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If the first omens of a year could be the way to predict how it will go, we would be (and maybe we are anyway, hopefully not) already fucked… News of Mats Möller Daehli’s departure to…Genk came as a shock, at least to all of us that don’t live and work in and around Millerntor… Too early to know whens and hows, all that we know is that Mats, who had already plenty of options last Summer when he extended his contract, is leaving at his own request…


Where are you Sankt Pauli?

How can a team transform from one minute to the next? How can it change from a solid, promising and fearful opponent(us until the game against H$V), to a pathetic and tiiiiny little squad, unsure of its potential, crawling from field to field, being so bad, making a tie equal to victory? How can that happen during one night? Answers and assumptions after the game description…


Scum views: AM 29.08, (M)EIN VEREIN – our humble contribution…

Posted: August 15, 2019 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Other stuff
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This one, scheduled for August 29th, comes to deal with the biggest, at least the way we see it, problem of “modern” FCSP, where exactly we draw the commercial line in order to be compatible with the values that define the Club that all of us identify with. Desire to participate here is huge but a) we don’t have the ability to do the trip in such a short notice and b) even if we had it, none of us is fluent at a level of being able not only to observe but to participate as well in such a conversation. However our need to have our say on this, even if nobody listens, is such that we decided to write down a few lines, explaining in brief how we see this from our point of view, publish them and make our Fanladen aware of them, this is the best that our really small reach allows us to do…


FCSP amateur departments: Rugby

Posted: July 4, 2019 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Interviews, Rugby
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It’s been some time but, if anyone thinks that we quit, is seriously mistaken 😉 Scum Amateur department tour is back, this time with one of our oldest (and actually most successful) departments, going back to 1933. We wanted to do this for sometime, tried a few years back but something died (not sure what) along the process, 2nd time was more successful, we’re delighted to (finally) present to you FCSP Rugby 😎



S.E.S Ball

2019-20 schedule is out and it’s looking a lot like last season’s. “Derby” (according to the first talks here, seems like we will miss the home game, not a bad idea actually after last season 😅) a couple of weeks earlier than last year and a similar trip time Sonderzug. One thing you should know is (<copy paste from last season section>) that, as usual, there are no specific dates/times at this point, it’s all conceptual at a match weekend level. This means that anybody who’s planning a trip at this stage should book at least from early Friday to early Tuesday (</copy paste from last season section>). This does not apply to the last 2 matchdays (all games are on Sunday).

Brown white appointmens follow in detail below, start checking out, see each other along the way, sooner or later 😉



OK, this must have been a kick-ass weekend all around, St. Paulinista tournament by FC St. Pauli Fanclub Catalunya in Barcelona, Antira 2019 by Yorkshire St. Pauli in Leeds, Sankt Pauli Athens Club 12th anniversary gig in Athens. OK, we can’t be everywhere but we managed to be in the two latter ones, let’s see what’s happened, starting by the YSP Antira 😎🏴‍☠️



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Let’s not forget who we are and what this Club is about

Let’s not forget that the things that unite us are more than the things that divide us

Let’s celebrate this day next season in full unity and harmony

Let’s make this Club even bigger than it currently is

(if the last one includes sporting success, no problem, it’s alright 😇)