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Bitter Sweet


FCSP paid the simply indescribable entry to the game and ended up with a home 2-2 draw vs Jahn Regensburg, in a match that could end in better way but could aso have gone a lot worse. A full weekend, a full of emotions match but, as the picture above suggests in a metaphoric way, something is missing from the Millerntor… Read on one way or another, a lot of stuff in there this time 😉



…and they lived happily ever after 🙂

Important note: the following had been already completed in terms of text before today’s news break out, has been intentionally left in its original form, too complex to rewrite the end, let it be a witness of our yesterday’s agonies about “tomorrow” 😀

End of the road in real style for both squad and fanbase 🙂 Big performance inside, big party with more than 4.500 brown white wackos participating on the terraces, insanity at its best 😀 Absolutely deserved ending for one of the most soul exhausting seasons that we have lived the past years, comparable only with the 2014-15 drama and a weekend to remember smiling in the years to come. For anybody interested in numbers, we won 1-3 🙂


Up yours EBS!!!


Just look at their sorry asses! This is how defeat looks like! Of course somone could aptly observe that this look reminds us the look of the Boys in Brown after full time during the majority of the season so far but this is not the issue here 😀 The issue here is that the (already considered doomed by almost anybody except us, the fans) Boys in Brown made a first class funeral for the ambitious and always disgusting Braunschweig, precipitating these bastards from the top and taking the breath of air that we were so hardly gasping for! Priceless victory, priceless trip, remains only to be seen if squad has more like this in store 🙂


Fucked up as fuck…

Photo: Axel Heimken

Photo: Axel Heimken

“Oh fuck, this is simply terrifying”. This could be in a few words the conclusion of my first this season live FCSP experience. There are no words to describe the “spectacle” that the Boys in Brown “offered” to the fans in Millerntor and everywhere where people were watching the game and couldn’t believe what they actualy see. A more-awful-you-die performance/result that didn’t manage to ruin the trip (the positive side of getting fucked already on Friday) but sets for the first time some serious questions regarding our future in the league…


Big game, tough luck, fine experience 🙂 


Having arrived in Hamburg for a “social occasion” (a.k.a. St. Pauli Skinheads 20th anniversary 😀 ) got informed that FCSP Blind Football department has a full scheduled weekend in town. As a fan club here, we follow as much as we can the entire spectrum of our amateur departments and blind football happens to be one of our favorites, so there was not even a snowball in Hell chance that I would leave Hamburg without having watched at least one match…


The Rookie feeling

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you ;-) )

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you 😉 )

Dreamlike season closing for FCSP in an afternoon full of football, feelings, vindication and farewell with the Boys in Brown thanking with actions the sold out Millerntor for the season support by winning big time FCK and keeping the crowd for sometime after the end of the match applausing them for a decent and hard working season. Dreamlike weekend also for the Scum ambassador in HH for the game (my sorry ass) who, despite having already by now a quite satisfactory amount of Hamburg flying hours (not talking planes here) in his record, felt again in a few occasions the magic feeling that only someone who arrives for the first time in Sankt Pauli and realises exactly where he has come to can experience 🙂


South End Scum at Millerntor. The Game – The Trip!


This matchday was fuckin special for just one reason. The Scum went upstate. And by sayin upstate we mean Hamburg baby. Planned this for so long and really couldn’t wait for it. So this match report won’t be the usual style cos’ we got a lot to talk about. Things about the match but a lot more stuff besides the game. Take a deep breath and here we go…


Entering the Event Horizon…

Smart guys doing physics define “event horizon” “as ‘the point of no return’, i.e., the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible”. In case you wonder what’s the relation between the maximum-booze-consuming-minimal-brain-results-producing Scum crew and noble sports like Physics, the answer is easier than it looks. If you look anywhere around, you can always find an example of life immitating physics (or vice versa, if you prefer). Such a case we experienced this weekend at the Millerntor with FCSP, after failing once more to get a victory, this time against Erzgebirge Aue, entering the Event Horizon of…Liga 3…