Matchday 06: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Ingolstadt 04 0-4

Posted: September 17, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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What the Fuck….

Second game this week for our beloved brown white squad.  The game on Monday against Nürnberg was the part of us being bad but lucky enough to take the three points. Saturday’s game was the part of us still being bad but paying the price.


First half underway.  Ealry on 6’ a foul by Hornschuh executed by Kittel. The ball goes in our nets. What a start huh?  0-1 for Ingolstadt and the game had just begun. The team looks stunned but tries to answer on 19’ with Nehrig. Zander passes cleverly and opens nicely. Nehrig gets the header but no luck with his aim. On 20’ a dangerous shot from Pledl slightly misses our nets. Not on 33’ though. Pledl again fucks up our defense and leaves Träsch open with the ball who easily doubles the score. On 40’ many said Schröck took the ball illegally from Nehrig but at the point it made no difference. Our feet where already cut. The ball goes to Lezcano who scores the third one for Ingolstadt. Then Kittel again at 45’+3 passes everyone and scores again.  Fffffffffuuuuuuuck!!!!

Second half underway and what we are all hoping for is a Sankt Pauli totally different than the first half. Yeah right. Nothing changes. Cement around our feet and off we go. Slow  and dumb game play. Passes that have no receiver and personal attempts that lead nowhere. Ingolstadt seemed to be cooling down the engines. Didn’t need another goal yet. First good attempt in the entire game comes on 74’ from Allagui. Reverse shot that slightly misses, going a little above Nyland’s upper post. Substitutions and stuff take place but really nothing important to mention on that second half. Last chance in the game was Allagui again on 88’. A distant free kick from 25 meters hits the wall. Corner executed but ..Guess what..Nothing. Final whistle came as a salvation for us and the players.

Ok despite the bad result, we cannot be harsh with the squad here. Sankt Pauli suffers the loss of basic players. Bouhaddouz was in the basic 11 today but really not 100% there, and Sobiech was in as a substitution on 69’, a sign that he is still not 100% healed. Buchtmann wasn’t even there.  The team suffers a lot in the mid line. This has a dramatic result to our players who are constantly moving forward and backward, without having someone to hold the ball to the middle and let them catch a breath. Of course many claim (and I don’t know if I argue 100% with it) that there wasn’t sufficient preparation and this is why the players look so tired all the time.  Don’t know. Still got lot of games to go and this should be just a bad result for us and nothing more. Next game is on Tuesday against Holstein Kiel. All of us are there. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


 Zander  Avevor  Hornschuh (Sobiech 69′) Dudziak Buballa

 Nehrig      Flum (Allagui 46′)

Cenk Sahin      Sobota

        Litka    Bouhaddouz (Schneider  62′)

Match goals:

0:1 Kittel (6′, Right Foot Free Kick)

0:2 Träsch (33′, Right foot Shot)

0:3 Lezcano (40′, Right foot Shot, Schröck)

0:4 Kittel (45+3′, Right foot Shot, Lezcano)

Spectators: 29380

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

No highlights, didn’t found any (really!)


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