Matchday 33: FC Sankt Pauli vs Jahn Regensburg 1-1

Posted: June 23, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Jan-Philipp Kalla – End of an Era

Last game for Jan-Philipp Kalla this one against Regensburg. Was it a coincidence that it was this one that secured our stay? Don’t know. One thing was certain. This downhill had to stop. We had to secure our stay in the second league even in this final moment. The players gave out their message and it appears that after this season ends many bad vibes causing trouble in the team’s spirit, are going away for good! Good riddance is what we say and let’s see what happened in this match day!


Sankt Pauli dominated this first half. Early on 11’ Diamantakos passes to  Gyökeres who shoots a great shot but Weidinger blocks it. On the same minute Veerman manages to cause confusion to Regensburg defense. Messes with the ball and Weidinger fails to secure it. Diamantakos is there, claims it and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. Veerman almost doubled our goals on 15’ when he caught a nice header after a flank from Zander but his aim went a bit higher than it should. Nice chance there and Sankt Pauli kept on hammering. On 19’ an exquisite pass from Sobota ends to Diamantakos’s feet in a really good position. He shoots and Weidinger’s extends his body managing to repel the ball with the tips of his fingers. All Regensburg needed though was just one moment. We are known to provide such moments. On 27’ on an attempt from Ohlsson to send the ball away from our box, but the ball ends with Hein. Hein shoots and although Himmelmann finds the ball with his hand, the ball still ends in our nets. Bad moment there as if Himmelmann had evaluated better he could save the nets. Last moment in this first half comes with Sobota on 34’ where he marches downhill against Regensburg ’s box. Finds his opportunity and takes the shot. Unfortunately not well balanced as it ends a little more left than it should.

Second half underway and we’re still the ones making the calls here. Slightly more balanced though than the first one. On 49’ Veerman in Regensburg’s box with the ball. Shoots but the ball bounces on defensive’s feet and goes out of bounds. Mid line battles and both teams are trying to make it work for a second goal. On 70’ Regensburg on a corner and a rebound shot from Stolze ends out but dangerously close to ending in our nets.  2 minutes later, the response comes from Gyökeres who shoots nicely but the balll’s speed is tuned down by Regensburg defensives. Easy job for Weidinger to block. On 80’ a big moment in the game when Jan-Philipp Kalla enters the field in Zander’s place for the last time in his career. Stood well and it was so bad that there was no crowd in Millerntor to make the moment look and sound right! Last moment in the game on 89’. Quite dangerous actually with Derstroff ending alone with the ball before Himmelmann. Robin places himself well and makes him lose his shot without any foul.

If it was mid-season, we would be talking about a game where we dominated both 45 minutes. A game where we had the chances on our side and had we been a bit luckier we would have three more points, added to the basket. Well this one just secured our stay in the league and now we can lay back and watch the next, last game relaxed not giving a single fuck if we win or lose. We are the kings in Hamburg and we got all the time ahead of us now to celebrate. Especially after the rumors thickening around the scenario that wants the next game to be the last game having this ugly mustache in our bench. Of course the achievement is bitter. We lost from our ranks a player considered to be a flag in our team. Jan-Philipp Kalla hanged his boots in this match day. Kalla was EVERYTHING Sankt Pauli stands for and more. A guy with an active antifascist conscience that went way far beyond words. A man that represented what we stood for and someone we’d like to see , either on the bench or on the field on a matchday. It is saddening the fact that he had to hang his boots on an empty Millerntor but sometimes it is what it is! Jan-Philipp Kalla…Good luck to whatever you do man. Next game against Wiesbaden on Sunday. Final matchday for the season and of course despite the fact that now we have no urgency in claiming any points, we’d love to see our beloved boys in brown crush em. Vibes on that. FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Franzke for Diamantakos (46′)

Coordes for Viet (71′)

Kalla for Zander (80′)

Penney for Gyökeres (80′)

Flum for Sobota (87′)

Match goals:

1-0 Diamantakos (11′, Left Foot Shot, Veerman)

1-1 Hein (27′, Left Foot Shot)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobota(5, end of season), Östigard(8), Senger(1)

Match (require Adblocker deactivation but probably only an ad) goals here

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