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Aside  —  Posted: October 30, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Uncategorized

No complaints

Reality check yesterday evening for the Boys in Brown. In front of 50.000 people (5.000 brown white) Köln made it look easy for them in the 2nd half, showing that they are at least one level above us overall, however we fought passionately, we never quit the game and we showed everyone that we didn’t go there only for the sake of the trip. Unfortunately, sometimes these are not enough, especially when you’re not in the top shape that you were supposed to be. No complaints overall, Boys in Brown play on, the rest read on.

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You reach the end of the game, being somehow 2-0 ahead. You then concede 2 goals in less than 2′ (85″!) but you still manage to win the game with a penalty on 94′. Monday evening stories of football madness someone could say. No my friend, at least no when you are an FCSP fan 😄

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Welcome ba…EAT THIS!

Back in business for 2019 but not in the best possible way. Neither luck nor the unbelievable incompetence of the assistant referee were able to save us yesterday against Darmstadt. Imagine a match where you manage to stay ahead until the closing 10′, you eventually lose it and everybody reacts like you were trailing from the beginning. That’s the story of yesterday’s 2-1, read on 😎

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What a season finale man…Really never thought it would end this way, but then again…Why not?  Magdeburg scumbags are barely alive and they thought Millerntor would be a U-Turn in their lousy game play? Well, Sankt Pauli is third in the ranks and trust me….This is not by chance. Magdeburg tasted what Millerntor looks like when it is angry. First half was kinda split but the second half was all bout Sankt Pauli beating the shit out of them. And, from what they pulled after the end of the game (laterzzz…), I believe they deserved more…

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End of round 1 with 31 😎

This will be a carefree 2nd round. FCSP completed the 1st on Saturday with a 2-0 victory over Greuther Fürth, reached 31 points (only 9 away from the magic 40 😆), guaranteeing us a remaining season free of high pressure pills, visits to the doctors and all weird stuff that happens when you’re flirting with disaster. The Boys in Brown did actually better than that. Seems that somehow we’re serious promotion play-off candidates, sharing the nomination with Union, 4 pts ahead of the remaining competition. No idea what will happen during the 2nd round but screw the future, these will be a fine Winter break 😎

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Yeah baby! Bring it On!!!

Forzaaaa SANKT PAULI….. A train that demolishes any obstacle is what we’ve become. A split first half where both teams proved worthy and a demolishing second half with Sankt Pauli proving their winner attitude, against Bochum, in a game where the odds were against us we left with the three points of victory in our pockets. Lacking players in the basic eleven, with Miyaichi and Kalla being called to fill in the gaps, Sankt Pauli proved that we are not high in the ranks just by accident. Read below.

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Acrophobia 😋

Alright. you Boys in Brown, you can open up your eyes again now, these two matchdays of agony are over – 6 pts from the top, 4 pts from the promotion play-offs place and with 4th place all ours, normality has been restored 😋 (A little more) seriously now, there’s some kind of phobia here but it’s not about fear of heights. It’s called lack of self confidence, it’s the thing that drives football squads crawling back in their holes for safety towards the end of games, only to get trapped in there and eventualy pay the price. FCSP 1 – SGD 1, almost like last week, next time will be better 😉

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Sunday match day against Regensburg. I’d say Sankt Pauli has gotten us a bit spoiled lately. And why not right? We’ve proven to be worthy of the high positions in the ranks. The winning attitude’n’all, so the least we’d expect out of such a game would be to see Sankt Pauli having the upper hand  and why not? Take the three points out of it. Got close enough to the second but seems that our inner demons won’t let us catch a break.

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