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A -supposed to be (5-0!!!) spectacular- end of season!

But, for some strange reason, something is not right…

Deniz Naki, minutes after his last FCSP match (Thanks: ‏ @YorksStPauli)

The boys in brown ended the season in an impressive way, liquidating promotion rivals SC Paderborn 07 with a self descriptive 5-0(!) for the last time in front of the Old Gegengerade, at a last spectacular show of the team that all FCSP fans loved (with all its pros and cons) all these years, started changing after Stani left last year, and (hope not…) will not probably be the same in the forthcoming season…


Any chance we had promoting to the first league is almost lost. We need a fuckin’ miracle in order to make it to the play-offs but it does not matter. The boys in brown must perform good quality football in order to keep their fans happy for the last time this season and of course to win the match. Our opponent is SC Paderborn who is also fighting for the play-offs so things will not be easy for St. Pauli. The two teams are pretty equal according to the league table and recent history. Let’s have a closer look…


The boys tried but didn’t make it – better luck next year…

The desperate faces of Boll and Saglik tell the whole story… this defeat means 99% the end of any promotion ambitions for this season and, unless something out-of-this-world happens next week, we better start getting used to the idea that we are playing Liga 2 again next season, something not necessarily bad 🙂


Sankt Pauli Rock ‘N’ Roll in (and outside) Millerntor!

The Boys In Brown DESTROYED the Monkeys In Blue, with Ultra Sankt Pauli passing their own message outside the stadium, in a game that was only one out of a lot of things happened in a somehow chaotic but certainly full of positive experiences weekend…


What’s Next… Matchday 33

Posted: April 25, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

After a weekend that almost everything happened (a post will be published any time soon on how the South End Scum enjoyed his presence in St. Pauli) it is time to start thinking about the road to the first league. Three points collected in Millerntor after a brilliant appearance from the boys in brown against Nazi cunts and now it is time to do the same in Dresden. There is only one way to the first league, victory, and we must give a hell of a fight for it. Keep in mind that Fortuna is giving an away match against Greuther and they will probably get defeated. So it is a big change for us to climb to third place.

Let’s have a look at our current opponent and the history between the two teams…


Matchday 32: FC Sankt Pauli – Hansa Rostock 3-0!

Posted: April 22, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Two funerals today: one for fan culture…and another one for Hansa Rostock!!!




May Hamburg police tried to kill football fan culture today but we also tried (successfuly actually) to kill Hansa Rostock, The Nazi monkeys will sleep dreaming Liga 3 Hell tonight… more on this and a lot of things probably more important than the game in the full post that will follow sometime on Wednesday when Scum will be back in Athens and all these pictures, sounds and thoughts will have somehow been a little more organized inside our (more or less shaken) heads 🙂


What’s Next… Matchday 32

Posted: April 18, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

I don’t know how things will end up according our promotion in the first league. The only thing I know is that the boys in brown owe us a reason to get a party started in Millerntor. I believe that the time has come for such a party. The only thing that can make me leave the stadium happy next Sunday is victory, an astonishing victory that can send the fucking bastards to league 3 with their heads down.