Matchday 24: FC Sankt Pauli vs VfL Osnabrück 3-1

Posted: March 3, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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You don’t mess with the City Boss!

After beating the crap of H$V it was time for Osnabrück to take their hammering. Sooo relieving to watch Sankt Pauli destroy an opponent in Millerntor. The atmosphere, the crowd, the aura….Everything was there and it made Osnabrück tremble. About time it happened. After all…We’re not Stadtmeister for no reason right?


Action starts early on 5’ when Sobota passes to Knoll and he shoots instantly. Marvin’s shot although dangerous, ends couple of meters away from  Heyer’s left post. Sankt Pauli’s domination over the midline was obvious early enough. On 18’, Miyaichi takes advantage of  Agu being too slow and sends the ball to Diamantakos. His shoot though, goes way above Osnabrück’s upper post causing no further trouble.  Couple of minutes later, on 22’ Diamantakos passes to  Knoll and he leaves the ball to Veerman who shoots. Osnabrück stands lucky initially managing to send it to a corner. The Dutch though is like a great white shark that smells blood. Corner executed on 23’ with Veerman catching the header, opening the score for Sankt Pauli. The goal parade carried on by Sobota couple of minutes later. 35’ and he ends having the ball at his feet. Dribbles around Osnabrück defensives and shoots from 16 meters away turning the score into 2-0 for Sankt Pauli. Sankt Pauli dominated the entire first half with Osnabrück  having actually no say in it. Östigard’s header on 45’+1, although terribly off target, proved our saying. Final whistle one minute after and the players headed on to the lockers.

Second half underway and finds us with  Tashchy taking Veerman’s place our Dutch executioner hit his shoulder and couldn’t carry on. (Nothing serious though). Early on the second, Diamantakos carries on from where we left it in the first one. 48’ and after Knoll’s exquisite pass, he fires off a dynamite turning the score to 3-0 for us. Osnabrück looked so desperate. On 53’, an attempt from them, mostly trying to explain why they were in Millerntor. Ouahim attempts a shot giving us no worries as the ball is weak and goes way beyond Himmelmann’s left post. Couple minutes later though, they prove that even an almost dead rat can bite. It is 56’ and they actually manage to threaten as Agu is left alone with the ball. Himmelmann manages to repel a dangerous shot and then the ball is slowly moved to the midline after many back and forth though , that could be really dangerous. Osnabrück complains there that Knoll blocked Agu illegally but the reff thought different. The answer was instant from Sankt Pauli. Same minute and Sobota almost ends the game when he is left alone with the ball while on counter attack. Tries to shoot but trips and falls with his hand on the ball though so his rebound shoot that hit on defense and entered Osnabrück’s nets, was cancelled! What Sobota failed to do, Tashchy repeated on 69’ . Not in the theatrical way Sobota did, but improvising on his own. Left alone with the ball and shoots. Ball goes parallel to the goal line of Osnabrück. Not much luck on it and yet…some minutes later, all luck and a bad moment on defense was all Ajdini needed to score. 76’ and the ball hits his left thigh, finding its way to our nets for the first time. 2 minutes later, on 79’ Himmelmann has to fly and save our nets from a second goal after a dangerous shot from Blacha. An outburst for Osnabrück caused mostly by our tendency to draw back at some point trying to preserve the score as it is. A tactic which we happily saw withdrawn right after those two opportunities. Action for this second half ends with  Gyökeres on 87’ going just a few meters away from Osnabrück’s right post and a shot from Tashchy on 90’ from close distance but unfortunately, directly on Kühn.

Ok this is what we need to see from now and on. Osnabrück stood no chance believe it or not. Sankt Pauli got in Millerntor with the aura of the king of the city. Decisive and with a solid game plan that everyone followed. Everyone was committed and our overall picture was that of a team having a winning attitude. There was a cleft 10 minute period around 70’ -80’ where we backed up a bit giving them space and suffering a goal (almost a second!!!) but we came up straight forward after that, close to scoring a fourth. Dominated the field is the right expression. This is the face we wanna see on Sunday against Sandhausen and in general. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Tashchy for Veerman (46′)

Flum for Benatelli (65′)

Gyökeres for Diamantakos  (77′)

Match goals:

1-0 Veerman (23′, Header, Knoll)

2-0 Sobota (35′, Right Foot Shot, Veerman)

3-0 Diamantakos (48′, Left Foot Shot,Knoll)

3-1 Ajdini (76′, Left Foot Shot, Henning)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Ohlsson(5, misses next), Sobota(4)

Ack! No highlights seem to be around (!), here’s the Derbysieger Choreo instead 😎

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