on 82′ and turns the guest block and every place where Brown White maniacs are gathered into Hell… Welcome back Ryo Miyaich 🙂

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