Matchday 26: SV Sandhausen vs FC Sankt Pauli 4-0…

Posted: March 17, 2019 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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Houston, we have a problem…

In fact, we have two of them: a) a squad, that a couple of weeks ago was supposedly hunting for promotion, getting humiliated and eventually spared by a squad that is currently fighting for survival and b) people in the brown white block whistling and throwing beer to the squad after full time… Aye, not to forget, you also have suddenly good numbers of people (at least in the SM) asking for…Kauczinski to be sacked… Sad times, if you ask me…


This one was really a riddle (OK, every FCSP game is one, let’s move). A squad, in theory still in the promotion race, still trying to recover from last weekend’s Hell of Sankt Pauli (our personal Hell this time) and going there to prove that this has been left behind against an opponent fighting to avoid relegation. No predictions about the winner here but, having suffered last week first hand (and sick at the same time), one thing was looking quite likely: couldn’t be worse than last week…

First (bad) omens from Soridon, Sky box down. Eventually streaming worked instead, only to find after full time that some bastard neighbor had messed with the sat dish cabling on the roof ^^

Game on, with FCSP looking in control just for the opening minutes and SVS scoring on their first visit in our box, a goal correctly disallowed though, due to offside. Still 0-0 and still control of the game for FCSP but just that. Ball possession for FCSP, SVS observing the situation and, in terms of opportunities, just a half chance with a Lankford diving header, following a Zander deep cross (18′). After the opening 20′, SVS, feeling more safe, started balancing the game – as result of it, everything was looking even by the time clock hit 30′. First warning shot by Gislason on 31′ following a majestic Dudziak fuck-up between our box and midfield – he accepted the gift, moved towards the box from the right but Himmelmann was ready and repelled his shot to a corner. No second warning, next one was a goal. Diekmeier managed to cross only the entire pitch from the right without being stopped by anyone before he tries the cross towards the heart of the box, where Wooten won Zander, Avevor and Himmelmann with a header for the 1-0 on 34′. Messy game afterwards, a penalty request (handball, it was) for FCSP on 39′ and… 2-0 on 43′. Gislason stole the ball behind the center and found Förster behind the back of everybody, he ran all the way, hunted by heavily exhaling brown white jerseys, before he finishes from 14m (to the left) for the second. This could become even worse in zero time but Förster this time missed from close distance (how did you do that man?) after a pinball SVS combination in our box, among stunned people wearing the brown white (44′). Half time whistle to our salvation, SVS-FCSP 2-0..

Message by the guest block (image source:, ©️ Witters)

SVS managed to officially end the game already from the dressing rooms. Diekmeier again the cross from the right, Schleusener the header this time, ALL ALONE, without even having to jump. Took them only 21″ for the 3-0 and, before we even have time to realise that we’re fucked beyond redemption, 4-0 on 49′. People, I have no words to descibe this one, hopefully will find some link to attach at the end of this. Simply TRAGIC, a bunch of walking men observing the other guy (Förster), like in an uneven Sunday league match… COMPLETE BROWN WHITE DISINTEGRATION in the pitch, something that was respected by SVS who chose, instead of finishing us with a score that none of us would ever forget, to just shut down the engines and operate in maintenance mode for the rest of the game. At least, this is the only explanation I have for the game ending only 4-0. This actually gave a chance to FCSP not only to breathe but to try for the consolation goal as well. A Flum shot outside the box, easily to corner by Schuhen on 54′. Another one by Diamantakos on 57′ who managed to free himself in a magic way and lost the obvious in front of Schuhen, who beat him. Last one, a Buchtmann shot outside the box, repelled by again by Schuhen on 61′, that was all. Not much of the game for the closing 30′ with SVS satisfied and FCSP unable to do anything. I actually think that the ref kept less than the required injury time, in order to relieve everybody from further torment. Full time SVS-FCSP 4-0 and there could be more…

Regarding the squad:

This is the saddest bunch that has been seen recently wearing the brown white jersey. It’s not about not being able to play, it’s about not even being able to walk. Never player bullying here, never happened, never will but watching the 4-0 situation is simply disheartening and this is a lenient way to put it. No, will not go that far to say that players don’t play because they don’t like the coach or something (read that, get serious!), I’ll say that this squad yesterday surrendered unconditionally. You don’t do that for various reasons, call it professionalism, call it respect or dedication to your club, and so on and so forth. Have seen that happening against better squads but, ffs, getting spared a futsal score by Sandhausen???

