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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized


Ok can someone please tell me that this was just a nightmare? A bad dream that we had to endure? Seriously? This was Sankt Pauli? This is the football team that started so hopefully the first two match days? A game of utter incompetence and imbecility at some point, where literally NOTHING worked.

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Second match in a row that we suffer a staggering loss. The previous week was Union with a humiliating 4-1 in their field and now Köln, inside Millerntor, manages to leave with 3 points leaving us with a devastating 3-5 to work with. First assumptions would make every sense to be irrational, hasty and loud but before we start barking against everyone like a pack of rabid dogs, let’s read below what happened, cool down and walk into conclusions later.

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…and not because  Avevor was not in the starting eleven (not even in the bench). This was supposed to be the day everyone would see why I’m writing what I’m writing and why I am not so fond of him (Not the man himself of course…). Seeing the result and taking into account the previous, victorious matchdays, someone would easily assume that his absence defined our loss. So sorry to disappoint you fellas but NO. 40’ of an exquisite first half proved that wrong. All it took to get us to this shameful day was a criminally stupid 4 minute, team fuck up and a bad call from our coach. Read below…

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Earlier today, Philipp Heerwagen‘s transfer to FC Ingolstadt was announced, with a contract valid until the end of the season. This is a sad day for the Club (wanted to keep him), for us fans and in a way even for Philipp himself who probably had to make the hard choice between staying with the Club that he loves or finally having the chance to play, at least for a while, football before the end of his career. Saying that he will be missed is just not able to describe the feeling. In fact nobody will be missed as much as Philipp Heerwagen, considering the total time that spent playing with FCSP all these years…

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Business as usual

OK, under normal circumstances this should be full of things like “FFS”, 🤬, “&%^*%#@@)&$”, etc, etc. No. From now on and considering our excellent record (100% disqualification success against Liga 3 squads since the latest transformation of Liga 3 in 2008/9), we will start approaching 1st round DFB Pokal games as impossible missions or as friendly matches against clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona. So, yesterday FCSP almost touched the dream of quaification to the 2nd Round but unfortunately the momentum of the opponent and the overtime fatigue got the better of us. To the squad: heads up boys, one of these years we’re going to make it happen and the celebration that will take place it will be really unprecedented! Regarding the rest of us, let’s have a look at what happened yesterday, read on…

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This is Millerntor you fuckerzzz!!!

Ok what’s better than the situation as it is now? And I mean now. The view at the table shows clearly Sankt Pauli in the first place and Hamburg in the last. We can officially end the season now. Bahahaha…Ok let’s cut the crap.  A big meeting at Soridon as usual yesterday with the boys from The Athen Klub being there with us supporting with their vibe (Vasilis – the teacher feeding us potato chips with a special hot sauce to lift up our spirit) and all of us together witnessed another Match day of Sankt Pauli dominating their opponent inside Millerntor this time. Read below.

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Settin off on the right foot!!! Forza FCSP!


Ok lads. New season of Sankt Pauli started officially. Seemed like forever this time. We were so damn anxious to see our team perform once again. So many questions needed to be answered. Will the team be ready? Will any of our new players prove worthy? Will the coach prove worthy, considering the fact that in the previous season he didn’t get a fair chance to build on his strategy?  The new faces in the team’s roaster are Marvin Knoll, whom we got from Jahn Regensburg on the 1st of July, Ersin Zehir, Jakob Münzner and  Luis Coordes as internal changes and of course Mats Möller Daehli which is no new face to the team but so far he’s been playing as loan from Freiburg. From July 1st and up until June 2021 he is our lad. Too damn curious to see how these players would blend in to the team since the friendlies didn’t show much. Soridon was damn packed. The usual suspects (Scum crew and the Electrician, Herr Kostas) and the fellow comrades from Athens Klub. That, along with Zouz half dead from extended drinking in Glasgow but still eyes fixed upon the game,  were more than enough to give the positive vibes needed for this first match day.

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No conclusions, a good afternoon

Yeps boys and girls, holidays are over. The traditional season opener at Millerntor signaled the kick-off of the new season, fun is over, next week we play Liga. This year’s guest, the usual suspect after the partnership that nobody has understood its nature, Stoke City. Positive of the situation? Stoke City broadacsted the game, they’re offering free registration to their web TV channel (thumbs up for that!), meaning that we had the chance in the last moment to watch the game live 😉

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