Matchday 12: FC Sankt Pauli vs H$V 3-0!!!

Posted: October 15, 2022 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2022-23
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Who’s the City Boss? Who???

source:, ©️Witters

This is of course a theoretical question, as yesterday evening, after a short break of a few months, FCSP was reinstated as the City Boss in Hamburg. Are we happy? Fuck YEAH!!! Did we see this coming, especially in this way? Fuck NO 😅😅😅

The week before the Derby was a quiet one actually. This was to expected at some point, H$V mob gets really active usually when they are pushed to the corner and they don’t have the upper hand. Feeling somehow superior, they didn’t attempt anything. Only possible temptation was our super tidy personal Stonehenge outside Millerntor, reinstated last weekend but yesterday morning was looking still nice and shiny, no extra tensions in general and everything was going “properly” until…

Millernton (already posted a piece on the incidents) chose not to show this material. We disagree 1910% here. No, this material needs to be shared in order to dissolve any doubts on what HH Police is about. That fuckin’ pig elbowing the man down on his head wouldn’t make it out of there in one piece with this match being played in Athens, people (usually wearing motorcycle helmets) would have converged towards him in zero time but this would at some point turn Millerntor to a weekly warzone, and we don’t want that, do we? Answer is of course obvious, thing is that we don’t want the cops here either, especially when harassing people the way they do recently and even more when they start beating people for absolutely no reason outside the Fanshop. There was a really good first reaction from the Club, condemning police violence but we need (really careful with wording here, it’s not “want”, it’s “need”) more than that here. Not sure what this is but we can’t have this filthy bunch around for long, this will sooner or later escalate…

One thing is certain (here we gooo 😇): playing friends with Andy Grote is not the way forward as yesterday’s events have clearly indicated. This lowlife, which represents everything we despise as a Club, (starting a talk about his “achievements” here would seriously deviate this post from its initial purpose) is still allowed to be at the Stadium while all these are happening outside. You know something? FUCK HIM!!! We’re not a Club depending on state favors like H$V, allowing him here while cops are beating the shit out of unsuspected people just out of the stadium, why??? We have read a lot during the past years on the “technical difficulties” of driving him away from the Club, his department (Rugby) can’t do it (not sure if they want actually, haven’t ever made a statement on this, at least as far as I can remember, apologies in case I do wrong), the Club can’t do it, this is all fuckin’ crap. We have introduced rules (some of them good, some of them bad) that have completely changed the Club in the past years, can’t we find a reasonable way for cancelling memberships on grounds of values? All scandals regarding that bastard are more than enough reasons and don’t tell us bullshit about concrete proof, the visit at the house of the Zoo guy should be enough on their own… OK, still (ffs) we can’t do it? Then don’t cancel his membership, issue a bloody Stadium Ban, we don’t need anybody’s permission for this, get this fucker out of the stadium. What will he do, bring tanks and artillery to support the cops?

Whoa, sorry about the outburst 😅 Eventually Millerntor did not become a warzone (this time), there was no further escalation in the stadium or around the area, regardless of the constant provocation of the pigs, doing even Nazi salutes in the streets, off to the game!

source:, ©️Witters

Match started in a flaming atmosphere and with a slightly delay as both blocks converted the stadium to a Pyro Hell 🤣 (some fat fines are coming both ways 😅) resulting to low visibility (as heard in another recent football match, visibility also includes VAR visibility), problem basically were our pyros because of the wind, it appeared like the H$V bunch were inhaling their own 😅 When action eventually commenced, first chance (accompanied by a big “AAAAAHHHHHH” in the stadium) came in the very first minute with an Irvine (our latest flag) header ending up just over their crossbar. Dino responded soon (11′), Reis marched all the way in our half (why?) before reaching the box (a little to the right) and trying the shot that forced Vasilj to his first (not many of them were required actually) save on the evening on his far corner, Saliakas cleared the rebound. Intense game from the beginning, with both squads having got in to get the game, the kind of football you enjoy to watch. BIG chance (AAAAAAARGHHHH!!!!) for FCSP on 15′, squad unfolded with ball eventually to Saliakas who converged into the box from the right (of course) flank, made the, parallel to the posts, assist to Amenyido who immediately tried the shot, H$V Keeper, Heuer Fernandes, interfered and saved H$V‘s ass… Dino again responded fast with a Glatzel diving header (19′, Heyer was waiting behind him, he could do better 😬). More intense and balance game and then…the turning point on 28′! Vasilj direct assist (!) to Amenyido behind the back of the H$V defense, (much slower) Schonlau (Dino Captain, if you go through the Kicker ticker, you will also find out that they were without a captain for the remaining half, go to 52′ 🤣) chose the option of bringing him down before he gets into the box and finish the job, a tough call for the H$V defender, not sure how comfortable felt about his choice after full time. A clear red card of course, no objections actually and H$V down to 10 men. Dino is a tough bastard, they actually tried to dominate (and partially succeeded) the game even though outnumbered and it was looking like they will win the impressions until 44′ and the really delicate Matanovic touch (following a Paqarada cross from the left) that sent the ball to the far post of (powerless) Heuer Fernandes and brought Millerntor (OK, the biggest part of it) up to its feet. HT 0-0, with things looking quite promising in view of the 2nd half.

