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About time…

A Friday night unlike the others. Ooh yes. Soridon was packed with Scum (sounds bad but in our case couldn’t be more awesome), and our friends from the Athens Club, all waiting to see our beloved Sankt Pauli crush those bastards from VfB Lübeck. (The shit those fuckers pulled at Schweinske cup back on 2012 will not be forgotten.)

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Having got lazy with the blog for a while and with AndyChristos (all the others are lazy bastards but this is not new😀 ) handling the opening section of the season, this looked like an excellent opportunity to get back in action, so a few minutes before kickoff, I said to him “Hey man, leave the match report to me, will be fun doing one, been a while”. Really??? Here’s your report Greg, you idiot, now start writing ^^

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Strong Body – Bitter Aftertaste

First game of the season. Yep. Expectations were high enough even from day 1. Team had shown a really good face in the friendlies and we saw many players adapt to the team and perform well. VfB was a direct jump in the deep. Nothing can scare us of course cos we’re lions aren’t we? Stuttgart hey? Fuck , yeah. Bring it! A good gathering for this first matchday to our joint and all we had to do was wait for the first whistle of the game…

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Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Sevilla 1-2

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No worries / A BIG “WELCOME”!

Foto: Witters (

Foto: Witters (

Oh it’s good to be back. Less that two weeks before the official season begins, the Scum gathered in Uncle Zouzounos’s lair to watch our beloved Sankt Pauli battle, against Sambaoli’s FC Sevilla. A game we didn’t expect so much off. Just wanted to see the new players perform and how they have blended in with the rest. Hedenstad, Avevor  and Bouhaddouz  are the ones that started in the basic 11. So here we are (at least some of us😉 ) standing before the TV along with the company of our HH friends, Hans and Mahu, awaiting for the new season.

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Big game, tough luck, fine experience :-) 


Having arrived in Hamburg for a “social occasion” (a.k.a. St. Pauli Skinheads 20th anniversary😀 ) got informed that FCSP Blind Football department has a full scheduled weekend in town. As a fan club here, we follow as much as we can the entire spectrum of our amateur departments and blind football happens to be one of our favorites, so there was not even a snowball in Hell chance that I would leave Hamburg without having watched at least one match…

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S.E.S Ball

It’s that time of the year again :-) New season gameplan out and strategic planning time for the brown white travelling junkies all around. One thing you should know is (<copy paste from last season section>) that, as usual, there are no specific dates/times at this point, it’s all conceptual at a match weekend level. This means that anybody who’s planning a trip at this stage should book at least from early Friday to early Tuesday (</copy paste from last season section>)

Tricky midweek matchdays: 6th (20./21.09.2016) and 27th (04./05.04.2017). Full FCSP schedule can be found directly below, have all a good season boys and girls! Now, back to Summer Slumber😀

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Somewhere in the middle of the vast Summer Footballless desert (unless you call football the apparent displays of arrogance and narcissism of people like Ibrah and CR7 that, fortunately for the viewer, have occasionaly started turning to humiliation extrvaganzas or the parallel racist/facist/<add yours> blood tournaments, taking place on the French streets or….eeeeh….

Right! We had our midnight, American Style and admitedly funny at some moments draw of this season’s DFB Pokal – and guess how the temperaturelessproof (😀 ) balls came out…

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The Rookie feeling

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you ;-) )

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you😉 )

Dreamlike season closing for FCSP in an afternoon full of football, feelings, vindication and farewell with the Boys in Brown thanking with actions the sold out Millerntor for the season support by winning big time FCK and keeping the crowd for sometime after the end of the match applausing them for a decent and hard working season. Dreamlike weekend also for the Scum ambassador in HH for the game (my sorry ass) who, despite having already by now a quite satisfactory amount of Hamburg flying hours (not talking planes here) in his record, felt again in a few occasions the magic feeling that only someone who arrives for the first time in Sankt Pauli and realises exactly where he has come to can experience🙂

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No Harm Done

Ok seriously it is all about the fun of it now. We got nothing to lose and mathematically we’re far from any 1st league pursuit. So why not enjoy the game, drink beers and expect nothing more than a game filled with Sankt Pauli? Yep. Sounds like a plan!

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