Matchday 27: SV Sandhausen – FC Sankt Pauli 0-2

Posted: March 20, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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The Boyz are back in Town!

Ok this is what I love about this team. Despite the whole ideology thing, which of course comes first, when it comes to the field, one who watches for long knows he can see the best and the worst. The best was about to find us this Saturday. After two matchdays of pure pain, it was time Sankt Pauli turned the page. Poor Sandhausen was the receiver of SP’s wrath. Dirty job but someone had to do it don’t you think?


First half underway and the boys in brown bunkered SVS inside their box. Early result as on 8’ Alushi opens a nice one for Thy and he used his forehead and …Goooal! Damn it that’s what we’d call an early start. Of course the early successful beginning wouldn’t carry on with all the peaks in the game someone would expect. Sankt Pauli had SVS nailed to the wall the whole time but this would mostly happen with efforts on braking through a second one ending to fail and SVS simply having constantly their engines shut. On 16’ Bouhaddouz tries to flank but gets stopped by Sobiech. Corners from both sides end up wasted.  SP definitely has ball possession. The chit chat of almost all the Scum team that gathered to mentally support was the biggest proof that the game had literally nothing to show other than the yellow card Kulovits received on 33’ for foul play against Thy and futile attempts from both sides. The next big thing came on 40’ when Rzatkowski steals the ball from SVS defensives and passes to Alushi, who takes his time with it and sends it back to Rzatkowski who shoots wisely above Knaller and scores the second one for SP. Lessons on how to make a goal keeper look stupid from Mr Marc Rzatkowski for this first half. A game were SP had ball possession but on the same time had no excitement other than the two goals.

Second half underway and the big surprise is on the table as while I was away for lunch through the break, a big cake awaited for me as a result of Ritado’s name day celebration. (Fuck St. Theodore and his buddy/Happy name day Ritado!). Anyway back to the game. More boring than just watching my bellybutton pile up fluff.  Anyway SVS looked a bit more aggressive on this second half without of course any valuable threat. On 54’ Jovanovic fires a shot from 20 meters. Himmelmann secures it. On 75’ Kalla attempts to shoot but gets blocked by SVS defense. On 84’ Himmelmann stretches his arms for the second time in this game when he blocks a ball from Wooten, and then again on 90+2’ when he blocks a dangerous header from Bouhaddouz. With this and that the final whistle sounds.

Ok apparently these are three easily won points. Seems that whith the absence of the pursuit of Bundesliga playoffs, the team plays with no stress and ends up in gaining results. Well what can I say? Go team I guess. Bad results are a past and all our attention lays with the next game on Friday 1/4 (league break this weekend) with FC Union Berlin inside Millerntor. Let us repeat tonight’s march shall we? Forza Sankt Pauli damn it…

Line Up:


Hornschuh Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Rzatkowski Nehrig

Buchtmann (Keller 90′)  Alushi (Gonther 83′) Kalla (Maier  76′)


Match goals:

0:1 Thy (8′, Header, Alushi)

0:2 Rzatkowski (40′, Left Foot Shot, Alushi)

Spectators: 7043

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(5, misses next match)

Match goals


Further reading:


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