Matchday 07: Holstein Kiel vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-1!

Posted: September 20, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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DID Sankt Pauli!

source: © Witters

This is insane… The squad who made a first class clown of themselves on Saturday went to Holstein Stadion to play the table leaders Holstein Kiel and, with smart play and focus for 90′, managed to tear them down from the top! This is the attitude, this is the squad we want to see, the only problem is that this sequence of events simply doesn’t make sense 🙂


Excused from worked in panic, saying that I need to go football (gut gemacht Greg 😀 ), finally making it to the TV before kickoff only thanks to the 10′ kick off delay (we’ll get back to this at the end of the post ^^), while almost my entire South End Scum crew was gathered at Soridon, all these following Saturday… Dark thoughts regarding the match outcome on the way, completely eliminated by kick-off, bollocks over, game on 😉

Balanced game at the beginning, a couple of test attempts for Kiel (a Kinsombi header on 10′ and a Schindler long shot wide, immediately afterwards) and the first big chance of the game for Kiel on 12′, again a Kinsombi header but this time much more dangerous and Himmelmann had to try really hard to deflect the ball, Drexler sidenetted on the rebound but from an almost impossible angle. Immediate response by FCSP with a counter attack (13′) that ended with Neudecker trying his luck from the left side into the box but Kronholm was ready and blocked the ball. FCSP managed to keep control of the game and nothing really significant until 29′ and the Drexler 45-degree shot (result of inadequate defending in the first place) but Sobiech (been sooo badly missed), with Himmelmann waiting right behind, gave the solution but still this was close. With half an hour on the clock FCSP started expressing appetite for something more, first warning shot by FCSP with a Dudziak 17m shot, facing the net, finding Kronholm again ready on 34′. There was not another one, after some physical escalation and a couple of cards, the next one was right on target! Good football from FCSP, good passing sequence, ball to Neudecker, the parallel assist to Flum and GOAL FOR FCSP on 44′!!! Time not only not enough for Kiel to do something, not even enough for the noise to chill down. HT 0-1 with FCSP, out of the blue, on the driver’s seat 🙂

Johannes Flum has just executed the hosts (source: © Witters)

2nd half resumed, with game becoming even more physical, especially from Kiel, but with FCSP having actually control of the game and nothing significant had happened until 59′ when we almost ripped out our eyes with our own hands but Himmelmann stretched at the last moment and prevented Zander’s (heads up!) suicidal back-pass from ending up at the back of our net… Kiel’s increasing hard play started taking its toll, it resulted to 2 FCSP substitutions due to injury, first one Dudziak on 70′ (get well, Litka in). FCSP still in control and a good opportunity on 73′ with Allagui (in from 63′ for Bouhaddouz) getting into the box from the right, under surveillance, trying a diagonal shot which found Kronholm once more ready, ball blocked. Ack! Chance out of nothing for Kiel on 75′ with Seydel intervening in the course of a Mühling ball that looked more like a shot and almost sending us to the hospitals but ball ended not far from Himmelmann’s left post, phew… Another mandatory substitution for FCSP, Sobota 76′ (get well too, Kalla in). This, increasing as time was passing, Kiel hard foul play was finally punished on 83′ with Herrmann taking his marching steps after a 2nd yellow. Kiel decided to play all in and moved full speed ahead, including Kronholm who camped inside our box to restore headcount balance. A lot of pressure but nothing really serious (they didn’t get punished either) until 95′ and a last moment dreadful Kinsombi volley rocket going straight in but Himmelmann… oh man, words are cheap, take a look at the picture below 🙂 Moments afterwards full time in general euphoria 😀

Look at Himmelmann, look at the security guy behind 😀 (source: © Witters)

What the fuck was that? Of course, FCSP didn’t play world class football but this squad had nothing to do with the sorry bunch that tasted the floor vs Ingolstadt just 3 days ago. It’s not all (can’t be) about “psychology”, maybe it was the early goal that disorganized us on Saturday (this is psychology, you dummy!), maybe Sobiech’s return tied the defensive line, allowing further development forward, there can be a million things, we don’t care. We can start caring tomorrow, this is written right after the match, tonight we have the right to just enjoy, we earned it last weekend 😉

Saturday Fortuna at home. Predictions? Are you kidding? Old bastard Charlie has spoken long ago 😀

Line Up:


Zander   Avevor    Sobiech   Buballa

                   Nehrig   Dudziak (Litka 70′)

        Sobota (Kalla 76′)   Flum   Neudecker

                        Bouhaddouz (Allagui 63′)

Match goals:

0:1 Flum (44′, Right foot shot, Neudecker)

Spectators: 11935

Sankt Pauli cards: Zander(1), Bouhaddouz(1), Sobiech(1), Flum(1)

Flum’s golden goal, match highlights  in embedded format here


Further reading:


“Pitch invasion”

As said at the beginning, kick off delayed for 10′. Reason for the delay was a Holstein Kiel “pitch invasion” or, to be more precise, an attempt by a small bunch of local hools to grab a flag from the guest block, an attempt that started successfully but ended in utter failure, after the intervention of the warming up FCSP squad, guy with the flag was chased, finally caught and the flag (or at least the 95% of it 🙂 ) was recovered. But there was more than that. There was an unusually hostile atmosphere in the stadium, so many “Scheiß Sankt Pauli” haven’t heard since Rostock maybe 😀 As usually in life, there was a reason for this also, a couple of days ago a local fan banner has been reported missing ^^ No idea who or what but such braveries are much more fit to championships like Greek Superleague or places like the German forests, for sure not in there… Let’s all enjoy some scenes of brown white defending 😀

Flag returned back to where it belongs (source: © Witters)

We really don’t know what happened here ^^ (source: © Witters)

Now we know 😉

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