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Why the long face?

“If only we had scored one goal in those first 20 minutes”, or “If our defense held their ground in that first goal”, or “If their keeper was not in such a good day”….The ifs go on and on always ending in “…we would have witnessed a completely different game”. Maybe true, maybe not. What difference does it make? We lost man! We lost big time. It is not the loss itself but the volume it took in this 4-0. Hard pill to swallow but hey…The league is saved. We weren’t on the pursuit of any Aufstieg (let’s be realistic here). We are in the first 10 positions in the ranks and last but not least…..When did we give a fuck about results? We’re Sankt Pauli bro. Don’t forget!

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Bloodthirsty barbarians on the loose!!!


If only we had three more match days…We’d be calculating points in and out now…Counting chances for aufstieg. Aaaah…fuck it. That was never our goal anyways. Like comrade Zouz pointed out in the previous matchday…Everyone has the right to play a lousy game. Fortuna was our lousy game. This one was the aftermath! Greuther Fürth, second in the ranks and a team that doesn’t want to let one single point go to waste felt the might of Millerntor to their bones. Somewhat standing in the first half and their feet literally shaking in the second until we dropped them to their knees! Devastating and ruthless…these are the two words that describe Sankt Pauli’s behavior in the field nowadays. All the others simply have to go along!

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March or Die!

No, this is not a rallying call, this is the title from a 1992 Motörhead album. Why mentioned here? Because overall the album is total crap! What this has to do with us? Well, if Uncle Lem, God of Rock’N’Roll, was allowed such a monstrosity once, of course we’re allowed to have every now and then a crappy evening like yesterday. No damage done, not even our pride should be hurt (2-0 is a flattering score for yesterday 😄), let’s go over this as fast as we can and get on with our lives 😅

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Knock Knock!!!

Ok…Würzburg stood no chance. A team that sees Relegation as an inevitable outcome of their nonexistence in the field, came to Millerntor hoping to at least hold a clean sheet. Yeah right! One thing’s for sure….We could maybe be a bit less rough but…consider this as payback for the first round when despite the fact that you knew the game was getting cancelled you let us roam the city all day and let us know just two hours before the deadline. Really funny…I don’t see you laughing now! Stick that to your scull you bozos. You don’t mess with the Boys in Brown unless you are willing to take a beating!

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“Libera Te Tutemet Ex Inferis”

…and the ground trembled and the earth shook…The beating Aue received in this match day was more than relentless. Wave after wave after wave, Sankt Pauli dominated every inch of the field and kept hammering and hammering poor Aue until they could take no more. A message from them to our upcoming rivals could be “Save yourself from hell” (translation to the latin title…Go watch Event Horizon damn it)

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Eat this EBS!

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Last Monday home game, at least for a while (to be abolished from next season), without anyone inside to shout “Scheiß Montag”, with a hell of snow towards the end (augmented Hamburgerwetter) and a Sankt Pauli that did whatever they liked with EBS for the opening 40′ and spent the 2nd half in maintenance mode, playing around with their prey, like Sylvester playing with the corpse of Tweety (EBS outfit helped here). Not bad, not bad at all for weekday evening entertainment 😎

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