Matchday 03: SV Sandhausen vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: October 3, 2020 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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It’s alright, walk on 😎🏴‍☠️


First defeat in Liga 2 for the Boys in Brown after a game that we probably deserved more out of it but simply failed to get anything, at least in terms of points. Are we disappointed? No, of course we’ re not 😎


That was the feeling (still is, more on why towards the end of the post) before the match and looked quite justified during the opening stages of the game. FCSP got into the game in a really aggressive manner and actually camped around the SVS box for the opening 10′. Three good moments result of it, a failed Kyereh attempt from a really good spot (3′, from the right edge of the keeper’s box), a good 1-2 cooperation between Daschner and Makienok, with the latter penetrating into the box from the left and trying from an acute angle a shot that Fraisl managed to repel (4′) and an Avevor header under really good circumstances wide over the crossbar (5′). Following the explosive start, squad kept clearly dominating the match until around 20′, when things started becoming slightly more balanced. SVS essentially first appeared in the game on 27′ but when they did it they did it big, with Himmelmann being ready for Biada‘s shot from the edge of the box, result of an excellent Behrens heel assist. From this point onwards SVS started gaining control of the game, even though we kept overall possession. Long ball from the back passed bouncing from everyone on 36′, before ends up to Behrens who skillfully penetrated (into the box, slightly to the right) and almost executed Himmelmann but thankfully ball ended wide (phew!). Things however were looking like we were going to the dressing rooms with a 0-0 until 45′ when a) our defending functionality (Biada dribbled/passed half FCSP before giving the ball to Diekmeier) and b) our luck (Diekmeier‘s shot deflected on Buballa, decisively changing course) betrayed us… 1-0 and halftime with FCSP trailing thanks to a goal that we could avoid just fine.

Opening quarter of the 2nd half was pale for FCSP. Not only solutions were not there but SVS was becoming more and more dangerous as well. Diekmeier forced Himmelmann to a corner save on 55′, following a fast SVS counter attack and the hosts had a goal called off (correctly, handball) after the corner that followed immediately afterwards. Balance in our favor started restoring after 60′ but we started creating situations after 75′. Corner for FCSP from the right on 76′, inadequate clearance and chaos in their box with ball eventually ending up at the legs of Ohlsson whose shot ended up JUST over the crossbar, ACK! Looong ball back from our box (Ziereis) to our famous newcomer (Burgstaller, in from 62′, welcome!) on 82′ but the shot that followed (from within the box and a somehow tough angle from the right) ended in Fraisl‘s grasp. Good one on 85’ with a powerful Zalazar 23m shot ending up just by Fraisl‘s left post and BIG ONE on 88’ with Dittgen taking advantage of a smart Kyereh pass, entering the box from the left and crossing towards the heart of the box – ball reached Wieckhoff, he tried a powerful low shot which ended just centimetres from Fraisl‘s right post, no bonus… Closing stages of the match were about SVS having parked the bus and us trying to find a way in vain, nothing happened, FT 1-0, better luck next time.

Latest brown white entry, Guido Burgstaller (source:, ©️ Witters)

Defeat would come sooner or later and there are more to come along the way. It’s alright and what is even more alright is that we watched once more a passionate and willing to dominate the game (we actually did, SVS was just smarter and luckier) FCSP. We still have lots of problems to solve, starting from our defensive ways (it’s not only about the goal), lines need to tighten up more, newcomers need to integrate better, there is plenty of space for improvement here but we have a fighting and enthusiastic squad, guided buy a guy who, unlike his predecessor, not only knows but he does but he also does it in a way much more fit to FCSP. Providing that this squad can stand the test of time throughout the season, I wouldn’t really worry about the future, obstacles along the way will be always there but lots of good things will happen…hopefully starting in a couple of weeks (19/10 ✊🏾), we’re welcoming FCN to Millerntor, already looking forward, Forza Sankt Pauli 😎✊🏾☠️

Line Up:


Dittgen for Paqarada (46′)

Tashchy for Daschner (46′)

Burgstaller for Makienok (62′) 

Wieckhoff for Knoll (62′)

Zalazar for Ohlsson (80′)

Match goals:

1-0 Buballa (45′, Own goal, Left Foot Shot, Diekmeier)

Spectators: 1.393

Sankt Pauli cards: Avevor(2), Ohlsson(2)

Highlights here (require Adblocker deactivation, a couple of ads)

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