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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

FCSP IV 20220514 Sunshine

This is not about happened in the pitch, AndyChristos posted already the match report with the details, even though we knew that nobody cares about them 😅 This is about everything else, you will find inside stuff about what happened outside the pitch, the FCSP Women last moment do-or-die victory vs Werder II, the birthday present of FCSP IV to Bernie, Grindcore in Hamburg, other random stuff like COVID prevention policies in Hamburg and maybe some personal thoughts along the way 😎

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Legends – The Aftermath

A game without anxiety. Without any form of “MUST WIN” or any sort of ultimatum notes hovering in the air. Millerntor filled with Sankt Pauli fans and the Boys In Brown being in a really good mood, crushing Fortuna in this last matchday of the season. Traumspiel!!!

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It’s all over! Who cares? FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!

It’s done. Officially the pursuit of Αufstieg is over for us. One game before the end of the second round, we made sure we wouldn’t be promoted in the first league. A bitter after taste, if you consider the fact that with almost half of our roaster (lots of key players were out due to Covid) we gave Schalke all sorts of hell….Yeah I’d say we stood up pretty well. In the end…the better team won.

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<Cliche: insert Thees Uhlmann title here>

There are times where the crap we post here takes a little more as we try to find the proper words to describe the facts but there are also some (very rare, don’t remember last time exactly) occasions when we first need to find the courage to start looking for them. This is one of these days, let’s go…

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Fuck our luck….

When you have managed to let all the “easy” games slip from your hands, for different reasons each time, you end up chasing the big ones having no choice other than victory. Having our backs against the wall and with an opponent like Darmstadt we knew we had to give 101% of us in the game to earn those 3 points. Our bad luck came after us here and despite the fact that we were the better team, we ended up with no points in our pockets. Oh well…

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Arrogance -> Carelessness -> Punishment

It’s not what happened (an infertile 0-0 would have felt better), it’s the way it happened and when saying “the way” I don’t  mean conceding the goal in the last minute (this is football). This is not about bad luck, it’s about perception and behavior.

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