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A good omen for a new era 🙂


Coach Meggle’s debut was expected even from the morning with extreme anticipation not because anybody cared to extract an conclusion from his work so far ( 😀 ) but  as a good chance for a “welcome” and a chance for him to get used to the awkward feeling of sitting for the first time at the FCSP bench as a head coach. Thankfully, our host Bayer Leverkusen didn’t spoil the occasion by loading us with more goals that we could carry in our baggages on the way home, the Boys in Brown managed somehow to make us feel good (especially during the 2nd half) and at the end, everybody went home happy. This of course can’t be evaluated very seriously as a result but still seems like the best possible welcome present to the coach 🙂


Welcoming the new season with the Celts!


Inside a colorful Millerntor (with the exception of Haupttribüne of course, whose majority of the regular seat owners probably preferred a summer boat ride in the canals, at the other side of town or a multiplex cinema maybe),

STOP HERE: The first two lines were kept intact after the copy-paste operation from last year’s friendly vs Beşiktaş – resuming 🙂

… FC Sankt Pauli, having this time the honour to host our special old friends Celtic FC, played the last friendly of Summer, giving us a preview of what we are about to see during the forthcoming season. In the end, no serious conclusions were made (we don’t usually make anyway!), the breeze of the feast with the Celtic pals (even if only on TV and social media) and the fun of some of us being together and enjoying FCSP again was the final taste left instead 🙂


High hopes and expectations!

Sp-Udineze 1

Soooo…the friendlies have started and what an awesome period in football this is don’t you agree? It is this time of the year when you actually and literally don’t give a shit about results and gather around with buddies to talk about the last season, the coming season, expectations , football in general, politics and whatever else anyone has in his agenda but with the lack of anxiety on a result, while watching your top team playing. So here we are on our way to ‘’Uncle’’ Zouzounos’s house for sun, watermelon, coffee and SP vs Udinese Calcio from the Italian Serie A.