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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

…and they lived happily ever after 🙂

Important note: the following had been already completed in terms of text before today’s news break out, has been intentionally left in its original form, too complex to rewrite the end, let it be a witness of our yesterday’s agonies about “tomorrow” 😀

End of the road in real style for both squad and fanbase 🙂 Big performance inside, big party with more than 4.500 brown white wackos participating on the terraces, insanity at its best 😀 Absolutely deserved ending for one of the most soul exhausting seasons that we have lived the past years, comparable only with the 2014-15 drama and a weekend to remember smiling in the years to come. For anybody interested in numbers, we won 1-3 🙂

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While last match report of the season was getting slooowly finished (still some media missing, will be up sometime 😉 ), the news on social media regarding a special press conference at Millerntor broke out. Shit, already some “suspicions” had risen from Sunday (there was also a post on Liga-Zwei already from May 18th that we chose not to reproduce it…) but this was going to fast… Fortunately, the final outcome was slightly different than the one I initially feared…

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All for the fun of it now!

Ok, the previous matchday set things straight as far as we were concerned in the Liga. We’re staying for good in die zweite liga, and nothing can change that now. Team showed a whole different face in this second round, making this pre-last matchday really easy. No concern on wining points. Just a lust for good football. Gathering at Soridon drinking beers (coffee for some) and the typical chit chat before the first whistle. A great emotional pre-game moment with Rainer Wulff, the Stadium speaker, who started in September 1986, ending his carreer  after 31 good years of servitude.  Whishing the best for you mate.

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Finally home 🙂

The struggle for survival came yesterday evening finally to an end… The Boys in Brown closed the subject in true style, prevailing fair and square 1-2 over FCK, achieving their 5th consecutive win and climbing temporarily to… 7th place (FFS!). Big evening for Ewald’s insane brigade, proving that we should never been in such shit in the first place but giving us at the same time the luxury to sit back and relax (figure of speech, of course ^^) 2 weeks before the end and maybe start dealing with some of the interesting things currently happening in the big league above 😉

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Come get some!

Come get some motherfuckers. Do you feel fuckin strong? Come get some. Sankt Pauli, with the aid of Ewald Lienen and the almighty fan base never leaving their side no matter what, has transformed into a beast unmatched. A great deal of horror awaits anyone who dares to cross our path and what we were thinking of as a stressful procedure (first round ended with us havin headaches about how we’d remain in die ZweiteLiga, with so few points gained so far…), has started looking like a great festivity. Our Athens Club friends joined once again to repeat last game’s aura mix.  Everything seemed ideal and this time there was this thing in the air. How to explain. No stress man.  It took Ewald some time but damn it this looks so good. (Whiners rushing to blame it on Ewald on the first round…Suck this…hehe 🙂 )

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Who can stop this train?

No one could expect the outcome of this Friday’s matchday. Not in a million years. Soridon packed once again (including a small Athens Club delegation 🙂 ) and everyone hoped for our beloved club to earn the three points, even by stealing them if possible. But damn…Words cannot describe what  went on. Running under the sounds of rehearsals from local folk celebrations taking place just outside our door, the first whistle of the game sounded.

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Fick dich 3. Liga!

Yeah! This was I-N-T-E-N-S-E! Took 88′ of pain and agony but finally Buchtmann sliced the Gordian knot, gave us the deepest breath we had for a long time and sent all around the exact (and clear) message that you see above on a demo by the Scum Academy: “Fuck off 3. Liga, we’re too hard to chew and, most of all, we’re actually thinking about sticking around here” 😀

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Ooo  yeah baby…

Friday evening and Scum starts gathering at Soridon. The winning streak stopped after a defeat and a tie and everyone wanted to see our beloved Sankt Pauli back to winning games.  It was Nürnberg’s  time to fall under our blade. High hopes and looks like the planets aligned for this one.

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Sooo painful…

When you play at home, against an opponent within your abilities, your opponent is left down to 10 men after only 10′ of play and you’re failing not only to score but even to be just a little creative for the biggest part of the remaining match, then I suppose that you don’t have the right to complain in case you have to pay the price for it along the way. This is the story of yesterday’s match in a few words, more details below…

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