Matchday 08: Karlsruher SC vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-3

Posted: September 26, 2021 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2021-22
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Brown’n’White dominance!

Karlsruhe did it all by themselves to be honest. Their feet where trembling so much in the first half…..Every time Sankt Pauli marched down against their nets, you could smell the farts from their box almost four countries away…Shame on you Timo and shame on you Boys in Brown for bullying on other teams so bad..Bahahahaha 😇😇😇😇


Sankt Pauli dictates the pace from minute 1’. The midline is ours and from there we attack in waves against poor KSC who saw themselves barricading early in their box. On 13’, after Kyereh steals the ball, Maximilian Dittgen goes on the counter with Guido pointing him where he wanted the ball. Gersbeck sees Guido taking position and tries to cut the pass. Extends his hand but all he manages to do is send the ball to his nets. Job well done Gersbeck . 0-1 for Sankt Pauli. The Boys in Brown seemed relentless. All the gift from Gersbeck did was simply increase their appetite for more. Irvine and Paqarada kept feeding the frontline with direct passes and with Guido as the sharpest knife upfront, KSC had it really bad. On 21’ almost the 0-2 when Dittgen sends a nice sneaky pass to Burgstaller leaving him alone in front of Gersbeck . The keeper of KSC is positioned well in front of Guido though repelling his shot. Same minute and Zander steals the ball sending to Burgstaller who now sneaks the pass to where Irvine tries to simply slide it in KSC nets. Gersbeck once again says no, kind of redeeming himself from his fatal mistake earlier. Minutes proceed and Sankt Pauli keeps pushing from the midline to KSC nets. The first time Karlsruhe manages to threaten is on 40’ when Choi leaves the ball for Heise who shoots from distance but Medic blocks it with his foot sending the ball out of bounds. The pressure and the anxiety kept growing on KSC’s defense line the more they saw Sankt Pauli players hovering like sharks around their box. Anxiety that led to fatal mistakes as the next on on 44’. Paqarada sends a pass to Kyereh. Kyereh makes it to KSC box and there is where  Breithaupt brings him down illegally (OK, Daniel may have fallen a bit off time but the illegal action is there….VAR confirmed it…Shut up already). Burgstaller executes the penalty on 45’ and makes the score 0-2 for Sankt Pauli.

Second half underway and here is where KSC tries to turn the table. Despite that though, the first moment in this second half belongs to us. On 49’ Burgstaller passes to Paqarada. Paqarada sends a high pass to Irvine who goes for the header but sends it a bit higher than he should. Almost the 0-3 there. If only Irvine aimed a little lower. Besides that, KSC had the initiative but their attempts where futile and weak. And when they actually made it to cause damage, Vasilj was there to block their efforts. Like on 51’ when he explodes and blocks a dangerous header from Hofmann, sending the ball to a corner. On 56’ again Hofmann on a header but once again, Vasilj blocks it exquisitely proving his quality as a keeper. And while KSC tried to find a way to turn the game, our boys upfront seemed to have a different opinion. Guido , Leart, Jackson and Daniel seemed to have set their own party going. On 58’, a ball from Irvine finds Burgstaller . Guido absorbs all the defensives on him as a direct threat to KSC nets but decides to sneak the pass to where Kyereh awaits. Daniel simply slides it on KSC nets for the third time. 0-3 for Sankt Pauli who had total control of the game. KSC gained a lot of possession in this second half but they were under observation and their attempts where either futile and weak, or crushed on our defense. Their only bright moment was the gift from Hartel on 79’ when he fails to send the ball away properly leading it to Schleusener who shoots and scores for KSC . Nothing changed of course. We kind of pushed the pace a bit to break their momentum. On 87’ Benatelli after a pass from Guido shoots but sends the ball a bit more left than he should. The match ends with another magnificent save of Vasilj on 90’+1 after a distant shot from Thiede.

Another matchday, another magnificent game from Sankt Pauli. Keeping our cool in the defense and literally doin anything we want in the front line. Our two goals might have been mistakes-gifts from KSC but trust me even if KSC didn’t offer, we would score them anyway. Irvine seems to be blending in really well and it is such a delight watching him play and actually seeing that he can actually throw passes out of nowhere. Working perfectly with Guido who proves that he is not just a scorer but also a striker that uses his brain in the field, throwing passes and assists when needed and dragging heat on him, creating space for others. Man…this is the Sankt Pauli we wanna see. Head on the field and bullying the other team so bad, taking them to a point of utter agony. Next Sunday, Dresden comes in Millerntor. Will not expect anything less than a relentless bashing of those bastards. The Boys in Brown know how! FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠☠☠

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