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Following the “frantic” week right after the end of the season, when 9 brown white said farewell in different ways, things moved in a relatively slower pace. Has been more than a month since then, things started happening in between. Now, that we have a first picture of what’s happening, let’s say some more goodbyes and have a quick look at the new people on board 🏴‍☠️



S.E.S Ball

Schedule 2020-21 is out and the remaining paragraph was supposed to be a repetition of the “standard” best booking practices along with some “see you there sooner or later” happy cliches. Well, times have changed and, under the current circumstances, no serious planning can be made, at least when it comes to the fans from abroad, things for locals may get a little better at some point. FCSP detailed schedule follows below, a denser one, due to the delayed beginning, there’s practically no winter break, football will stop only on the post Xmas weekend. Hopefully, things will change to the better at some point and we’ll have the chance to take a more serious look at it, happy new season 😎✊🏾🏴‍☠️


OK, this is not a bomb. There were a lot of rumors about it, even before we get rid of Luhukay but there were a lot of rumors in general. This is not a rumor anymore, this is news and, if you ask us, it’s fuckin’ good news!!! Not sure if “welcome” for a person being around since the beginning of time is fit but it’s for sure fit when talking for a change of approach towards certain things, so “WELCOME” (again) to Millerntor Timo, our warmest wishes for a looooooong and fruitful stay, more below 😊✊🏿🏴‍☠️


One week after the end of the regular season and 25% of the squad have already said their goodbyes, while some more are expected to follow during the forthcoming weeks… Lot’s of different stories behind the pictures, some of them usual, some of them real lessons on the things we have done as a club and we want to avoid in the future. Personally speaking (and probably for all my crew), having a look at this mosaic, can’t find someone that will not be missed, even a little…



This should have been done a little earlier, back in February, when we got aware of his retirement during Brian Aarons Cup but lockdown came soon afterwards and thing was forgotten (shame Scum). Came back striking while reading past week’s news about Jan-Philipp Kalla‘s football farewell. We will get back to Kalla along the way, he will remain a part of the Club and plans are already in place for a proper farewell when conditions allow so, for now he can wait. Probably you haven’t read anywhere about it, due to the fact that he is not a profi footballer (where the spotlight is almost always on) but a member of FCSP Blind Football.  So, let’s talk a little about Serdal Celebi


Birthday in more or less dystopian times, with the world being dragged into the moving sand of populism while a pandemic threats to end for good life as we knew it. However, today let’s forget about that for a couple of hours. Should we do that because football is larger than life? No, because it’s not. For some of us who we know why we stand here (😆), FCSP is not just about football, is rather the desire for things in the world working in a different way as reflected in sports.

We may not be really old in this (personally just 13-14 years, there are a couple of Scum comrades that go a few years further back) but the world HAS grown old in between. As Greeks we lived the transition from the meretricious prosperity and out-of-control show-off through frenzied naderism to the bleak reality of pensioners blowing up their heads with shotguns in front of the parliament, the reality of a people found hang by their bedsheets on the morning news and people asphyxiating by stoves, burning furniture at home, unable to pay for essential heating… We also witnessed the death of hope and rise of numbness in a society that, regardless all that, still tries to find a way forward. We even changed (and hopefully evolved) personally but, aside (true loyal) friends and family, one thing has remained unchanged all along: what FC Sankt Pauli means to us 😎

So yes, we celebrate today alright and we’ll keep on doing it even if football ceases to exist. Celebrate FCSP, celebrate life and we’ll work our way with the rest, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FC SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

PS: Not to forget, Liga 2 restarts in empty stadiums this weekend, (whatever this thing ends up to be) we play on Sunday

FCSP amateur football: meet FCSP IV!!!

Posted: May 1, 2020 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in FCSP IV, Interviews
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2017 squad, we have more recent stuff but we fell for this one 🙂 ©️ Stefan Groenveld

Been almost a year since the last one but lockdown and the complete halt of everything broke the Liga 2 survival routine and gave space to some more creative thinking ^ ^ As soon as the “hey, do you remember this amateur department series” thought hit home, target was locked almost immediatelly. We’re watching them carefully for some time now, impressed by their achievements in and out of the pitch, it’s an honor and a privilege having with us the Grassroots Legends of FCSP IV!!!