Scum Sounds!

OK, this is it… South End Scum trying to play Rock ‘N’ Roll!!!

The actual idea was to write something like a Club Anthem (something quite trendy nowdays and we are a trendy organization!). Situation in the beginning (around March 2012) was somehow chaotic. Five guys, only one “real” musician and all the others somewhere between semi-knowledge and complete unawareness of the subject (instuments in our case). The first results were technically completely disencouraging but the whole situation was unbelievable cool, so we decided to insist and somehow a few months later we ended up with our “Anthem” (probably, not considered as one anymore 🙂 ) along with 4 more covers of tunes that we all had listened to the point of meltdown at some point in our lives.

This stuff wasn’t something suppossed to be serious – it was just the result of 3 months having fun together. The entire “recording” process required more time setting up equipment than actually playing the damn tunes! No more than two efforts per tune and for anybody elementary into music all the errors and the bloomers are available. The whole thing wasn’t about ending up with something “technically good” but with something true, reflecting all the fun and, in the end, the way we deal with things 🙂

Intro to the only Scum tune (Sankt Pauli – how original!!!) is of course courtesy ( 🙂 ) of the USP from 2010 Schweinske Cup – the original video link can be found here:

Quite satisfied with the result, not in terms of perfection but in terms of constant fun, we considered as a good idea to go on playing, start trying some new things while improving our elementary knowledge regarding our instruments and, more or less, switch to a “permanent” mode. Unfortunately, after a year or so, this turned out to a not so good idea for a variety of reasons. First of all, we ended up (counting friends and “visitors”) being occasionaly more people (and sometimes quite crowded!) in the studio on Friday comparing to the number in our venue on matchdays :-). Additionally, it became more and more difficult to manage this as a side-Club activity, since ideas expressed inside were starting to stray away from the initial scope. After trying to deal with this for some months, in the end we decided to “terminate the project”, get back to our ordinary lives (lol!) and those of us, who were still interesting making noise, to form something completely irrelevant and separated from the Club. After all, there had been so much effort for some of us to learn their instruments along the way, that would be a colossal pity to lock them in the closets to eternity 😉

Still, the 2nd and last season ended up anything but wasted! Our artistic maturity reached it’s absolute peak and there are 2 smash-videos to verify this. The first one, titled “Kleine Pause“, started as an internal joke during a trip in Hamburg and refers of course, to the homonymous local neighborhood-junk-food-temple, in which some of us spent more time than the Jolly  ( 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) to end up as the funniest occasion of the entire period! Especially, the shooting of the video script scenes (took place actually after project termination,  as the last loose end to take care of) has been one of most entertaining moments we had in the Club so far!!! Also,  a second one called “Empty” was kind of an attempt to play something “different” and something closer to our latest common influences was supposed to be used as a “b-side” to a 7″ vinul that never happened…

Kleine Pause ( 🙂 )




Feel free to download the whole stuff, using the links under the “Scum Downloads” link section at the left sidebar and send us your comments or insults at!

RESPECT AND HUGE THANKS TO:  Mitsos (Ψηλός – our console master!), the fuckin’ USP Athens commie zecken scum for supporting the Scum expanded squad by screaming & shouting along at the back during the first recordings – Herr O. and Theo, TEDDY and Savor for their Academy-Award-deserving preformances in the video and  and of course our comrades Patrick & Mathieu for making the video possible by shooting the store scenes!

It was a real hell of fun doing this!!!



Dead Serious Scum Update – Feb 2017 – Hamburg Belongs To Me!!!

For a good cause, even dead men can walk! A small and funny project to honor Derbysieger anniversary had already fell on the table since late 2015 but our reflexes were too sloooow for Feb 2016 and decided, instead of doing this in a hurry and fuck it up, better leave it for next time and do it with dignity 🙂 This was the reason that, after a long long time, we reorganized (can’t use the term “reassembled”, we actually never got all together 😀 ) the bunch (along with a few more good people 🙂 ) already from November 2016 and came up (finished actually the very last day) on 16/2/17… with this 🙂

Until the next good occasion ladies & gents 😉

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