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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

One Point but still…Our Game!

After the glorious H$V ass woopin, the Boys in Brown visited Wildparkstadion to show Karlsruhe how the others felt when their time had come to face the beast called Sankt Pauli. Hats off for KSC for standing their ground although we got to pick the moments in the game. Against a tight defense we managed to score no goal this time. The game though was ours. Our defense prevailed, showing great signs of improvement and our midline managed to dissolve KSC gameplan. They might have had ball possession but don’t let yourself get fooled here! We got to pick the shots!

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Last moment funeral service

Gehst du durch’s Viertel, Hörst’s jeden rufen,
Liest es auf Schildern, Wänden und auf Stufen,
Schwarz, weiß und blau, mag keine Sau,
FC Sankt Pauli, euer Supergau!


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It has become a routine hasn’t it? Another day at the office. Sankt Pauli dominated the field in Millerntor giving us another spectacular game to remember. Darmstadt was a worthy opponent…this much we can give em. But…C’mon….How would they win? How did they think they’d leave with at least one point? We are on the fast track nowadays. Taking advantage of two moments of sloppiness doesn’t actually secure the three points of victory. Especially when you are facing Sankt Pauli you bozzos. You should know better….Haha

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We are the wolves among the herd!!!

Yeeeeah baby! Sankt Pauli are the bad boys in the hood nowadays. The hoodlums. Comin at your town, bustin the opponent team’s teeth in, drinking all the booze at the local bar and returning home, holding the opponent banners upside down…What a game man! Is there a better way to end your week other than watching the terror in the opponent’s eyes after our Boys in Brown are done with them? Trainer Klauß’s frustration after his loss was a sight for sore eyes. Stop whining little one! Much more important people than you have shared the same fate and many more will….

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Sack Schultz, sack Oke, sack the board!

Yeah! It may ended up a little more adventurous than we would like but mission eventually accomplished. Victory over SVS, gap from the relegation zone increased and the most important thing, which derives not from our place in the table but rather from the attitude of this squad: we have stopped looking below us, head is high, gazing above. It’s looking good 😎

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Timo….What Demons have you created!!!

….and the funny thing is that there was a moment, Heidenheim believed they would leave with one point. I really feel sorry for them. You could see the sparkle in their eye after they scored the third. You could see the comfort they felt that at least they would leave the field with a draw. One point was better than none for them, the way the game unfolded…Oh how little they knew about Timo. His orders were clear. Noone leaves Voith-Arena unless we secure the three points of victory! And so it happened…

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Almost there!

No point for us this in matchday against Bochum who really showed their class and proved why they are second in the league. Did we stand our ground? You can bet your ass we did. Fierce fight against a  Bochum that never quit. Our bad luck though came reigning upon us. All it took was a moment of sloppiness to take away the spoils of draw. Can’t say we deserved that one point 100% but….without a shed of doubt I can say this: We may have lost but our chin stands higher than ever. Fuck Bochum! Ha

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