Matchday 29: FC Sankt Pauli vs Werder Bremen 1-1

Posted: April 11, 2022 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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BIG game with a Greek aftermath 😅

A game full of excitement, having the top as a prize on Saturday, no winner eventually and a social media pandemonium afterwards. Will try below to summarize as briefly as possible the whole lotta stuff that happened in the pitch and, towards the end (consistent to our Scum policy), will argue on why the post-match chaos with the ref is too much, have fun 😎


Despite not being able to attend (we play all our cards May 15th 😎) was looking really forward to this and not only because of the obvious interest and significance of the match, was also looking towards the football feast that this game was supposed (and turned out) to be. Some 11 years ago was lucky enough being there at the last time we played them for the league in Millerntor. It was our last chance for survival in Bundesliga, we lost 1-3 and eventually went down… There were lots of things to remember, Millerntor surroundings were looking like an endless mixed zone, solidarity chants between fans, etc, however there’s one thing that has been really carved in my mind. FT whistle, I am in Haupttribune (!), almost next to the guest block. Millernton is completely frozen, squad starts the usual stadium round, starting from the Süd where there are no boos of course but mostly silence, squad moves to GG, same thing. At some point I start having a talk with some guys over there when suddenly I hear a fucking loud “SANKT PAULI! SANKT PAULI!” filling the already half empty Millerntor. Turn around surprised to locate the source, to find out that these were the Werder fans in the guest block as our squad approached them, on the way to the HT from the Nord… I have been to numerous matches since then, I’m also an old bastard smoking weed, I tend to forget scores, even matches some times (good thing I collect the tickets 🤣), however this will never go away… Enough reminiscing, let’s cut to the chase.


Last time… (source:

Intense game (under amazing atmosphere), good pace and lots of things happened in the first half, let’s try and summarize. Some shots by us at the beginning, one high in the sky from within the box to the left by Kyereh (6′) and another one (much better) outside the box by Hartel (12′), this one forced Pavlenka (in control) to interfere for a corner. Werder “took over” at some point and things became a little more adventurous at the back. Small chaos in front of Vasilj, following a corner on 21′, ball eventually was cleared somehow (Burgstaller), a weak Ducksch (🤬😆) 8m shot from within the box (no worries) on 23′ and the BIG ONE for Werder on 25′ with Ducksch missing the finish, all alone in front of Vasilj! That guy Ducksch was really into scoring one in our faces but wasn’t his day, it was Vasilj this time who stopped his attempt from the heart of the box on 36′. Of course, Werder may had the lion’s merit in chance, still this wasn’t a one-sided game, so we appeared again soon enough, first with a blocked Irvine attempt on 38′ and then with a penalty appeal for Burgstaller on 40′, it looked like a penalty, wasn’t awarded and soon enough everyone (temporarily) forgot about it, as 1-0 came on 43′! Aremu (to the left), Paqarada (the cross), Kyereh (the goal), simple as that and suddenly Millerntor going mad, a madness which kept on until the HT whistle.


1-0, happy days! (source:, ©️Witters)

2nd half started (with a small delay due to a cute, 2nd of the day, pyro exhibition in the guest block) also in an intense but more controlled way, in fact not really much was happening inside the boxes…until the Werder equalizer on 58’… Bittencourt high cross from the left into the 6-yard box, header assist from the rear post by Schmid and close range finish by Füllkrug. Our guys directly protested for an Agu handball at the very beginning of the incident, something that was confirmed by VAR, nevertheless the ref considered that there was no intention in the handball and confirmed the goal, causing some frustration in Millerntor and a huge web shitstorm outside… 1-1, like it or not, game on and a really good chance for FCSP, with Amenyido missing the last critical ball control in front of Pavlenka, hence the goal. The Boys in Brown kept trying and we came really close on 78′ with Burgstaller missing the goal, in an occasion looking quite similar to the Ducksch incident on 25′. Another good one in the very next minute, a good Matanovic shot (79′, almost from the left edge of the box), unfortunately towards the middle of the posts where Pavlenka was waiting. However, the last serious act belonged to Werder (86′) and that one was really terrifying! Phase one the very clever Ducksch shot from almost the left edge of the box (a little into it) which bounced on Vasilj‘s crossbar, phase two the Schmid shot, following the rebound, which ended up JUST by Vasilj‘s left post. That was really chilling, can’t imagine what would happen with the ref afterwards, in case any of them was in 😅 Only a Matanovic shot that never happened on injury time and eventually FT, in the very same good atmosphere in which the game started.

