Matchday 26: FC Sankt Pauli vs 1.FC Nürnberg 1-0

Posted: May 19, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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First game after a looong time and it was exactly NOT what we expected. The virus and the quarantine had a drastic effect on all teams causing them to lose any momentum created. Despite the three points won today, it looks like we got it worse!


First half underway and Sankt Pauli looks more frozen than ever. Nürnberg seems more decisive and into the game. Our first moment comes on 7’. Benatelli passes to Diamantakos. Diamantakos catches the ball and tries to send it back to Veerman. Defensives manage to stop the pass though. Three minutes later an almost fatal defensive fuck up from us. 10’ and Hack sends to Zrelak, leaving him alone in the back of our defense. Himmelmann rushes towards him and blocks in the first place but he is really away from the safe zone of our box. He is quick though to get up ad with a second shot, to send it downtown before any Nürnberger  got to it before.   The action proceeds and it is clear that we are not into this game at all. Possession for Nürnberg definitely. On 19’ though, Mathenia proceeds on two major saves. First he repels Sobota’s shot from close distance and then he repels Benatelli’s counter shot from a few meters away. On 27’ Himmelmann does the same on Handwerker’s  free kick. Strong and well balanced shot that passes behind the wall but Robin falls true and blocks the shot. No game play from us for the rest of this half. Mostly attempts on counter attacking but still…no plan and everyone looked soooo dazed. On 43’ Becker on an attempt to send the ball away from our nets but does the exact opposite. The ball goes to Zrelak, and he sends to Hack. Himmelmann is out of his perimeter again and this time the ball goes behind him. We’re damn lucky that Dovedan’s shot before the free net area, finds no target.

Second half starts and frankly no one’s expecting anything more than what we saw in the first. We appeared dazed and broken and there was nothing to make anyone believe this could change. Then on 53’, Becker passes nicely to the back of Nürnberg’s defense where Veerman. is left alone. Mathenia falls to secure the ball but proceeds in bringing Veerman down. Red card for Mathenia and Nürnberg is left with 10 . We had to endure a whole first half and  Nürnberg minus one to start actually seeing some football. On 68’ Gyökeres after receiving the ball from Sobota’, sends a header to Ohlsson who shoots but sends the ball higher than he should. Great moment on our behalf giving hopes that we’d might actually nail this. Hopes that Gyökeres proved true on 84’. Sobota sends a nice pass to him . He controls nicely and shoots between three defensives, finding his way to the inner left post, opening the score for Sankt Pauli. Better late than never right? Minutes passed until the full time was completed without any bright moments until 90’+3 for the last chance in the game with Margreitter. He shoots from close distance but his shot is weak and predictable causing no threat for Himmelmann.

Sticking just to the result, we have to be happy. Three points won and 9th in the ranks isn’t actually bad. When where we the ones though that would focus on statistics? The team did not perform. End of the story. Maybe we were a bit better on the second half (playing against 10 though), but still…This is not the Sankt Pauli we wanna see. Let’s hope things will improve as the match days succeed one another although the absence of fans in the stadium is a devastating factor for the team’s psychology. Same shit for everyone though so.,..Heads up and on to the next game. Darmstadt on Saturday. Minds and hearts with the Boys in Brown. Forza Sankt Pauli!

Line Up:


Becker for Diamantakos  (39′)

Gyökeres  for Penney (68′)

Flum for Sobota (86′)

Lawrence for Veerman (86′)

Tashchy for Benatelli (86′)

Match goals:

1-0 Gyökeres (84′, Right Foot Shot, Sobota)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Benatelli(2)

Match (extensive, require Adblocker deactivation but no issues) highlights here

Further reading:

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