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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

Not what we expected and yet…We had it coming!

We should be discussing right now bout how our team defeated Darmstadt and bout the next game and so on…But what we know better. It’s Sankt Pauli we’re talking here…Able to destroy the best and lose from the weakest. Darmstadt was second last in the ranks and yet…we couldn’t find a way to their nets. Instead….they did and left Millerntor with the three points of victory….Oh well. With the Choreo, supporting the Kurdish people in Rojava, standing proud in Millerntor and with the inner cleansing that took place (Good Riddance Cenk Sahin….no place for nationalist scum here)….i’d say that one didn’t hurt so much!

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Sunshine after the storm

Header title can be read in two ways: a) as a positive development following Thursday’s chaos (more on that later) or b) (the miost important) as an indication of the things to come when this squad gets over this injury disaster that has taken place during the last months, things look bright there as well 😎

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Fair and Square…

Tough game this one. Nürnberg seriously didn’t expect us to be such a pain in the ass. Leading the score and almost taking the game is definitely something they did not see coming. The truth is we’re on the fast track now and we are not allowed to let that momentum go. The game I’d say was kind of split between the two so a draw is the most fair it could get.

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Millerntor Hell…

Couldn’t wish for a better outcome than this. Rainy day in Millerntor and Sandhausen suffered a dominant Sankt Pauli that dictated the pace from minute one. Their goalkeeper is the only reason they left Millerntor with a descent 2-0 and not a humiliating 4-0 or even a 5-0. An unfair ass whoopin between a furious Sankt Pauli and an apparently weak Sandhausen whose only option was to endure the beating til the 90 minutes were over. The only time where bullying someone feels soooo good…..Hahaha…(Shame on us 🙂 🙂 )

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Still Best In Hamburg!

And it would be such a shame to fuck up, just one game after the glorious 2-0 against H$V. The tie wasn’t bad at all, considering the fact that Osnabrück had the opportunity to double and even triple their goals. We had our fair share of opportunities as well though so in the end…A tie seemed to be the most fair of them all…

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…and how can we not be suicidal when we let a game slip from our hands just like that? Leading the score by three until the first half hour and then on the last minute (Once again!!), fucking everything up by donating a goal to poor Dresden (fuckin nazi scumbags!!!). Better through the entire game but still…missing the winning element. Read below…

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