Hey, do you also want some? (source:, ©️Witters)

2nd half underway and from the early stages of it started becoming visible that H$V, no matter how good they are, can’t keep playing an even game outnumbered, the fact of course that yesterday we were really good on the pitch helped a lot 😎 FCSP started tightening the noose and opportunities started presenting. A good one on 53′ with Medic (was worried about him after a silly yellow on 35′), who did a lovely job breaking the offside and, when the Hartel lovely ball arrived, he tried the header all alone and without even having to jump but his choice wasn’t the best one, ball ended up slightly off bounds with Heuer Fernandes having full control of it. Another one with something between cross and pass from Paqarada on 54′ which ended wide, with no one to interfere along the way. Another one with a Paqarada shot sidenetting Heuer Fernandes‘ right post on 58’ and ANOTHER ONE with a Matanovic header on 59′ AND ANOTHER ONE on 60′, with a Paqarada (✊🏾) shot, which looked really similar to the 54′ incident but this time ended up really close! The riddle was finally solved on 61′, thanks to Eric Smith who completely beat his opponent on the air and converted Hartel‘s corner to 1-0 with a bouncing header that Heuer Fernandes could do nothing about, MADNEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! FCSP ahead but still not safe against Dino even with the opponent outnumbered, we have built a small tradition of screwing up this season 😅13′ of lots of tension and substitution and…

FAST counter attack from the right, Saliakas (είσαι Γίγας ρε Μάνο 😎✊🏾) found Irvine in the base of their box, Irvine made the diagonal low cross, incoming Matanovic did a brilliant job kicking the air instead of the ball, nevertheless Hartel was still coming behind him and he didn’t miss – ball ended up into Heuer Fernandes‘ left corner for the 2-0! That was it!!! 2-0 completely broke them (makes sense, especially when you fight outnumbered, being in their shoes, we could probably do even worse), the only thing they could do was trying to prevent things from getting worse, something that they eventually failed to do as well. A couple of more incidents in their box (Matanovic 79′, Daschner (in from 71′) 87′) and finally the cherry on the pie on 89′ 😎 Ritzka (in from 86′) cross from the left, Otto (in from 80′) header over (surrendered) Meffert from 5m, Heuer Fernandes nowhere to be found and 3-0 just like downtown, historically our broadest victory over H$V, thank you very much 😇

Eric‘s in the house, 1-0! (source:, ©️Witters)

Numbers speak for themselves in the past 12 years (when we met again after a long time), won’t even bother posting them. Thing is that, after a deeply annoying but still temporary loss, the City Boss Belt returned to its rightful owner. Now come over Tuesday 4AM, paint the stairs, paint the crest, paint even the entrance of Millerntor if you like. We don’t five a fuck, we’ll paint them again, we can do that, problem is that you CAN’T replay yesterday. Off to your homework now, thank you again, goodbye 👋🏾🏴‍☠️

“Still it’s a bloody derby, a match where everything can happen (don’t ask how, this is football)”

This is from last week’s post, when everything was looking grim and our chances of getting away even with a point were looking quite remote. Seriously now, Tim from Millernton may have more concrete answers on his report but, from a purely fan perspective, this is the only way to see it 😅 Team was more solid than ever at the back (there were a few small fuck ups in the 1st half) and managed to play as equal against a better team (YES, Dino IS a better team, at least for the moment), find their weaknesses and hit them where they hurt. Someone could argue that there was also luck involved, the 28′ red card incident which completely changed the flow of the game. No sir, this was not luck, this was simply result of Vasilj‘s insight and Amenyido‘s speed and readiness and, in this sense, we ABSOLUTELY kicked their ass and gave them a lesson to remember for the years to come.

What is still true though is that without the red card this could probably be a completely different game, with us leaving even empty handed, despise having played really well (then again, maybe NOT ^ ^). Thing is that this 3-0 doesn’t reflect what we are at the moment. We didn’t become a good team overnight, good teams need also things like consistency and we have already observed improvements only to take our words back at the next match day this season. This is a huge boost, this is a really good foundation for the remaining part of the session but still a lot of work needs to be done and we’re sure that this is something that the coaching staff already know better than us…

…starting this Wednesday vs…Freiburg (FFS! Pokal is here! 😅) and having in the back of our heads Arminia on Saturday evening. First one is a really tough one, would be lovely taking advantage of our momentum and perform some robbery there but not sure whether such a momentum is enough vs a squad like Freiburg, especially at their home. Whatever, anything we get out of this (like what U19 just did at Dortmund 😎) is nice to have, playing the best football we do is our basic priority. The latter is a MUST, Arminia is at the bottom of the table, without serious signs of recovery (they play away vs Hannover tonight), if we want yesterday’s victory to have any value aside prestige, this is a game that we need to win, more on that towards the end of the week, after the DFB Pokal match has been played. For now, a big “Thank You” to staff and squad for an unforgettable evening, HAMBURG IST BRAUN WEISS, FUCK THE POLICE, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠☠☠

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