Matchday 07: FC Sankt Pauli vs SC Paderborn 07 2-1

Posted: September 27, 2018 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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A little more than we deserved 😉

Hmmm, this one was repeated last week, seems that we have a new victory dance ritual in place. In this sense, let’s hope that we’ll have to chance to post a 3rd copy of it, somewhere in the middle of next week 😉 Another last moment victory for the Boys in Brown against really dangerous SC Paderborn, this time with a little dose of luck admittedly. The perfect boost in view of the BIG one, coming up on Sunday, let’s have a look at what happened yesterday evening…


Slocken again, tough time on a working day but still a good bunch (more than we usually are in Athens 😇) made it for the match. Lots of optimism around but still a sense of danger as well, knowing that SCP is a quite strong squad and can create problems before we even get to know what’s happened. A feeling inside that this is a game open to everything but eventually the good guys (us!) will win, last visit to the bar before the match and off we go.

After a balanced opening, SCP showed on 10′ why they are considered a dangerous bunch. BIG DOUBLE chance, first with a Tekpeley shot from within the box, tackled heroically by Ziereis and then with the rebound 8-9m shot from Gueye, who managed to aim Himmelmann instead of one of the corners, Robin saved the day by repelling the ball first and blocking in immediately afterwards, phew… The response from FCSP came on 21′ with a 20m Knoll shot which forced Zingerle to an excellent save. Good boy Marvin, not only for having a strong left but for not being afraid to use it as well 😎 Again FCSP on the attack on 26′ and another good one, this time with Diamantakos managing to find Buchtmann at an excellent position within the box but his shot ended just next to Zingerle‘s left corner… The brown white momentum was violently interrupted on 31’ – excellent SCP on the counter attack, Dräger to Zolinski, Zolinski too fast for Ziereis who just lost him and the cold execution, facing a helpless Himmelmann, for the 0-1… Clouds started gathering over Millerntor and inside Slocken but not for long. Excellent slalom by Möller Daehli who managed to free himself and find Flum and a BRILLIANT Flum vertical pass to Diamantakos (ναι ρε μάγκααα!) who executed Zingerle in the very same cold way, 1-1 for FCSP on 36′! This was the half time score, after a game that had no more than 4-5 good moments for both squads.

Diamantakos has just done it! (image source:

Not much in the beginning on the 2nd half with the only moment to mention from the opening quarter being a Möller Daehli shot, from the edge of the box to the left, that Zingerle had no problem to block on 53′. On the contrary, SCP got really dangerous, first on 62′, when a Klement shot forced Himmelmann to another big save and then on 69′, when Himmelmann saved our ass once more, this time reacting to a Schwede volley that wasn’t exactly what it was supposed to be (otherwise things would be probably worse), giving the ball a strange orbit after the ball bounce and Himmelmann time to take a step back, stretch all the way and save the day for FCSP once more. From this point game faded even more and almost nothing (OK, maybe a Vasiliadis distant shot on 82′, easily controlled by Himmelmann) happened until 86′, the point that SCP was left down to 10 men, after a yellow-red to Gueye which I personally find slightly excessive. Nevertheless, the game was going straight for a draw and almost nobody (OK, at least us 😆) was expecting what happened on 92′! One of the last attacks for FCSP and that young Magician Zehir, just like the past week, found the way towards Veerman (in for Diamantakos on 87′) who stormed ahead from a marginal position towards the SCP box and, instead of finishing himself (👍🏿), served the assist to incoming Neudecker (in for Möller Daehli on 75′) for the winner!!! An awkward moment for a few seconds as Neudecker started writhing from pain within the pandemonium, after having hit the post with his left thigh but pretty soon got obvious that he’s alright and the celebrations went on until the end of the match that followed soon enough.

Brief moments of agony after 2-1 (image source:

Are we happy? Fuck yeah, of course we’re. Still, if we try to take a closer and a cold look at the game, seems directly obvious that we got just a little more than we deserved here. The fairest result would be a draw here and if someone had to win thr game on points, this would have been probably SCP, even with a marginal distance. Of course, we don’t say no to such a 3ptr, we have lost games the other way in the past, it’s just the feeling that we will need something better at this at the Derby.

The Derby… A first class chance to retain our King-Of-The-City belt in a game that is simply unique, everybody who has watched one knows ^^ Speaking football-wise, we’re the theoretical underdog here but this season’s. paranoid in terms of performance and consistency, H$V has given us he right to believe that we have the chances to perform another first class Dino funeral in Volksparkstadion. Still we’re talking about a squad with units that can perform damage at any time. The “funny” (not for us) defensive blunders have no place anywhere on Sunday. Speaking fan-wise a first class chance to make this bastards go bananas and the best way to answer all these low-class provocations that have taken place during the past months. These bastards probaby expected at the neighborhood along the weekend, something like this should better not happen but, in case it does, we believe that the neighborhood will give them the answer they deserve ^^

Of course, South End Scum couldn’t be absent from this city feast, a couple of us will make the trip over there to support the squad and teach some good manners the Volksparkstadion barbarians 😇 We have no idea what will happen in there, it could be a new triumph (triggering the production of “Hamburg belongs to me II” maybe, part I here 😂), it could be a disaster, having us sitting in hot coals and waiting like insane the Millerntor rematch. What ever happens in the end, all of us going in there have one duty. To get behind the squad in such a way that we make sure that these wankers will remember this guest block for good in the years to come. See you all Millerntor Sunday 9:00 AM, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!

Line Up:


Dudziak    Ziereis    Avevor    Buballa

  Flum (Zehir 81′)   Knoll  

           Sahin    Buchtmann   Möller Daehli (Neudecker 75′)


Match goals:

0:1 Zolinski (32′, Left Foot Shot, Dräger)

1:1 Diamantakos (36′, Left Foot Shot, Flum)

2:1 Neudecker (90+2′, Left Foot Shot, Veerman)

Spectators:  29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Knoll(1)

Match highlights here


Further reading:


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