Looking at the game overall, draw seems like a fair result. Of course, things could be much better if certain decisions were different (more on that at the end 😉), however this is not a disaster either, especially having a look on what’s next. Proud of this squad, experts will talk tactics, I simply loved the passion and the mindset, we backed down only in occasions where our extremely strong opponent forced us to do so and, whenever this did happen, we paid them back in zero time, we played like a champion against a possible champion, will leave it here, thank you squad and technical crew!

What’s next? A lovely matchday coming up, including clashes like Werder vs FCN and Darmstadt vs Schalke (they’re not winning this), while we are called to do something relatively easier, go Sandhausen and win SVS. Of course, SVS is no joke, they recovered in the 2nd round but, at this stage, nothing is easy and any of our four aforementioned rivals would happily exchange opponents with us, so there are no Ifs or Buts, we go there, we nail the match and at the end of the weekend we stare the world from 1st or 2nd place, planning our next decisive moves towards promotion, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!☠☠☠

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Last but not least, a few words about all the chaos with the ref after the game.

If you go all the way back in time in this space (don’t do it, doesn’t worth it 😆), you’ll find out that we never deal with the ref, we don’t even mention their names (no, not even today). There’s a good reason for that, incorrect ref calls are part of the game themselves and, since mistakes are human, we don’t want refs becoming targets. We’re a Greek fan club, located in a place where Football Mafias are for real (yeah, it’s good shouting about DFB Mafia but, if you wanna know how really things are done, come a little down to the Balkans to see what real shit is made of), refs are occasionally indeed on club hidden payrolls, some of them they do obey commands and, in case they don’t, they get severely punished. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all of them but it’s really easy to understand that there’s no registry of refs who take the cash under the table, intentions don’t count, lines get blurred, a decent ref can have their ass at the hospital, their car/house/store blown up because they refused to do “what they had to” or simply because they made a mistake, it simply doesn’t matter…keep it here for the moment.

There was a lot of talk on the web afterwards, it actually doesn’t take much to see afterwards that both cases are relatively clear. The penalty on Burgstaller was certainly a penalty and, imho opinion, a case much more clear comparing to the equalizer occasion, where the element of intention comes into play, “allowing” the ref to decide based on his own judgement. If you ask me if this hand dribble was intentional, I will say certainly yes but this is always about intentions, hand on heart, I will still keep a 10% of doubt at the back of my mind. There could be a lot of more talk here but let’s cut it short, both decisions were wrong. OK, so what? We have been favored by mistakes and lost games because of them in the past again and again, this is football. We showered him with the proper profanity, let’s now move on and probably this is the way it’s going to be.

OK then Greg, if so, why all that blah blah? Problem starts when we stop discussing about the ref’s mistakes and start talking about Football Mafias, refs on duty to execute FCSP and other charming stuff and on Saturday afternoon there were a few talks like that around. I’m bored of them when I read them on Greek news, business as usual in the Jungle, but have never noticed them before when dealing with FCSP on the web. I am the first one to say that the ref is a fuckin’ wanker but taking things further can open dangerous pathways, dangerous both for people and for football. Maybe all that sound a little excessive in a place where football is respected, as Germany is, but there are also a couple of things in the German football scene that remind me Greece and weren’t there some 10-12 years ago…

So, leave this joke of a ref aside and let’s move forward, a) we certainly have better things to do and b) (the most important) we’re classier than that 😉☠

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