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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

Unbelievable! A win!

Two and a half months had to pass in order to finally achieve a victory in Millerntor. Even this one took 86′ and the weakest possible opponent in the league in order to do it but this eventually happened in such a beautiful way that let us for a while forget the grim reality of what we really are as a team and gave to the squad a big push, in the fight for what was supposed to be promotion and in real life is about avoiding relegation and disaster. Don’t get confused, this is a happy post 😎

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Where are you Sankt Pauli?

How can a team transform from one minute to the next? How can it change from a solid, promising and fearful opponent(us until the game against H$V), to a pathetic and tiiiiny little squad, unsure of its potential, crawling from field to field, being so bad, making a tie equal to victory? How can that happen during one night? Answers and assumptions after the game description…

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Red Alert!!!

A tie against Bochum, a 3-1 loss against Aue and this bloody barrage of bad results needed to stop today. The boys in brown though had a different opinion on the matter. One of the most boring games on our behalf against an already boring Hannover. We caused no threat to a team that was no threat themselves. No plan and no spirit on our behalf. Just stupid passing the ball around till the 90 minutes where over. Oh yeah I almost forgot. The goal on 7’ was more than enough for us to lose the game…..

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Sadness for Gabi, who will not be seen outside Domschänke anymore spreading positivity to everybody before (and even after) every crappy home matchday, sadness for the girl that during the last years gave around some free lessons on what means fighting until the end and laughing in the face of death…

Sadness also (even though it’s not even remotely comparable, life is bigger than football) for that thing trying to resemble to a team that appeared yesterday, sadness for the board (can’t be angry with them, it’s OUR board) and the unlucky choices that they have made, sadness also for this training magician who does nothing more at every post game press conference than describing what all of us have seen earlier, enriched by some “we have to work on…” crap…

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Another disappointing evening, with the Boys in Brown not only failing to do the job at home against a theoretically inferior squad but torturing all of us as well in the closing 20′ with their smear campaign against football 😅 The kind of evening at Millerntor that someone will forget really soon unless it’s combined with the first trip there…

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Any Scorers around?

The downhill, counting two losses in a row (third if we count the Pokal game against Eintracht), needed to stop. This home game was a good opportunity for us to start a new winning streak. Still…Two successful penalty kicks where just not enough for us to win the game. This started out as a joke but it got to the point where it started to get irritating. What is it with us not being able to score? Dominating a game and failing in sending the ball to the opponent’s nets?

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It was alright 😎

Yeah, it was alright, especially considering the way it started. An ambitious (for the squad, fans are still trying to comprehend how we made it to 2nd round) evening that started like a bloody nightmare but ended in a completely dignified manner, leaving almost everybody (we can’t really tell about Haupttribune, they were really fast clearing the area) satisfied, if not by the football, by the tremendous effort that the Boys in Brown put into the game, well done 😉

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