Blind Football: Season 2022, Matchday 1, FCSP 3 – Hertha BSC 0

Posted: June 25, 2022 by Zouz in Blind Football
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That was a bonus in a season that Hamburg wasn’t part of the championship calendar. Unscheduled appearance at Borgweg then, meaning live coverage by the department and a chance for all of us to watch the squad (and not only ☝️🏾) live. The Boys and Girls in Brown did not disappoint us, details below 😎🏴‍☠️


The match

Τhis one was supposed to take place some 7 weeks ago, during the regular start of the season, however Hertha was unable to attend the game and, instead of taking the points on paper like wankers do, there was an agreement for the game to take place at a later stage in Hamburg. Date found and appointment set for today. However, this gave the game an extra element of difficulty, as Hertha came to Borgweg not only healthy but also slightly reinforced (intel says about two guys, members of Turkey, who finished 2nd last week in the European Championships).

Things became slightly worrying upon noticing that Jonathan Tönsing (probably injured) is not part of the starting 5 and became a little more worrying when Serdal Celebi had to leave the pitch early enough in the game (was able to make it back in towards the end). However, this is not an one-man-show, this is a team developed for years and a team that in our best day can line up an all star squad in the pitch, so Rasmus Narjes took over, found the way in somewhere around after the middle of the half (having a stopping clock which is not displayed doesn’t really help but being able to watch the squad is good enough) and locked the game with a successful penalty shot 2′ before the end of the half.

With the stress of the result out of the way (tough opponent Hertha but no return after 2-0 at Borgweg) 2nd half flew in a more balanced pace. Still movement and chances for FCSP but not the pressure we exercised during the 1st half. Guests had their chance for the compensation goal towards the end but FCSP was the one to officially lock the game a couple of minutes before the end with a Narjes hat-trick 😎

Stage 1 passed and this wasn’t any game. This Hertha was miles away from the emergency squad that we spared at Borgweg last season, they can do damage to our main rivals (Marburg, Stuttgart) on their good day, so in this sense, this is a small milestone. Performance-wise now, aside our extra keepers (only Matthias Gutzmann was used), almost everybody played and did well, thumbs up for our Captain “Hippo” Versen, “Paulinho” Ruge, Thoya Küster (European champion with Germany Ladies 2 weeks ago, more below, she had a kick ass game filling in for Serdal), Mikel Preul and our guide Jonas Dawid, who were not mentioned earlier and all of them contributed to the victory in their way.

Timing is also really good, this happened just one week before match weekend 2, which takes place in Soest with two games (Schalke Saturday, Dortmund Sunday) which we are more or less expected to win, unless of course they appear as different as Hertha did comparing to next season. Let’s take the good momentum along with us, do what we need to do, do the same vs Vienna end of July and then get ready for the Dynamite August, with the two top matches that will decide a lot, more then 💣🏴‍☠️

Stuff around the pitch

Only time will verify that but it appears that this squad slowly but surely earns the recognition deserved. Not a huge crowd to flood Borgweg but the amount of people showing up has increased during the last years and, to make things even better, they actually participate, atmosphere gets better and better every time, next time we visit the place perhaps we should have a couple of pyros with us 😇 Seriously now, we say it every time, go there next time if you’re around and the next time after that we won’t have to tell you to do so. Today especially, the atmosphere was a little more festive. Why?

For anyone not aware, two weeks ago Germany became first Europe’s champion in Women’s Blind Football (with Thoya Küster destroying any opposition and making it as top scorer of the tournament, looking forward to the first one against the big guys 👊🏾🏴‍☠️). Women’s Football is not yet fully recognized as a sport in Germany (and not only), there was no state/federation practically involved, going there (Italy) only became possible via crowdfunding efforts, assistance of fans/friends and…the huge involvement of our department, which constituted more than 70% of the squad(!!!), see people involved below, the full list of participants (time for us to get to know some of them as well, a few of them already well known) can be found at the relevant article in the department home page and at the links at the bottom.

After the Bundesliga match, it was all about honoring this squad. Ladies entered the pitch, trophy was presented and they had the warmest applause that Borgweg could provide. Hopefully, this squad will receive some proper honors at Millerntor at some point in the season, the same way it happened when we won the Bundesliga title last season. Day closed with a small exhibition match between the girls and a squad from the department youth section (yes, we have one). What was really unexpected, was the presence of Affeez Aremu (absent from the Pros test at Kiel, some slight injury that we missed probably, hopefully all good) along with the family at the place (Oke being there is no surprise, involved for years 👍🏾). He actually had a short live talk with Coach Wolf, explaining the challenges of Blind Football (who ever thinks it’s simple, can simply try walking the room blind-folded), was really nice see him there, hopefully we’ll see more of our pros there in the future 🏴‍☠️

A lovely morning to spend, an important victory to use on the way to the 3rd and 2nd consecutive title, having been there before and knowing the place, felt really jealous watching it on the screen. Any of you having the ability to attend and having not done so yet better think again. FCSP Blind Football can live just fine without the “masses”, have done so in more difficult times, it’s us who need it, it’s a good place to find all the small things that led us to FCSP in the first place and their presence is slowly fading season by season, while we (slowly again) succumb more and more to compatible with modern football ways of thinking and hooligan-like methods of “support”… And you know something? This is not only about Blind Football, it’s about the entire spectrum of FCSP amateur departments, Boys in Brown may have been replaced by honest professionals in Millerntor but they can still be found all around, call it Borgweg, Buda, Feldarena or whatever you like. The way we see it, the most important thing about FCSP was never the FC part, it was (still is and it always be) rather the SP part all along, FORZA SANKT PAULI ☠️☠️☠️

For anyone interested to watch the entire thing, it’s available via the department YouTube channel 👍🏾🏴‍☠️

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