Matchday 06: FC Sankt Pauli – MSV Duisburg 2-0

Posted: September 15, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Job Done!

When a matchday happens to take place on Monday, the excitement has one more reason to be there loud. The game takes place on 21:15 which means that after a hard day’s work, I get to chill out with buddies drinking beers’n’stuff while our beloved SP crushes the hell out of the poor bastards who walked in Millerntor just like that thinking they could leave unscarred. Noooooo sir! The Scum gathered and what a pleasant view on our projector. Pitch black outside and so the bugger got to unleash its full color and quality. All looked great. An element missing to make the night a true success was a three pointer from SP. Of Course the boys in brown would not disappoint us.


First half starts and it is a nice thing to see our two fresh ones, Dudziak and Hornschuh being trusted by the coach for the basic 11. The action in those first 45’ layed low. Sankt Pauli didn’t rush anything and seemed a bit stunned in the beginning, giving room to MSV. Their efforts though gave reason to why they are last in ranks. No serious threat to Himmelmann and most of their attacks were cleared by Ziereis and Sobiech before they actually managed to cause a threat.  Our first moment (?) was on 8’ when Buchtmann tried a really long ball which ended in the hands of Ratajczak. On 12’ Alushi tried a really distant free shot with no luck at all. Went right behind the nets. A free shot from MSV on 14’ had almost the same luck. Sobiech was in place and cleared the scene sending the ball to corner and then again the same player swiped away any thoughts MSV had on scoring by sending the ball deep in the field. 19’ and the first bright moment for SP. Thy and Buchtmann leave the ball for Dudziak who cleverly gets free space and shoots but a little left from the opponent’s nets. On 26’ it was time for Thy to test his shooting. Receives the ball 18 meters away from the box and tries a really awkward shoot with no luck. Dudziak seemed to be gaining his confidence in the field claiming the ball a lot more, giving a real headache to MSV defensives who all of a sudden saw the game being transferred to their box. On 32’ the first bright moment for Duisburg when Wiegel tries a counter shot out of nowhere and the ball just slams Himmelmann’s right post.  The action was pretty much it. Besides the back and forth that took place there was no serious attempt that could really lift us of our chair. On 37’ Alushi received the ball and after some dribbling attempted a really weak shot that caused no problem to Ratajczak. Some weak shots from Dudziak and Buchtmann a little later and then again a free shot from Alushi on 44’ caused no problem to MSV. With this and that the first half saw its end.

Second half underway and all our hopes layed on something a bit more alive than the first one. Early action with Rzatkowski on shot but the keeper seemed to be in place and led the ball into a corner. On 58’ Ziereis sends the ball away from our box with a header, repelling possible threat but Wiegel receives it and tries a shot from 18 meters but has no luck. Flanking kept coming and going from both teams but with had the same end. Ball driven to corner from the opponent keeper or stopped by the defensives. 66’ and this is a thing we will not see Ewald Lienen doing occasionaly. Two player substitutions. Maier and Picault for Buchtmann and Dudziak. Lienen clearly was not happy with the tie. This was a game that offered us three points and we needed to have em.  And the chance was given on 68’. On a really strict decision from the ref, when Bomheuer and Thy claimed the ball, ref saw a foul on Thy and whistled for a penalty kick. A moment we really need to see again and again, that carried plenty of chit chat about if it was right or wrong, and to be totally honest on second view I don’t think it was. Anyway we had such calls against us  many times so…Sobiech on 70’ took the shot and scored. 1-0 and the three points looked closer than ever. MSV carried on without their coach as he was expelled from the bench due to inappropriate behavior. But they really didn’t seem able to turn the twist. Game went on with less action. A flank from Dausch on 76’ went straight to Himmelmann’s hands. On 80’ Rzatkowski sees a yellow for a clear foul he made in order to cut out Wiegel’s attack.  On 83’ Verhoek comes in for  Sobota, and on 87’ Maier sets things right and ends the game. After a splendid pass from Picault, he executes Ratajczak from 20 meters. 2-0 for SP and the game had no more. Last minutes passed real quick with MSV players losing their temper, going into bad attempts and receiving two more yellow cards. Finally the whistle blew for the last time leaving Sankt Pauli with three more points in the pocket, and third in the ranks.

I heard something there in the back…What was it? Bundesliga? Who said that? Anyway. We have to focus here cos nothing is won here. It is really early for assumptions and high hopes and loud talking. We must first secure the stay and then look for more. But there goes the voice in the back again screaming. Bundesliga… And why wouldn’t  it after all?  We’ve beaten some of the monsters of this liga, and our appearance shows progress. We enter the field as a team now and someone that witnessed the last year’s squad can hardly find similarities other than the names on the back of the shirts from our players. The team has a vision and a game plan. There’s a steady 11 player body that works and onto it coach adapts, ads and removes. The 4-2-3-1 system seems to work well and at last we seem to be having a scouting department that knows the job. Let’s not rush things though. We still have a long way to go.   Next mission is this Sunday against Eintracht Braunschweig out. Let’s show them how it is done.

Line Up:


Hornschuh  Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Rzatkowski Alushi

Sobota (Verhoek 83′) Buchtmann (Maier 66′) Dudziak (Picault 66′)


Match goals:

1:0 Sobiech (70, Right foot penalty)

2:0 Maier (87, Right foot shot, Picault)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(1), Rzatkowski(2)

Match highlights


Further reading:


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