Matchday 04: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Heidenheim 1-0

Posted: August 27, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Buzzer Beater

A Saturday game at last. Damn it things have gotten really tight for the Scum squad as one of us is abroad for work and the rest working crazy hours. The team needs us there though and games can’t be missed. This Saturday against Heidenheim was the perfect time to catch up. Two lost games in a row. One in DFB Pokal against Paderborn and the other against Darmstadt for the liga. This couldn’t go on.


First half was not exactly what we’d expect.  Both teams were cautious up to a point were there was no rhythm to it. Most of the game was played in the middle and whenever there was a breakthrough to each other’s box, the attempt was stopped early enough to even make us jump from our chairs. On 7’ Busch tries to open a high ball for header to our box, but Himmelmann  blocks it safe. On 14’ Müller gives us a present by losing the ball for a moment, but no one is there to take advantage of it, so everything stays as we know it. In this first half, if we have to be dead honest, we’d have to give Heidenheim the ball possession. But again this makes no difference as what they did with that ball possession was distant shots that had no luck at all, and attempts on creating goal that got stopped easily from our defense. On 22’ after a corner of Heidenheim, our former player, Verhoek, finds the ball to his feet. Shoots only to be blocked by Buballa. The first really dangerous moment in the game , belonged to Heidenheim once again. On 27’, Feick shoots a strong diagonal shot. Himmelmann falls to the right place just in case but Feick’s ball goes a few meters to the left and out. The answer was instant from Sankt Pauli who seemed to control the game so far. 29’ and Dudziak shoots and sends the ball a bit higher than the posts. The action ends on 43’ with Bouhaddouz attempting to shoot the ball but failing to do so. 1 minute of extra time and both teams head on to the lockers.

Second half underway and things looked soooo different. At some point both teams needed to open up. On 49’ Dovedan receives the ball after Dudziak fails to send it away and shoots a strong shot,  luckily a couple centimeters left of our post. Tables change here though as after 50’ Sankt Pauli seemed to push more and threaten more. Heidenheim looked like it was out of juice. On 78’ Buchtmann shoots a distant shot a bit above Müller’s post. On 84’probably the biggest chance of the game so far. Flum sends the ball to Möller Daehli  and he opens for Bouhaddouz who receives the header alone but sends the ball above Heidenheim posts.  Same header for Bouhaddouz two minutes later. Same luck as before only this time to the right side. It looked like we had seen all we had to see in the game. Sankt Pauli definitely made up for the first half’s sluggishness. With no result though. Not until the third minute of extra time. Last corner ball for Sankt Pauli. Executed . The ball lands on Heidenheim defensives and in particular Theuerkauf who fails to send the ball away sending it right before Flum’s feet. Flum takes advantage of the gift and saves the day for Sankt Pauli.

3 precious points won today in a game of great importance. Two straight losses for us and this win brought us back to gaining our confidence. Too early to talk about our position in the ranks or stuff like that. What we mostly need right now is the team to gain the confidence a winner has. And this is what it looks we did today. Let’s do it again on Monday 11th September against Nürnberg. Well done to the boys. Forza Sankt Pauli.


Line Up:


Dudziak Avevor  Hornschuh   Buballa

 Nehrig (Flum 62′)  Buchtmann

Sobota      Cenk Sahin

  Allagui (Möller Daehli 46′) Bouhaddouz

Match goals:

1:0 Flum (90+3′, Right Foot shot, Buchtmann)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Some really nice fan (Hafenzecken!) shots (entrance/full time)

Flum’s last moment goal (fan video – full highlights in embedded form here)


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  1. Πέτρος says:

    Επισήμως το παιχνίδι ήταν sold out !!!
    Στα τηλεοπτικά πλάνα δεν φάνηκε αυτό, έδειχνε η Haupttribüne να έχει καθ’ όλη την διάρκεια του παιχνιδιού κενά καθίσματα… :-/

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