Matchday 14: FC Sankt Pauli – Fortuna Düsseldorf 4-0

Posted: November 11, 2015 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Thy reigns supreme!!

The world shook this Monday. Not because Sankt Pauli won. No. We are getting used to that. It is true. Ewald Lienen has turned this team into a heart breaking armada. Solutions in the back and the front are available and no matter how good or bad someone is, when they play, they all work as one. But this Monday…Oh man. If someone told me what my eyes would witness as I was on my way to our joint for the game, I would tell him that his imagination needed a strain…Ok you know what…Just read below.


Whistle sounded and early on 5’ Maier makes us jump of our seats and almost choke on our almonds, when his 40 meter free shot went a little above Fortuna’s posts. Early thrill and a spoiler on what was about to follow. Lienen as an answer to the offensive infertility decided to aid with a  change of system. 4-2-3-1 for SP and the new system seemed to bring fruit. On 12’ Thy takes advantage of a quick pass from Buballa and executes right. 1-0 for Sankt Pauli. Fortuna seemed willing to turn the bad start but all the efforts stopped in the granite wall forged by our defensives. Offensively though Thy seemed to be having set his own party. On 20’ he tries to break through Fortuna’s lines but he get’s stopped. Then again on  21’ forcing Bellinghausen on foul. And that was the moment. The free shot is executed. Sobota flanks and opens the ball. Ziereis with a header sends the ball first on Rensing’s right post and then to Thy who once again scores. 2-0 for Sankt Pauli on 22’ and Fortuna seemed more desperate than ever. A desperation that led to faulty decisions both in offense and defense, like the yellow Ya Konan saw for foul game against Sobiech. Sankt Pauli had no intent to be kept back though. On 35’ Hornschuh sends a distant pass to Choi who tries to beat Rensing but gets stopped. Same luck had Rzatkowski on 37’ where he tries to control the ball in Fortuna’s box but Rensing is there once more. Sankt Pauli kept hammering poor Fortuna till the end of the first half when Maier on 45’ flanks from the left and shoots but Rensing once again saves the day. Half time .

2-0!!! ((c)dpa)

2-0!!! ((c)dpa)

Second half underway and Fortuna looked like chasing the opportunity to reach a first goal. Every attempt though ended in SP feet. Our party though carried on well. On 53’ Maier tries to open F95 with a long ball but Rensing blocks. Same thing on 59’ in a shoot from Choi. He sends the ball corner and then clears it. On 64’ Dudziak takes Maier’s place in the game giving speed to our center. On 69’ Sobota flanks and opens the ball to Thy who seemed relentless. With a nice header he makes the score 3-0. This 4-4-2 Lienen chose to go with in this match seemed to work in favor of our head player. Thy for the first time didn’t have to do much cos the ball just seemed to be looking for him than the other way around. Sankt Pauli seemed to have fun against Fortuna who looked like us a year ago. Maybe because they got Rachid Azzouzi as sporting director. Sankt Pauli looked like a cat playing with its pray. Irritation took place in Fortuna’s lines as nothing seemed to work for them. On the contrary Sankt Pauli kept swirling around Fortuna’s box looking for the fourth. And this happened by…Yep. You guessed right. Lennart Thy after an exquisite pass from Rzatkowski sets the number on 4, a little before the end of the match. On 85’ he scores his 4th goal for Sankt Pauli and 5th personal for him this year. 5 minutes later after Dudziak attempting one final break into the box,  the ref whistles the end before even the 90’ comes to an end.

Yes, you can take it home boy :-) (source:

Yes, you can take it home boy 🙂 (source:

Did you understand what you just read? Lennart Thy against Fortuna and the aftermath showed mutilated F95 trying to hide her shame and Lennart laughing over her rotting carcass. Don’t know what it is though. Maybe Thy took it personally for some reason. Maybe he was denied entrance to a local Düsseldorf pub and decided that this was reason enough for him to start moving his ass a bit more in the field. Maybe he decided to become a player rather than just being there as the 11th of the squad. Or maybe it is the fact that coach Lienen decided to put an aid on his shoulder by changing the system using 2 players up front. Maybe it is all the above. Who the fuck cares? Sankt Pauli made a statement with this victory. Us being second in the ranks is not at all by chance motherfuckerzzz. You’re into Millerntor? You are into your worst nightmare. Next game is Saturday the 21st  in 1860 München. Oh poor München!!!

Line Up:


Hornschuh L. Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Buchtmann (Nehrig 84′) Rzatkowski

Sobota Choi (Kalla 73′) Maier (Dudziak 67′)


Match goals:

1:0 Thy (12′, Right Foot Shot, Buballa)

2:0 Thy (22′, Right Foot Shot, Ziereis)

3:0 Thy (69′, Header, Sobota)

4:0 Thy (85′, Left Foot shot, Rzatkowski)

Spectators: 29017

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann(3), Choi(1), Hornschuh(2)

Match highlights

Further reading:


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