Matchday 32: Dynamo Dresden vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1…

Posted: May 5, 2019 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2018-19
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A bitter aftertaste

The Boys in Brown lost 2-1 in the pigsty of SGD but the bitter aftertaste talked above is not about them. Is more about a game that we did the best we could, deserved to get more of it but eventually lost it out of the blue. Yeah, this is football, normally it should feel like another day at the office but when such shit happens in matches like this one, with its own special sigificance, you just can’t help it…


Things of course weren’t looking pink even before the game, with the injury list resembling the list of absent people in a Greek public sector service in working days between close holidays but with the morale really militant as losing to these dogs is never an option, regardless of the squad condition. Provocation towards the nazis&friends mob of course part of the protocol, hence the Soviet coreo in the guest block. To be completely honest here, these Soviet fetishes are really not our cup of tea, as in the Scum we consider that filthy bastard Joseph Stalin not really different than his early WWII ally, Adolf Hitler but we apparently understand the “symbolism” in this specific time and place 😎🏴‍☠️ Further special program was in place for the occasion, including hits like “Nie wieder Deutschland” (see below) but, unfortunately here, result is not decided on the terraces. To the match:

Of course this wasn’t to be a friends-of-Ronaldinho-vs-friends-of-Maradona game in terms of tactics and field behavior, it was expected to be a really tight one and so it started. Lot of passion but almost nothing in terms of result from both squads. All of these until 12′ and the first SGD opportuntiy with a Berko shot among lots of legs in the box and Himmelmann blocking the ball. Back to normal…until 21′ where the situation in our area ended up with a penalty in favor of SGD for handball awarded to Kalla. This wasn’t a penalty of course, ball deflected on the back of Kalla who was desperately showing the ball mark to the ref during the discussion sessions (!) that took place immediatelly afterwards but without any result. What seems to be the case is that Kalla paid his unconscious move of having his left arm stretched while turning his back on the air. This confused the ref who made the sign of the stretched arm directly after awarding the penalty. Of course there’s no excuse for the ref, he was close and had a good view. Talks didn’t pay back, on with the penalty, Ebert left no chance to Himmelmann, 1-0 for SGD 23′. FCSP directly seized control of the game but without any serious results, except a 20m Hoogma direct powerful free kick, deflected to corner by (fully in control) Wiegers (37′). Last impressive moment of the remaining half belongs to SGD (45+1′) with Himmelmann, the post and then Allagui giving the solution to a Nikolaou close volley but game had been stopped moments before, so this doesn’t count. We had also one (for real) immediately afterwards, a Zehir shot, deflected succesfully by keeper Wiegers (45+2′). There was also the injury substitution of Miyaichi by Zehir on 28′, always concerned when something like that happens to Ryo, hopefully nothing serious. HT SGD 1 – FCSP 0.

Kalla explaining to the ref that this is not result of some love bite but the mark of the ball that he awarded a penalty for (source:, ©️ Witters)

Both squads got into the 2nd half with the same intentions. FCSP trying to find ways, had a decent moment on 53′ with Dudziak being the last recipient of the ball after some good teamwork but his acute angle shot representing no probelm for Wiegers. BREAKTHROUGH ON 57′! Fast, almost vertical ball exchange between Becker, Zehir and Diamantakos, with the latter breaking the SGD offside, storming towards the box, dribbling Wiegers and finishing the job! HELL YES!!! 1-1 for FCSP and the feeling that momentum only can give us the game, something that we really believed a couple of minutes afterwards (59′) when Nikolaou cleared to corner, in the very last moment, a Dudziak parallel cross to, incoming for the 2nd, Diamantakos. Didn’t happen, the moment was lost and we returned to the previous situation… until 75’… Error somewhere in the midfield, fast counter attack for SGD with a parallel confusion in the FCSP ranks regarding who’s doing what and, easier that they could imagine themselves, 2-1 by Burnic for SGD… All in for FCSP, double move by Luhukay on 81′ with Meier for Allagui and Lankford for Dudziak but unfortunately nothing out of them. Just shots. 2 of them (Möller Daehli 78′, Kalla 91′) wide and a distant Becker shot on 93′, blocked by Wiegers, training style…

Deserved for both fans/squad exchange of applause (source:, ©️ Witters)

Ah, that hurt a little. Been over this at the beginning, however there are a couple of positives to keep. Squad went in there with a winning attitude. Of course, creativity wasn’t anywhere to be found with the exception of a few moments, including the equalizer but hard to do so having such an “experimental” (in terms of personnel) squad in the pitch. Also the winner for SGD was a cheap one but, for the very same reason, I would prefer to keep the fact that defense overall was much more solid than expected, always under the circumstances. One thing that seems that needs attention? Maybe personal discipline. In two occasions in the 2nd half (60′ Becker, 82′ Park) the yellows that were awarded could probably be red and, imho, if ref hadn’t found out along the way (probably during HT) that he screwed us with the penalty, things could be different. Some refs don’t really appreciate chopping the legs of the other guy from behind, with the ball already out of reach. Becker at least, with the extreme (healthy 👍🏿) passion and…temper should have this in mind – imagine 2 reds in 2 consecutive matches? Hold your horses a little youth 😎

OK, now what? Season is practically over, argument of giving it all in order to climb over trembling H$V (these idiots did the unbelievable, stay tuned for the next weeks) at the end of the season not expected to work on the squad. If they could feel that Derby thing, they would probably prove it back then, not necessarily with a win but with some more passion in the 2nd half. What CAN work? The fans. Connection with them is part of the squad’s everyday life and playing some good football, in front of the 29.546 (plus personnel, lots of them count as fans) people that will attend Millerntor next Sunday to say goodbye to the squad for the season, sounds like a really good motive here. Then there’s Sonderzug. Last time that Sonderzug stopped Fürth (2/5/2010) was probably the Sonderzug of Sonderzugs, celebrating promotion to the Bundesliga. Now the glamour is missing but the number of people that will take the trip, combined with the trip itself (Fürth is not Kiel), speak for themselves. Let’s hope that the squad will jump on board and we can all celebrate end of season in a proper manner, SCHEISS BUNDESLIGA, WIR SIND SANKT PAULI 😎🤘🏿🏴‍☠️

Line Up:


       Kalla         Hoogma          Buballa

      Park                                         Dudziak (Lankford 81′)

     Miyaichi (Zehir 28′)        Becker             Möller Daehli         

Allagui (Meier 81′)      Diamantakos


Match goals:

1:0 Ebert (23′, Right Foot Penalty)

1:1 Diamantakos (57′, Right Foot Shot, Zehir)

2:1 Burnic (75′, Left Foot Shot, Koné)

Spectators:  30803 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Miyaichi(5, misses next), Becker(1), Park(2)

Match highlights here


Further reading:

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