Coach Kauczinski has an issue here. His issue is not about getting the squad promoted (if you ask me, I have no problem with 4th place, sounds actually quite flattering for the squad that was last in Liga 2 table in terms of ball possession before the game vs SVS), it’s about (as wisely GSP Charlie said) stopping the freefall and proving that he’s able to gain control of the situation when required. Everything else can be discussed end of season and coach is not a scapegoat, what we all see in the pitch is result of collective work, extending much further than the bench.

Regarding the fans:

Read after the match that two things happened in the guest block: a) support stopped on 50′ after 4-0 and b) squad was whistled and sprayed beer in front of the guest after full time. At the extend that both of them are true:

a) it’s funny hearing such accusations towards the guest block from people that barely make trips. I don’t know if this is right or wrong, this is an Ultra thing, the way I see it as a non-Ultra is that after such dissapointment I would probably not support as well. Not because I wouldn’t want but because I wouldn’t be able to. These people usually keep doing it, did you people think that asking them to go on yesterday (considering also H$V) would be too much? And, as said at the beginning of the paragraph, depends always on who makes the criticism. Still, the way to go is not the banner depicted above (half time picture) either. The need to defend against certain accusations, some of them really unfair, doesn’t mean that is right to deflect the fire on the very squad that we’re supposed to support, and this brings us to…

b) (repeating here that this is according to the info we have, if there’s another version of the story, is really welcome on the comment section – always open) Really??? After 2 consecutive (really) bad results? We’re talking FCSP here, not fuckin’ Real Madrid, no fuckin’ PSG. We’re not a club defined by the success we make into the pitch, we’re rather defined by who we are. In this sense, these people that whistled and sprayed beer the squad better go back home, stand in front of the mirror and ask themselves the good old question, “Warum bist du Sankt Pauli?”…

Let’s also talk about the people that suddenly want Kauczinski out. Seriously, eh? For most of you it was all roses a couple of weeks ago when we were going towards the Millerntor massacre. There were also a lot of promotion ambitions as well. Ambitions based on what? Anyone could see that that this one is an OK squad but not among the top 3 squads of the league (especially with such a defensive function). Still we were (and we still are, more at the end) among the teams chasing promotion. This could be either result of luck or result of Kauczinski getting rabbits out of the hat, the fact is that, regardless these two heavy slaps, Kauczinski still has the squad at a place quite flattering considering our overall football ability, as written above. And suddenly we want him out now? To bring who? To do what?

Lots of frustration, lots of toxicity, at least there’s something good on the horizon, the break coming ahead. A good opportunity for the squad to try and regroup (this is a crazy league, 8 matchdays are still enough for 4 points, of course this can happen only if Union gives us a couple of more gifts and we keep our shit together) and a good opportunity for all of us to take sometime with ourselves, some distance from our personal passion and try to think in a more “inclusive” way, like the club we follow and support. Next one is Friday 29/3, MSV Duisburg (we don’t like them) coming at Millerntor, let’s become again the hosts that we should be, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


  Zander   Avevor   Hoogma   Buballa

Dudziak (Flum 51′)        Knoll

                Möller Daehli      Buchtmann      Lankford (Miyaichi 84′)

              Meier (Diamantakos 52′)


Match goals:

1:0 Wooten (34′, Header, Diekmeier)

2:0 Förster (43′, Right foot shot, Gislason)

3:0 Schleusener (46′, Header, Diekmeier)

4:0 Förster (49′, Left foot shot)

Spectators:  10657

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann(6)

Match highlights


Further reading:


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