Matchday 22: FC Sankt Pauli – Karlsruher SC 5-0!!!

Posted: February 28, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Ok. Noone…No let me say that better. NOONE would expect something like this.   Monday night is always a hard one, but this particular Monday everything worked in favor. Everyone was there. Soridon packed (same situation at Locomotiva, red line on all along the game) and everyone waited for the win. But this? Fuck man…Still can’t believe it. First whistle of the game sounded and the rest follows below. Biiiig breath and off we go.


Action starts early on 3’ with Daehli showing his intentions after messing around with two KSC defensives , shooting but getting blocked. On 5’ Sahin runs like hell from his side trying to open the ball for Bouhaddouz but all he earns is a corner. Corner kick executed and here we are findin’ ourselves off from our chairs as Hornschuh takes the header and sends the ball straight to Orlishausen’s nets. The second manages to drive it away to a second corner, which he secures. Sahin though, was in a great mood. Always running from the side causing trouble to KSC defensives, only this time he was looking the field as well. The 12th minute was the first blow. Sahin running from the right side. Passes everyone in front of him and shoots. The ball hit the post but there was Daehli to turn the lights down for KSC. 1-0 for Sankt Pauli and the night was still young. On 16’ KSC wants to answer but the pass from Diamantakos finds some players offside. On 17’ Heerwaagen saves the day for Sankt Pauli driving a really dangerous KSC shoot, going straight inside our nets, to a corner. On 20’ Daehli passes everyone on sight and Orlishausen barely makes it to save the ball before it was too late. 25’ and Daehli with Sahin make dribbling and exchanging passes in the opponent penalty area look really easy. Something tries to be worked out there but the ball gets clear from KSC. Sankt Pauli domination all the way. 10 minutes later though Heerwaagen has to do his second great stoppage. Diamantakos goes for the corner and the ball ends to Thoelke’s head. Heerwaagen saves it. The action followed that pace almost till the end of the first half. On 43’ Bouhaddouz tries a weak 25 meter shot. Easy job for Orlishausen who doesn’t have to move a muscle as the ball goes a bit away from his post. On 45’ though he has to move his ass really fast as Bouhaddouz comes at 15 meters after a pass from Daehli and becomes dangerous. Orlishausen saves his nets one more time in this first 45’. Not for long though. Whistle sends the players to their lockers.

Second half underway and damn me. There should me an ‘X’ symbol on the top right corner of the screen for these 45’. 4’ after the whistle,  the usual suspect, Cenk Sahin, runs through the field against KSC penalty area. His shot-pass, gets repelled by Orlishausen and ends up to Sobota who takes advantage and scores our second.  Couple of minutes later, on 52’ Sobota now, clears his way through KSC nets and sends a direct pass to Bouhaddouz who shoots and sets fire to the entire game. Big feast I’m tellin ya. KSC players were completely lost at that point. Sporadic movements here and there but nothing organized and nothing we should be afraid of. On 55’ Sahin again get’s tackled just before he manages to pass the ball. Not the same situation though on 58’ were Bouhaddouz and Sahin exchange passes and Bouhaddouz is left with the ball at his feet before Orlishausen and scores our 4th goal. KSC seemed desperate. But what looked more desperate were the KSC ULTRAS. Those scumbags should be more careful next time when they decide to raise a banner talking trash against the team that hosts the game. It was ssssssooooo amusing watching the stunned KSC douchebag Ultras who an hour ago or so raised a banner sayin’ “Pauli Verrecke” and shit like that.  You got to be really stupid to choose to insult a team like Sankt Pauli using a diminishing word (meaning “Die like an animal” or something like that) Nazis loved to use.  Now look at your faces … 4 goals for a raging Sankt Pauli feeding fire and iron the poor KSC. Even in their few attempts on target, Heerwagen kept bullying them by blocking everything without any sweat. On 66’ Hoffer shoots and Heerwagen repels it, and the same goes for Diamantakos shot on the rebound that followed. On 72’ Heerwagen blocks a KSC attempt on goal. Then, on 79’ it is tombstone. Bouhaddouz ends up with the ball after passing almost through Figueras and scores the 5th goal for Sankt Pauli and his personal third for the game. On 80’ Heerwagen says no once again, this time to Prömel who though he could shoot against him. On 81’ Thy with the ball. Just a breath away from turning the scoreboard to a six. And Sankt Pauli kept hammering. Even in these last minutes. Buchtmann to a corner and Bouhaddouz with a header just a little away from the post. On 84’ Kalla shoots from a central position 15 meters away from Orlishausen but gets blocked. On 88’ Thy again just misses it. The game ends in the first minute of the xtra time and the last “FUCK OFF” from Heerwagen to KSC, blocking a shot from Diamantakos from something like 20 meters away.

“Pauli Verrecke” huh? Who’s laughing now motherfuckers? A glorious Sankt Pauli performance and I mean it. Glorious. Even Thy gave the impression of someone that could score. Everything worked. Defensively and offensively Sankt Pauli delivered lessons on how to unfold an attack able to break the opponent’s defense into pieces. That is how the Hell of Millerntor feels like mofos. The PERFECT Sankt Pauli gave us a night to remember. Of course nothing is solved and no one is allowed to sit in his relaxing couch. We are one position above relegation and us crushing those bastards today doesn’t mean that our problems are solved. We are above relegation and we need to keep it that way. This Saturday it is us against 1860 München out. Let’s keep the momentum we gained over those 4 last games. Forza SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Dudziak  Hornschuh  Gonther  Buballa

 Nehrig  (Thy 70′)  Buchtmann

 Cenk Sahin (Kalla 75′)  Möller Daehli (Flum 63′)  Sobota


Match goals:

1:0 Möller Daehli (12′, Right Foot Shot, Cenk Sahin)

2:0 Sobota (50′, Right Foot shot, Cenk Sahin)

3:0 Bouhaddouz (52′, Right Foot Shot, Sobota)

4:0 Bouhaddouz (58′, Left Foot Shot, Cenk Sahin)

5:0 Bouhaddouz  (79′, Left Foot shot)

Spectators: 29073

Sankt Pauli cards: Cenk Sahin(7)

Match highlights (juicy this time ^^)


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