Blind Football: Season 2023, Match weekend 2

Posted: May 14, 2023 by Zouz in Blind Football
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Terrorrrrrr Sankt Pauli!

Match weekend No 2 for the Blind Football Bundesliga and the conclusions extracted on weekend No 1 were simply verified yesterday. Depth of this squad is incomparable with the competition, the way things look (at least to the Scum impressed eyes) there are good possibilities of the title staying in Hamburg for a looong time 😇🏴‍☠️

Weekend took place in Wolfsburg and it was actually a single day event (Saturday), with FCSP playing vs newcomers FC Ingolstadt. Again no Tönsing and no Narjes but the opening weekend (where we managed to beat possible contenders Borussia Dortmund without them) had already revealed that this won’t be any problem, something that was proven on the pitch in the most emphatic manner.

FCSP vs FC Ingolstadt 04 10-0 (Mercy!!!)

Squad selected for this was: Svenja Bartels (keeper, Sven Gronau played the 2nd half), Paulinho Ruge, Hippo Versen, Thoya Küster and Michael Löffler, with Jonas Dawid as guide, in a few words the Borussia starting line up, with the exception of the keeper. Natan Werner and Serdal Celebi had also their share of play in the 2nd half

FCI (not as a bad squad as the final score suggests, they just need to work a lot on proper defending) never stood a chance. Two goals by Hippo in the opening 3′ (the first one with just 60″ on the clock) ended the debate before it even starts. There were four more goals in the half, two by Thoya (after opening her account on Weekend No 1, she properly tortured the FCI defense yesterday) and two by Paulinho, raising the score to 6-0 already at 12′ (15′ NET (clock stops) per half)

One of the same in the 2nd half, FCSP decreased the pace a little but the gap was still too big. Two early goals by our next big thing, 14 yo Natan Werner (who behaves on the pitch like he’s been there forever) and two more by Paul Ruge around the middle of the half raised the score to nightmarish levels. Final 10-0 is certainly heavy for the opponent, still this bunch are newcomers in this, don’t expect them that weak next season. As far as we’re concerned, the real good news for us are not the broad victory (very useful of course in terms of goal average), it’s rather about watching youngsters like Thoya and Natan doing much more on the pitch than just filling the squad and leaving the job to the big guys, we have a bench as good as some opposition squads, we could probably win FCI today even without Hippo and Paulinho on the pitch.

Next weekend is beginning of June at Dortmund with two matches, Saturday vs Schalke (attention!) and Sunday vs Wien (easy peasy). Good news is also that we now seem to have an organized streaming coverage, hopefully we’ll have the chance to watch FCSP playing then as well, Forza Sankt Pauli 👊🏾🏴‍☠️

Full matchday (FCSP approx. from 06:05:00): (requires Adblocker deactivation but nothing really annoying)

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  1. […] In Wolfsburg stand der 2. Spieltag an, ein „Stadtspieltag“. Dies bedeutet, dass eben nicht auf einer der Vereinsanlagen gespielt wird, sondern in bester Innenstadtlage, vielleicht auch in einer Stadt, in der es sonst gar keinen Blindenfußball gibt.Der FC St. Pauli spielte gegen Liga-Neuling FC Ingolstadt, ersetzt werden mussten erneut die Nationalspieler Rasmus Narjes und Jonathan Tönsing. Trotzdem zeigte man von Beginn an, dass die Frage bezüglich des Ergebnisses nur „Wie hoch?“ lauten kann. Am Ende stand ein 10:0 (6:0) durch Tore von Paul Ruge (4), Thoya Küster, Philipp „Hippo“ Versen und Natan Werner (je 2), mit dem man sich auch die Tabellenführung holte.Einen Bericht auf Englisch gibt es beim FCSP South End Scum. […]

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