Matchday 16: SpVgg Greuther Fürth – FC Sankt Pauli 0-2

Posted: December 12, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Big Balls bro…Big Balls!!

The Coach waving his keys for luck in a corner kick (source:

The Coach waving his keys for luck in a corner kick (source:

The day looked promising. Something in the air I don’t know. But the fact is that getting out of home this Sunday morning it kind of felt like victory. Arriving at Soridon it was good enough to see that beside the usual Scum suspects we would have two friends from the Athens club, watching the game with us. The aura was getting bigger and it got even more big with the Scum Hoodies we brought to the joint. The aura, the laughs and the memories this game brought  in mind (in the same field, with the same team, back in 2010 which was the year we earned our promotion up to Bundesliga, we crushed those bastards  with four goals from Naki, Ebbers,Takyi and Hennings) , plus…the situation we are in, made our perspective to the game pretty simple. Three points or no one leaves this place!


First half underway and although the first chance belonged to Fürth.  the game was definitely ours though. We had ball possession and for the first time from the start of the season, we saw Sankt Pauli finally having a working mid line. On 8’ an attack from SpVgg almost opens the score when Bolly receives the ball really close to Heerwagen, but fails to send it in the nets. He sends it slightly way from our left pole. Sankt Pauli unfolds a well worked game play mainly with Sahin and Neudecker. On 29’ Neudecker sends the ball directly to Sahin but just before the second reaches, Megyeri (known to us from his 5 years at Olympiakos Piraeus here in Greece) saves it. On 30’ Sahin sends the ball to Bouhaddouz. If only his control with the chest was better… Opens it way too much and Megyeri secures his nets. Last big chance of the game was on 43’ when Sahin again passed the ball to Neudecker. He controled well enough but way too long, making it easy for SpVgg defense to respond.  In between what we saw was a match beyond our expectations, with Sankt Pauli dominating the field leaving Fürth with really no options on unfolding their game play. Not much of xtra time. Whistle sends the players to the locker rooms and us in hunt for food until the second half.

Second Half underway and really early panic breaks in the box of SpVgg when after many headers between green and brown players, the ball ends to Gonther. He shoots but the ball goes slightly above Megyeri’s upper post. On 55’ a big “fuck off” to the ref for giving Neudecker a yellow card for NO REASON at all (many occassions of him being an asshole, playing one side during the game but this was the most obvious). On 57’ Fürth attempts to open the score, but no luck at all as Narey’s shot goes away from our nets. On 64’ the big game from Sobota. Receives the ball and passes though Fürth defensives, clearing the path for Bouhaddouz. He takes the pass and shoots. His first one get’s blocked but the second one ends right in Fürth’s nets. 0-1 for Sankt Pauli and the party has just started. On 82’ a corner kick and Fafa higher than everyone takes the header, sending it a bit away from Fürth posts. On 86’ Hedenstad shoots a free kick. For a moment we though the score was doubled but on a clearer look the ball was caught on the outer side of the nets. What Hedenstad didn’t achieve with his free kick, Sahin did, on 90’+1. Free kick for SpVgg. The ball is sent to the centre were Sahin manages to steal and counter attack. Just before he enters Fürth box, he sees Megyeri off guard and send a lobe directly to his nets leaving him standing solid as a statue. Final whistle a couple of minutes later saves SpVgg from a third goal and total humiliation. 🙂

About fuckin time I’d say we saw some football from our boys. This was a game beyond expectations. OK, in a more thorough watch one can find the flaws in it but this is a job for Lienen to do. As far as I’m concerned this was Sankt Pauli declaring that we’re not easy to go down. One more game till the winter break and it looks like our players are beginning to find their pace in the field. What we want to see next Saturday in Millerntor is the Sankt Pauli we saw today, crushing Bochum.  Cm’on Boys in Brown. Let’s get three points more for a nice winter break. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Hedenstad L. Sobiech  Gonther  Keller


Sobota  Neudecker (Miyaichi 67′) Choi (Avevor 81′) Sahin

 Bouhaddouz (Picault 78′)

Match goals:

0:1 Bouhaddouz (64′, Right foot shot, Sobota)

0:2 Cenk Sahin (90′ + 1, Right foot shot)

Spectators: 10015

Sankt Pauli cards: Neudecker(1), Sahin(5, misses next match)

Match goals (our goals, after one and a half month!!!) 😀


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