Matchday 34: SV Wehen Wiesbaden vs FC Sankt Pauli 5-3

Posted: June 29, 2020 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Club, first thing Monday morning, announced the end of cooperation with Jos Luhukay. Time to slowly start regrouping but this is not going to happen, unless we get rid of this sick-for-success attitude that has led us not only to the struggle for survival instead of the “promised land” but occasionaly negates what we are (or at least, what we’re supposed to be) as a Club as well. In other news, we closed the season by conceding 5 goals from Wiesbaden, who had their farewell party, with us as guests of honor, before returning back to Liga 3…


First, the mandatory view at the game, quite brief this time, after all the match cannot stand a serious discussion…

Game started as expected, with Wiesbaden chasing the remote posibility of KSC losing big at Fürth while they win and bridge the goal difference gap, having us as the perfect opponent for the occasion. This resulted in 2 goals in 2′ (11′ Aigner, 12′ Tietz, both of them with our defense in slumber) which gave them a good head start and, for a while, they imposed the fear of an unprecedented humiliation. However, Wiesbaden, except playing all in, happens to have by far the worst defense in the league and this costed them big – we managed to pull back the two goals with the same ease that we conceded them. Östigard‘s first goal (✊🏿) with a header on 25’ and an easy finish from Veerman on 32′ (following some good teamwork in the box) brought the match back to even terms. Of course, FCSP is FCSP and Korbi Müller on 38′ confirmed our excellent defensive form by conceding a goal (Aigner) in his guarded corner (he atoned himself in the process of the game, with some really good saves, cheers Korbi 😎👊🏿🏴‍☠️). Half time whistle 3-2 for the hosts with only fantasy limiting the possibilities for the 2nd half.

Yeah, yeah, whateva (source:, ©️ Witters)

Wiesbaden remained all around us as game resumed but haven’t achieved anything (Müller actually “cancelled” a goal on 60′ by saving the day in front on Franke, among other things, we also got our chance immediatelly afterwards with a Gyökeres shot ending up on Watkowiak‘s left post) in the opening 15’. No problem, a silly Ohlsson penalty, converted to goal by Tietz for the 4-2, solved the problem on 61′. 5-2 came soon afterwards (66′), 3rd for Aigner with some serious Sunday League defending involved. Veerman stopped the further downhill with a personal goal on 73′ and for the rest of the game, one eye at Wiesbaden and one at Volksparkstadion. Lankford could spice up the game a little on 80′ but couldn’t finish from small distance. Full time for game and season with zero extra time and nothing to celebrate…

Korbi‘s big moment on 60’ (source:, ©️ Witters)

During these almost 9 years that this space runs there’s one thing that we have done consistently (except not missing a single match report 😎). Aside, describing obvious blunders taking place for everyone to see (usually with a sense of humor and self-sarcasm, it’s US), we NEVER singled out a player or a coach because of his playing skills/coaching abilities, no matter how incompetent he looked. The reasons behind that are not rocket science, we’re here for the values not for success, as long as certain standards are maintained and the squad is not in danger, we may moan with the football we see but…it’s alright. Jos Luhukay is only the 2nd person in these 9 years, the other was…Andre Schubert, a looong time ago. Both of them coaches but it didn’t happen for “sporting” reasons, you can go back in time and read our posts regarding Olaf Janßen, no matter how apparent his inability to handle the situation had become, we never said “Janßen OUT”. Both of these guys were ABSOLUTELY unfit for FCSP in terms of character, mindset, whatever you want to call it. We will not judge Luhukay as a person, we don’t know him and we don’t care to do so. He may is an excellent company to have a couple of beers and some good chat, an excellent parent for his kids and partner for his other half but he should NEVER EVER had set foot in Millerntor in the first place…

Club has repeatedly argued that idea behind this was to shake things a little and put an end to this carefree comfortable feeling in the dressing rooms. This shows exactly how much we have lost the plot here. A club like us, should function on the base of respect. What does that means? Say it once, say it twice (always with the appropriate respect), say it maybe for a 3rd time or more (because we’re FCSP) but eventually at some point, if message is not received, is thank you very much and goodbye. YOU DON’T INSTALL A FUCKIN’ SOUTH AMERICAN MILITARY JUNTA TO DEAL WITH THIS and, unfortunately, this is exactly what the Club did… The aftermath? Scorched land all around, no one can tell the “guilty” from the “innocent”, just an atmosphere that reminds more a firm at the verge of bankruptcy than the Millernton dressing rooms…

And, I will say it once again, no matter how I’m risking sounding at the mad idiot of the village at some point. This is not a bad coincidence, neither a strictly sporting issue. It’s the result of our “need” for fuckin’ “greatness” and success. We are part of (potentially) the best Club in the world and all that we do is staining all these, trying to achieve success, in a spasmodic and inconsistent with our values way occasionally. The exact problem is depicted above. We have gone completely the other way around than we supposed to. No people, you don’t start with sporting success and then adding as a nice-to-have flavors of values (this is what some “other” clubs do), WE ARE ABOUT VALUES, you go completely the other way around, building on your solid foundations… Instead of doing that, we have blurred the lines and we’re doing all of kind of shit, call it, unfit people, unfit marketing, unfit sponsoring and so on and so forth while hiding behind our finger, happy with the fact the we haven’t gave away the name of the stadium like this is the only thing that identify us as “different”. It’s a damn pity, this Club does so well when talking things like inclusion, support to minorities, refugees, taking a clear and factual stand when occasions demand it (G20), why do we need to screw all that by trying to impose ourselves as a “successful brand” in the market at the same time?

This Club can’t become bigger than it already is. Would you exchange the entire Real Madrid trophy case with what we are about? We wouldn’t…

We will not talk about Summer break and stuff at this point, in the age of the pandemic things like summer holidays have lost their meaning, at least at the stage we currently in, hoping for improvement in the foreseeable future. Things happen and will keep happen as this is a time of change for the club, it’s not only about a successor coach but also about a roster that is big and quite messed up. Let’s hope that these are also times of a broader review regarding what the fuck are we doing here… We’ll be around, we’ll just chill out a little for now, trying to leave behind a season that everybody wants to forget. Have all a good one in between, see you sooner or later, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Lankford for Coordes (56′)

Benatelli for Viet (61′)

Penney for Ohlsson (73′)

Lawrence for Franzke (73′)

Flum for Becker (73′)

Match goals:

1-0 Aigner (11′, Right Foot Shot, Kyereh)

2-0 Tietz (12′, Right Foot Shot, Aigner)

2-1 Östigard (25′, Header, Zander)

2-2 Veerman (32′, Right Foot Shot, Franzke)

3-2 Aigner (38′, Right Foot Penalty, Tietz)

4-2 Tietz (61′, Right Foot Penalty, Aigner)

5-2 Tietz (66′, Left Foot Shot, Kuhn)

5-3 Veerman (38′, Left Foot Penalty, Gyökeres)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Franzke(1)

Match (require Adblocker deactivation but probably only an ad) goals here

Some BONUS material here 🤣

Further reading:


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