Matchday 05: FSV Frankfurt – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: August 31, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Just a Scratch!

Sankt Pauli

Soridon bar/café looked empty as I walked in for this Matchday. A regular Sunday afternoon had started and it all looked normal. The only thing missing was anxiety. I mean.. Come on. It was FSV. We beat Red Bull and Karlsruher who at the moment seemed really strong. Should be a walk in the park. Uncle Zouzounos and St John were already settled while I walked in. The South End Scum crew were scattered (some recently moved, some working), so us three were the ones to attend. Well, us and good friend Haro who joined a little later along with some of the bar’s regulars. The view of Volksbank Stadion was really amazing after seeing the USP black and red shirts. Only black or red t-shirts for our fans was the dress code on this matchday aiming to trigger every mind to swirl around the arson attacks on refugee camps and the counter demo against the nazi/racist mob on 12/09. Most definitely we’re getting a fine out of that but who cares? Job well done people!


First half starts and the weird feeling you get when something is not right, is in the air and everyone could feel it. SP seemed dazed. It seemed that there was no connection to the passes our players were exchanging and in the end it all looked that there was no strength in them. The temperature made it all clear. 32-35 degrees Celsius under shade. This means easily about 38-40 mid day. So the action was held mostly to ball possession rather than actual attempts on goal. On 6’ Alushi tries his foot from 25 meters but the ball goes away enough from the right pole of FSV without causing any threat. Action under the radar till 14’ when Engels starts his own march but really gets tired in the way. Leaves Ziereis behind but his shot is too weak to cause a threat. On 21’ after a corner in favor of SP, Sobiech  gets the header but the ball goes high above Weis’s upper pole, and then on 23’ clears of an FSV corner, sending the ball away. The game kept going in this pace up till 37’. The first and best chance of the game when Buchtmann gets on 1-1 with Weis, get’s blocked and then Rzatkowski on the rebound has the same luck. On 42’ an unlucky moment for   Felipe Pires of FSV. In a duel with Ziereis for claiming the ball he gets hit to the ground really bad, leading to his substitution on the first minute of xtra time with Golley. On the second minute of xtra time, the second classic opportunity for SP gone to waste by ThyBuchtmann passes a direct through ball leaving Thy exposed alone with Weis but he manages to shoot on the keeper. With this and that the first half comes to an end leaving us skeptical on what could be done with such a pace.

Whistle sounds the beginning of the second half and our worst fear came true. On 46’ Buchtmann (which in general stood really well on the field), in an attempt to repel the ball send it straight to Halimi’s feet who managed to catch the entire SP armada asleep and fired a really nice distant shot right in our nets. The entire SP got caught frozen with this shot. No one expected it and it seemed that no one had the strength to do something to change it. Passes could not find their way and we laid all our hopes to someone’s inspiration or just luck. On 52’ Thy goes running with the ball way behind Frankfurt’s defense and opens the ball to Nehrig who shoots but his shot goes away from opponent nets. Maier on 55’ tries a free shot but it goes way above Weis’s upper pole. On 62’ FSV with Golley and Shahin. Golley with a header from inside our box opens the ball to Shahin who shoots but Himmelmann is in place and prevents the worst. On 67’ Maier takes over another free shot and tests Weis who seems impenetrable. Weis sends the ball to corner. On 74’ it is Sobota’s turn to shoot. His shoot comes strong but a little away from Weis’s poles. And like we didn’t have enough to be furious about, besides the dizziness in the field, we get informed at some point, that Marcel Halstenberg wasn’t present in Lienen’s eleven because he was just transferred (3 million) to Red Bull. Dude seriously?? Red Bull?????  Anyway. Guess it could be worse. Back to the game, same old same old! Same pace till xtra time. SP tries but is unable to alter the result. Two attempts with Sobiech. Two headers who had almost the same luck. On the 90+2’ taking advantage a corner kick but Weis grabs the ball safe. And on 90+4’ when Choi sees Sobiech, opens the ball but Sobiech’s header this time is repelled from Weis who sends the ball above his poles. Whistle blows the end.

Well ok, at some point we would have to lose one way or another. If we want to put blame on someone other than the team, the temperature would be a good way to start. Way too high and anyone that saw the match could easily see both teams literally dragging themselves in the field. No connection to the game and everyone looked sooooo dazed. But that of course is just an excuse. The truth is that we weren’t good. Nobody in this game was good. The Sankt Pauli that beat Red Bull or KSC would easily take this FSV. But it just didn’t happen. Wasn’t our day or we could say that it was just one of these days. Shit like this happen and of course can happen again. The point here is to carry on as it never did. And we’ve got two weeks in front of us till the next game to think over it. On Monday the 14th we’re playing against MSV Duisburg in Millerntor. Let’s start a new winning streak, shall we?

We might have lost our three points against FSV, but we managed to get Marc Hornschuh from them, for 1+1 years. The 24 year old captain of Borussia Dortmund II, was with a free transfer in FSV on March 2015 til June 2017 but winds brought him to our yard. On 31 August he signed the contract for 1+1. Let’s wish the man good luck and let’s hope he helps the team doing his best. Also welcome to Davidson Drobo-Ampem who’s finally back after a lot of back and forth and to Jeremy Dudziak (who actually took the baptism of fire for half an hour), c’mon boys, let’s all together make this squad a little better!

Line Up:


Nehrig (Deichmann 63′) Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Alushi (Choi 85′) Rzatkowski (Dudziak 63′)

Sobota  Maier  Buchtmann


Match goals:

1:0 Halimi (46′, Left foot shot)

Spectators: 10217

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(1)

Match highlights

Further reading:


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