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S.E.S Ball

2019-20 schedule is out and it’s looking a lot like last season’s. “Derby” (according to the first talks here, seems like we will miss the home game, not a bad idea actually after last season 😅) a couple of weeks earlier than last year and a similar trip time Sonderzug. One thing you should know is (<copy paste from last season section>) that, as usual, there are no specific dates/times at this point, it’s all conceptual at a match weekend level. This means that anybody who’s planning a trip at this stage should book at least from early Friday to early Tuesday (</copy paste from last season section>). This does not apply to the last 2 matchdays (all games are on Sunday).

Brown white appointmens follow in detail below, start checking out, see each other along the way, sooner or later 😉



Whateva 😎

The season that after March everybody was in such a hurry to get rid of is finally over. The Boys in Brown closed the season with another defeat (no surprise), verifying in the most emphatic way the downhill that Kauczinski‘s departure and Luhukay‘s arrival were unable to stop. Football was not so bad overall (at least until 61’) but the way the match was lost as well as the fact itself do not leave a lot of space for satisfaction. No problem of course for the Brown White Sonderzug mob on the terraces, singing “Que sera sera” along with other smashing hits and enjoying the trip in general, instead of bothering about the destination. Makes sense, after all, we are FCSP 😎


What’s best in life?

…to watch a game with no anxiety of counting points’n shit. Play a clear strategy and even though it didn’t work 100%, watch your team stand descent in their own field, dominating most of the game. Watch HSV suffer a shameful defeat and hear the lamentation of their ultras. Or at least this is what Conan the Barbarian would have answered had he been asked that question during the last match day.


A bitter aftertaste

The Boys in Brown lost 2-1 in the pigsty of SGD but the bitter aftertaste talked above is not about them. Is more about a game that we did the best we could, deserved to get more of it but eventually lost it out of the blue. Yeah, this is football, normally it should feel like another day at the office but when such shit happens in matches like this one, with its own special sigificance, you just can’t help it…



About fuckin time… It took two match days for Luhukay to make the team working. Looks like he found the end of the rope and started working backwards. Stronger mid line and a fierce front line breaking any defense. Defense still needs working but nothing equal to the circus we’ve been watching for so long now…


Outta gas…..and no gas station around!!!

Nope. Didn’t happen this time either. The team can no longer produce anything and this is obvious. Luhukay is called to do what most coaches do before the season starts. He needs to find solutions and tactics for a team that in the entire season had a big portion of luck in each game and now everyone is running out of gas. The season is saved so no one is expecting anything. And let’s be honest… After this one, no one is actually thinking ’bout Αufstieg. Just observing and waiting to see where Luhukay can take us. Nothing to lose anymore.


Mediocre but still better than shit…

And of course no one expected anything more. After a barrage of bad results and the team literally looking like shit, Kauczinski was sacked and Luhukay took over. New coach only 6 games before the season finale. Some say it was a dum move, others said that it was about time, but most (myself included) still believe that there’s a lot more behind it than what we actually know. Anyway, the team had a home game this Sunday so we all gathered under a cloudy Spring Sunday midday more curious than ever to see how this would evolve.