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Fair enough!

Final pre-season warm up game against Hertha BSC and the result found us more than happy, watching Sankt Pauli winning the first half and ending in a tie after Hertha being better in the second half but us making it to keep them in this 2-2 result. Many mistakes in the second half and one in the first led us in letting the game slip through our hands.


First preview


…and of course not really offered for fan conclusions, Too early for anything, squad will start tomorrow Summer preparation, this post is more about signifying the start of the new season (✊🏾) than commenting on a game that not even Millernton would “dare” to do a technical analysis for 😁


2021-22 MapSchedule 2021-22 is out and of course no one’s in a booking panic as we don’t have the slightest clue when comes to what’s going to happen with fan attendances this season. Let’s just hope that vaccinations will keep going on over there and the conditions for fans to attend games will be fullfiled. We’re not shy to tell that we have started getting a little nervous (😁) but there’s some optimism at the same time, ffs, it can’t be as bad as last season 😅


Farewell 2021

“One week after the end of the regular season and 25% of the squad have already said their goodbyes”. Beginning is copy paste from last year, nevertheless story behind is quite different, different season, different actors, different environment, different circumstances. The only thing that is probably common is the bitterness of the moments, regardless of who and why, is (usually, don’t forget Sahin) difficult to say goodbye…



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Last thoughts on 2020

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This is not a 2020 review, if you are in search of one you can always go and have a read at the Millernton annual review, this is just what it reads on the title: just some scattered (FCSP related) thoughts looking back at a year that EVERYONE (“friends” and “enemies”) wants to forget, along with a few more on 2021 which is already at the door.