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For fucks sake!

source: © Witters

This was (and still is) a fuckin’ nightmare from the past… Having as an opponent a squad that has managed 3 consecutive relegations in the last 3 years (they’re still in Liga 3 thanks to 1860) FCSP forgot that in football (like any sport) you have to play in order to win and lost fair and square 2-1 to an excellent (considering the circumstances) Paderborn… Talk is cheap, so are excuses, what remains is probably the worst brown white Pokal fiasco of the last decade…



After 3 weeks without action, before even getting used to life without FCSP, today’s draw came to remind us that next season is already under way. SC Paderborn came out as first opponent and we must do something really stupid in order to say goodbye to the cup from August. There’s only one problem, we’re occasionally prone to stupidity in August 🙂