Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – Borussia Dortmund 1-2

Posted: September 9, 2015 by Zouz in 2015
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Refugees Welcome!

Photo by @rim_light

Photo by @rim_light

National team weekend may spoiled our weekly FCSP routine but finally we got some. FCSP vs BVB in Millerntor yesterday evening in a game than will be remembered not for what happened inside the pitch but for what happened all around and the message (reached actually the Greek Sport front pages) that was sent instead. Noone is illegal except maybe those who build walls and borders to divide all the others, in case it’s of any significance BVB won 1-2 🙂


Inside the pitch

No extensive coverage here, doesn’t seem to fit with the nature of the match… Even though we were the ones that got with momentum into the game, BVB got in the drivers seat quite early with Castro catching our defense with the pants down (6′). We managed to lose a penalty that never happened on 10′ (Thy) and Januzaj kind of locked the match on 18′ with a goal that was more result of luck than effort. BVB, even with 1st to 2nd gear on the box, was looking like the best team (there was no doubt about it anyway 😉 but FCSP really tried to play football something that was rewarded on 35′ with a goal from Fafa Picault, only minutes after his entrance in the field to the absolute pleasure of the home crowd.

BVB decreased the pace even more during the 2nd half, allowing FCSP even to take control of the game occasionaly, while they were waiting us at the back. However, nothing significant (in terms of scoring) came out of our field supremacy and it could be even 1-3 if Castro wasn’t losing a goal that simply can’t be lost even by me in the closing stages of the game. A pleasant to watch game overall, with a few opportunities for both sides that left everybody satisfied – after all I don’t think that anybody (expect probably some of the ones that leave their chair even before the echo of the half time whistle fades away and return around 55′ after lunch) was yesterday in Millentor for the result or the performance.

Our only goal in the game from one of our new and promising men on board, Fafa Picault

Our only goal in the game from one of our new and promising men on board, Fafa Picault

Outside the 4 lines

A celebration of football and solidarity. The solidarity message to refugees and immigrants had been sent days before and the entire atmosphere (got jealous, observing from the web, unable to participate) was reflecting this exact message. Scenes of celebration and friendship long before kickoff. The 1000 refugees who had been already provided with tickets occupied along with escorts and friends the Südkurve which of course couldn’t produce the noise that usually USP make, something that seems that was taken under consideration by the BVB fans in the guest block who watched the match in an unusual quite way, doing probably a fair play gesture 🙂 Squads were escorted during entrance by refugee children (a memory that probably these boys & girls will strongly hold in the years to come 🙂 ) and after the end of the game both squads spread the message once more, holding the “refugee welcome” banners under applause from the entire Millerntor. In a few words, football the way it always (OK, almost 😀 ) should be and the way we at the South End Scum like it and a good answer to everyone that still can’t comprehend what exactly FCSP is about. Good work from everybody involved (including our guests), expecting more in the future!

FCSP vs BVB full game


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