Matchday 06: H$V vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-2!

Posted: October 31, 2020 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2020-21
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Feels cosy at Volksparkstadion 😎

Yes, yes and don’t laugh please! The last time that we have been beaten in there was December 2001, we were playing Bundesliga, place was called AOL Arena and back then, if you were asking me about what the acronym FCSP stands for, I would probably respond with a crappy lucky guess like “Featured Cummulative System Patch” or something 🤣 If you were asking them before the game yesterday, 110 out of 100 would respond that this is a certain win, something that actually was making some sense, considering their course so far in the league. Well, not only they didn’t, we also almost stole the game in the end instead. Draw the final conclusion and FCSP retains the City Belt, thank you very much, see you at Millerntor, unless you want to play again at Volksparkstadion 😎


Don’t expect any pre-derby atmosphere talk, there wasn’t any. COVID times, no fans, no fuss, the entire week was as quiet as summer, let’s cut to the chase.

The aggresive mood of Timo Schultz was verified from the very beginning of the game. First chance of the game belonged to us, a Makienok header on 2′, following a Zander cross from the right, which ended not far from Ulreich‘s crossbar. A hard to believe fuck-up by Knoll (what were you thinking man? 😅) resulted to an out-of-the blue situation in our box on 5′, mess was cleared by Zander but, looking it afterwards, that was some kind of warning about the problem we had in our left defensive flank. 6′ in the game and the first BIG one for FCSP! Fast development for FCSP, again from the right, low Zalazar cross into the heart of their box, week clearance by Ambrosius and ball to incoming Makienok, whose shot from some 13m ended up less than 1m from Ulreich‘s right post, ARGH! Euphoria ended suddenly on 12’ with the H$V opener… Vagnoman from the right flank (again, they found their way lots of times from there) converged towards the box, got rid of Dittgen and served (all alone) Terodde in the far post who finished the job with a header from 2-3m, 1-0 for H$V, you never leave Terodde unattended… Things changed radically with the goal, the aformentioned (figurative of course) “euphoria” was replaced by a really uneasy feeling. The Boys in Brown were claiming their rights to the game but this year’s H$V seems no joke, they were giving the impression that danger is imminent at any given point. Highlights of the following 20′ were a) a Terodde header on 19′, following a corner by Hunt from the right, the “bang” on Himmelmann‘s right post (he was there) sounded loud and clear in the empty stadium, b) a really ambitious Becker shot (our moment), coming from a few meters outside the box and following a mess inside their box, ended just by Ulreich‘s left post.

Worthy of mention the fact that these pricks felt really cocky after 1-0 and the “Scheiß Sankt Pauli” chants started sounding really loud, especially for a crowd of only 1000 people. This can mean two things: either that participants were carefully selected (ahhh, very popular tactic in Greece where lots of games take place behind close doors due to bans and there are limited invitations available, which are distrubuted to the “proper” people) or that these bastards really hate our guts, my personal hunch says it is the latter 😄

Too much attitude, somebody should put them back to their place and that’s exactly what Zalazar did on 35′ 😎Zander found Makienok just into the box with back on the goal, Makienok saw incoming Zalazar and just served him the ball for the crawling torpedo which landed and exploded into Ulreich‘s right corner for the equalizer, 1-1, BAMMMMMM!!! They didn’t expect that and, following the unpleasant wake up, they moved the game immediatelly to our half where a siege took place for the remaining time of the half. It’s a really annoying feeling having them around your box, there were a couple of occasions but thankfully nobody got hurt 😎 Off to the dressing rooms, more confident than in the beginning, after having seen the squad coming back from behind in there but really concerned about what these bastards could throw at us in the 2nd half at the same time.

