Matchday 32: Hannover 96 vs FC Sankt Pauli 4-0!!!!

Posted: June 18, 2020 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2019-20
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Not the squad’s fault!!!!

When you start the season with the phrase “The coach knows better…” and just before it ends your phrase turns to “Who the fuck is that guy??”……you know your problem. When your team suffers a humiliating defeat and your coach blames the players trying to come out clean (and this is not the first time)……you know your problem!!! It may sound that we’re repeating ourselves here but…did you see the starting eleven? You know where I’m getting with it right? No my friends this is no bad game of the players and this is no bad moment for Sankt Pauli. This is just a team falling apart and fans around the globe almost gouging out their eyeballs for one man’s stubbornness and stupidity…


Early on 3’ a corner for Hannover. Ball to Franke who shoots but luckily sends it terribly away from our nets. Then on 6’ Östigard makes it right for H96. He slips, leaving the ball for Weydandt who sends to Ducksch. Ducksch shoots and opens the score for Hannover. Bad moment for us? Not at all. It is 16’ and we’re nowhere in the game. As if our team was minus 5-6 players. On 17’ Korb against Penney. Korb sends a high pass to Weydandt and he goes for the header as if he was in training. No interruptions and no one in front of him. Just him and poor Robin. Of course his header is true doubling the goals for H96… On 20’ Himmelmann blocks a distant shot from H96… It is needless to say that no player was around to block the ball or anything. The only accession in this first half, we made our presence known was on 24’. Prib loses the ball against Coordes and the second goes for the counter attack sending a nice pass to Becker. Becker proceeds in shooting untroubled, but probably the worst balanced lousy shot ever. Way above Zieler’s post. The rest of the first half rolled out terrible. H96 had the initiative in everything and all we did was trying to defend our box. Needless to say that we looked ridiculous. Constantly slipping, disorientated and as if the entire squad was on meth without exceptions. The only one who looked untroubled and intact was coach Luhukay who had the stare of a man that doesn’t give much of a fuck….

Second half underway. Probably the most boring and devastating second half of this year so far. Funny thing is that the action starts with us with Knoll shooting from distance on 54’ but the ball ending a bit more left than it should causing no trouble for Hannover. Later though, on 61’ things go back to normal. Ball in our box and Flum tries to send it away. Ends up to Weydandt sending to Haraguchi  who shoots from distance, scoring a third for Hannover. Simply disappointing. No will and no motivation. Sankt Pauli was desperately waiting for the final whistle. No gas left in the tank. On 80’ counter attack starts from Hannover’s box. While everyone is left behind Haraguchi ends up passing to Teuchert who shoots and turns the score into a 4-0. Salvation came 3 minutes after 90’ wih the finalo whistle but something tells me that even if the ref skipped that part no one would bother!

Had our esteemed coach been living in ancient Japan, he’d be advised to practice seppuku in order to regain his honor. Lucky for him, he doesn’t. He lives in the free world where he does as he pleases and the only ones suffering are us watching the game and our beloved team that’s been dressed in rugs by this incompetent fool, wandering around, game after game, looking dumber than we did the previous one. The game ended and our coach had the balls to go and give a press conference and actually ask the reporters why they would blame him and not the squad. This guy is officially dangerous. I don’t know who can’t see that but the thing here is that we need one point in the next two remaining games and since we’ve proven unable of doing such an accomplishment, we’ll need Karlsruhe not to win at least in one of them if we don’t want to get into trouble two match days before the season finale. The year we officially became the boss in the city (We always were, that’s not the point), is the year we’re closer to go to the third league… How bout that!!! Our eyes are fixed upon the next game. Regensburg on Sunday and it goes without saying that one points at least is where we should start. Curious to see the next brilliant game plan our mastermind coach hits us with…FORZA SANKT PAULI

Line Up:


Flum for Ohlsson (54′)

Veerman for Coordes (60′)

Franzke for Becker (60′)

Avevor for Östigard (73′)

Tashchy for Gyökeres (73′)

Match goals:

1-0 Ducksch (6′, Right Foot Shot, Weydandt)

2-0 Weydandt (17′, Header, Korb)

3-0 Haraguchi (61′, Left Foot Shot, Weydandt)

4-0 Teuchert (80′, Right Foot shot,Haraguchi)

Spectators: N/A

Sankt Pauli cards: Zander(3)

Match (extensive, require Adblocker deactivation but no issues) highlights here

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