Matchday 12: FC Sankt Pauli vs Karlsruher SC 2-2

Posted: November 5, 2019 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Any Scorers around?

The downhill, counting two losses in a row (third if we count the Pokal game against Eintracht), needed to stop. This home game was a good opportunity for us to start a new winning streak. Still…Two successful penalty kicks where just not enough for us to win the game. This started out as a joke but it got to the point where it started to get irritating. What is it with us not being able to score? Dominating a game and failing in sending the ball to the opponent’s nets?


Action starts on 5’. Great flank from  Miyaichi. Diamantakos  slips, but  Sobota  receives the ball really close to the nets and shoots. His shot finds Uphoff ’s knee and is sent to a corner. Corner goes to waste and the action carries on with us pressing KSC to their box. We looked determined and following a game plan. Even our reflexes on defense worked when on 14’ Himmelmann  jumps and repels a dangerous KSC flank from Wanitzek  with his fist before things got dangerous. On 16’ Becker  sends a magnificent pass to Diamantakos. Diamantakos is left alone with the keeper and tries to slide the ball around him. All he manages to do is send the ball a bit more right from KSC right post. We definitely had ball possession and we actually played really good. We lacked in precision though. On 29’ we see a familiar face in the field. Penney is injured and is substituted with Ziereis  after a long time of him recovering from a serious injury. The action and initiative remains on our side without result unfortunately. Last big chance for us comes on 34’. Möller Daehli sends a great pass to Sobota. He shoots from distance but Uphoff blocks it once again.

Second half underway and what we couldn’t do, KSC helped us do. Twice!!!  It is 46’ and  Sobota passes to Buballa who is brought down illegally by Thiede in KSC box. Ref shows the white dot and a penalty for Sankt Pauli. Diamantakos executes and scores. The second was more obvious. Fröde doesn’t see Miyaichi and kicks him in the face. Same situation again. Reff shows white dot, Diamantakos executes and scores. Two goals ahead on 60’. Still KSC showed the will to turn this. On 75’ Fröde passes to Pourié . His shot, while dangerous, goes a bit away from our right post. We still dominated the game though. No doubt bout that. What there was no doubt about also though was that we would never score today unless it was a penalty. Miyaichi made that clear on 84’. The ultimate fuck up. Diamantakos shoots again but Uphoff repels. Then the ball goes to Miyaichi who shoots on an almost empty net area from close distance and sends the ball way above the upper post. Then came payback. On 85’ Lorenz  shoots from distance between Ziereis’ legs. Great shot and great goal for KSC. One minute later though the ground shakes and the reason is obvious. Henk Veerman enters the field after a long time recovery, taking Möller Daehli’s place (official first was the friendly with Werder Bremen but here we’re talking bout official games). Not much time for him to act though! 5 minutes of xtra time and on 90’+1 Pourié after a corner for KSC defeats Ziereis in the air, takes the header and evens the score.

What can be said here that will not sound cliché? Yes…We were better, Yes…We dominated the game and Yes….We actually played damn good. BUT….We were un-fuckin-able to put the damn thing behind the opponent nets. Kind of embarrassing actually. Our only goals were penalty kicks and KSC just stood up to us and evened the score with us being better the entire game. I don’t know what Luhukay is planning to do about that… Maybe take the players to target shooting…We have to improve our aiming skills or more results like this or even worse will come. It is the law of Football man. The ones who miss the goals are the ones who lose the points in the end. Few days until Friday against Bochum so let’s get to work gentlemen.  FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Ziereis for Penney (29′)

Lankford for Sobota  (80′)

Veerman for Möller Daehli (86′)

Match goals:

1-0 Diamantakos (50′, Left foot shot, penalty kick)

2-0 Diamantakos (61′, Left foot shot, penalty kick)

2-1 Lorenz (85′,Left foot shot, Fink)

2-2 Pourié (90’+1, Header, Wanitzek)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards:  Flum(1), Buballa(1)

Match highlights here

Further reading:


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