No idea where Zalazar is but a good idea about the ball, 1-1! (source:, ©️ Witters)

Second half underway in the same manner that first ended, H$V dominant in the pitch and us standing our ground while waiting for our chance, this is actually the story of the entire second 45′. First opportunity for H$V (52′) with Buballa intervening at the very last moment and saving the day in front of Terodde who had already taken the dive for the header into the keeper’s box and direct FCSP response on 53′ with a Becker shot just outside the box (slightly to the right) that forced Ulreich to stretch and save to a corner. H$V, having Terodde as vanguard, continued making our life difficult though. BIG chance for them on 60′, H$V free kick from the left, ball into the box, weak Buballa clearance, ball to Leibold and a hopeless shot outside the box which…stopped at the legs of Terodde right in the heart of it, the shot by Terodde over Himmelmann‘s crossbar, phew… Danger and exhalation again on 66’ with Terodde (again), final recipient of the ball after a fast H$V counter attack, failed to aim right under certain pressure from within the box. We survived, we stood our ground and, as game was progressing and pace was interrupted by consecutive substitutions, it seemed that we were on a good path. In betweeen, there was an incident with Zander, had to go out on 74′, something with his knee, no news so far, hope this means good news, get well boy! Game into the final stages and BAAAAAAAANG on 82′!!! Ball to Kyereh from Daschner, sharp as a knife diagonal assist into the very heart of their box where Makienok arrived first and projected his right leg enough for the ball that Ulreich could not save, 1-2 for FCSP 82′, MADNESSSSSSSSSSS…and reality check immediately afterwards (84′) when Terodde (who else?) returned the favor… Excellent execution, long vertical forward pass from Onana to Dudziak (fuck off), perfect parallel header assist to Terodde who this time left Himmelmann without options, from 1-1 to 2-2 within a couple of minutes, madness anyway 😅 Remaining time was more H$V as expected but no serious incidents occured and if someone had the chance to steal the game at the end it was us, if only Flach (89′) had arrived one frame of a second earlier to tackle the incoming Kyereh ball, ARGH! Full time 2-2, first loss of points for H$V another undefeated evening in Volksparkstadion for us 😎

1-2 and the shock that didn’t last (source:, ©️ Witters)

Personally, I don’t believe that there’s a better test of strength than this one and squad passed it successfully. We know that we walk on the right path, it’s now a question of endurance. Personnel problems are already here and more will come along the way, if we succesfully deal with them, this will be a good season and I have already wild dreams regarding the next one. Regarding now the “city rivalry”, what city rivalry? 10 years of brown white domination, with only the 0-4 stain (my last derby of 3, never had seen a victory ’til then, maybe I should quit attending them, even after COVID 😅) in between. They hold the cash, we hold the City Boss belt, simple as that. And yes, it’s not the same without fans, no doubt about that but knowing that “we own them” is one of the very few guilty football pleasures that have been left in these weird times 😇

Enough with H$V, don’t worry about them, they will be alright, let’s now have a look ahead. Next Sunday is KSC at home. Good performances and good foodball is alright but unfortunately in the cruel 3-1-0 world, we also need some wins 😄 KSC, having consecutive performance issues (last season they avoided relegation adventures at the very last moment) seems like a proper candidate. Let’s not forget, breeze is positive but the magic 40 pts remain the primary goal, the less games that “should be ours” we screw up, the sooner we’ll be able to simply relax and enjoy. Complacency is also a threat, best fuck-ups occasionally happen after glorious results, focus and militancy must be retained. Let’s start collecting some then, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

Line Up:


Daschner for Dittgen (70′)

Avevor for Zalazar (71′)

Lankford for Zander (74′)

Flach for Makienok (87′)

Lawrence (welcome back!) for Becker (88′)

Match goals:

1-0 Terodde (12′, Header, Vagnoman)

1-1 Zalazar (35′, Right Foot Shot, Makienok)

1-2 Makienok (82′, Right Foot Shot, Kyereh)

2-2 Terodde (84′, Penalty Kick, Right Foot Shot, Dudziak)

Spectators: 1000

Sankt Pauli cards: Dittgen(1)

Match goals

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