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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

Let’s use our brain for a change, shall we?

Unacceptable. As simple as that. You can’t beat a team like Frontzeck’s (yeh, yeh….remember that “gentleman”?) Kaiserslautern, you’re no good yourself. We were definitely better in every aspect. But that just won’t cut it! Defensively we suck big time, but that is not our only problem. Analysis to it though later. For now, just read below and witness how our beloved Sankt Pauli managed to lose the 3-pointer from this game…

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Still better than nothing!

source: © Witters

Damn it we had to win this. Seriously this was our game. So many chances gone to waste and almost got to the point where we could easily gain no point at all. We definitely looked confident. Ball down and the game play unfolded in a way that seemed organized and aggressive. It is just that the goal still wasn’t there. Is it the curse of Millerntor? Is it something missing from our final chances? Don’t know yet. Read below!

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Momentum breakdown

All we needed was to keep that momentum. Fortuna was no easy case here and we knew it. Three points could easily pop em up to the first place (which eventually they did) and so they would kill for them. All we needed to do was keep a tight line on defense and hope for a good counter attack or why not a good and well organized offense. In the end we were just happy to leave Fortuna’s field defeated but decent.

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Oooooh Yesh!!!

Now…who would have thought? Couple of weeks ago we were nagging about how Sankt Pauli was a sinking ship and so on, thinking of the outcome of the following games as they were supposed to be the hard ones and then…Sankt Pauli just proved everyone wrong by taking the giants down one at a time. Kiel entered Millerntor this time thinking that winning the three points would be an easy job. Right? Right??? Well, what they didn’t think about was their way back to Kiel with a sore ass.

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Yep…That’s more like it. The team seems to be leaving the bad results behind. First the tie with Nürnberg and now winning in such severe weather conditions against Ingolstadt. At last we saw St. Pauli playing with their minds, unfolding a game play based on pure strategy. Daaaamn it felt good…

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Not bad, not bad at all

source: © Witters

Once more without a victory in Millerntor but this time was different. Having thrown in the bin already a significant amount of points, a victory over FCN who has set already one foot in the Bundesliga and scores almost always and everywhere, would be something slightly exceeding expectations. We didn’t won but we made the something extra required by stopping them and creating at the same time the opportunities to actually win this. Are we happy? Hell, we are 🙂

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Brief farewell to a Brown White comrade…

Posted: February 5, 2018 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Other...

Since today morning we are poorer as Greek FCSP fan scene… Panos Diamantopoulos, one of the oldest members of the Athens Club and one of the oldest brown white comrades in general, left us unexpectedly this morning. Such times words and memorial speeches are cheap. Memories of shared experiences can wait for now, after all, things like our first ever trip to Hamburg some 9 years ago simply can’t go away. Wishes for courage and strength along with our deepest condolences to Nina (wife and also proud member of the Greek FCSP society), his entire family and to the brothers of the Athens Club…

Rest forever in peace brother, you will be missed…

Ooooh C’Moooooon!!

No words. Someone has to score here. C’mon people. Wake the fuck up. This can’t be how Sankt Pauli looks after the retouch (Kauczinski for Janßen). No no no. This can’t be serious. Sankt Pauli’s pirate ship has started taking water in. Got to pay attention before this situation goes way heavier and irreversible. Read below.

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