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Guy Acolatse vs Neumünster, 20/10/63 (image source:

Guy Acolatse vs VfR Neumünster, 20/10/63 (image source:

OK, there’s very little Scum work in here… The main part of the following is simply a translation of an interview by Gabi Bauer und Peter Piro posted some 6 years ago in Analyze & Kritik webpage, kindly (and somehow freely) translated (at least the important parts ^^) by our Berlin correspondent Carlos and sent to us, simply because “you have to know the history of your team”. Of course the guy is 1910% right here, THANX BRO, let’s cut to the chase 😉

Who is Guy Acolatse? Officially the first ever black professional footbal player in Germany, after reading this, you will agree with us that he’s much more, read on… 🙂